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In most Unix-like operating systems and others that implement the BIND Domain Name System (DNS) resolver library, the resolv.conf configuration file contains information that determines the operational parameters of the DNS resolver routines installed in the operating system.

The DNS resolver allows a computer connected to a network to convert alpha-numeric domain names into the numeric IP addresses that are required for access to resources on the Internet or the local area network. The process of looking up IP addresses from domain names is called resolving.

The resolv.conf file typically contains directives with the IP addresses of nameservers available to a host.

resolv.conf is usually located in the /etc directory.

Historical reasons explain the spelling of "resolve" without the trailing "e" in "resolv.conf".

Sometimes it is necessary that the contents of this configuration file be managed by multiple agents or programs. For this purpose the resolvconf program is available to manage such operations in a conflict-free manner.

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