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Retegui II
Full name Julián Retegui Barbería
Date of birth 5 October 1954 (1954-10-05) (age 55)
Place of birth Erasun, Navarra
Country Spain
Province Navarra
Debut date July 14, 1974
Retired September 20, 2001
Retirament fronton Adarraga fronton
Categories Hand-pelota
Position Forward
1st Hand-Pelota singles championship 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1993
2nd Hand-Pelota singles championship 1975
1st Hand-Pelota doubles championship 1987, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1996
Cuatro y Medio
Cuatro y Medio 1989, 1990, 1991, 1997

Julián Retegui Barbería, also known as Retegi II (born in Eratsun, Navarre, Spain on October 10, 1954) is an ex-player of Basque pelota. He is also called "El mago de Eratsun" (Spanish: "The wizard of Eratsun"), since he is considered one of the best Basque pelota players of all time. He played as a foreplayer.

Nephew of Juan Ignacio Retegi (another pelotari who won the pelota championship six times, usually known as Retegi I), he started to get interested in the Basque pelota when he was a child. He worked as a stonecutter and in the wood industry. On July 14, 1974 he started his professional career as a pelotari in the Cinema frontón of Zarautz (Gipuzkoa), having as a partner another pelotari, Juaristi. They were defeated by Azorena and Etxeandia by 22-21. One year later, in 1975, he won his first championship, the 2nd Hand-Pelota singles championship.

He has been the pelotari who has singlehandedly won the 1st Hand-Pelota singles championship more times than any other player. He has won a total of eleven times: every year from 1980 to 1988 and in 1990 and 1993. He has also won the Spanish Championship in pairs: in 1988, 1990, 1991, 1995 and in 1997. In December 13, 1997 he won his last prize, the Basque Championship of 4 1/2 against Titin III in the Ogeta Frontón of Gasteiz. Since then, due to his regular lesions, he didn't win more prizes. He played his last match in September 20, 2001, in the Adarraga frontón, Logroño, with Barriola against Olaizola II and Armendariz. He lost 18-22. In total, he has won 22 prizes, being the pelotari who has won the most prizes in the history of Basque pelota and has played around 1,407 matches, 843 of which he won.

For some years now he has been working in Asegarce, the company in which Karlos Arguiñano is a partner. His son, Julen Retegi, is also a pelotari. He debuted in the same town his father did, Zarauz, but in a different frontón called Aritzbatalde in July 2005. He wears the name Retegi Bi in honour of his father (Bi means two in Basque, the number Julián wore), although the name should have been Retegi VIII due to their dynasty as pelotaris.




1st Hand-pelota singles championship

Retegi participated for the first time in this championship in 1979, but he didn't win. One year later he arrived at the finals and won against Maiz II. From that day on he started his brilliant career, getting to the finals from 1980 to 1993, and winning the championship eleven times.

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1980 Retegi II Maiz II 22-14 Anoeta
1981 Retegi II García Ariño IV 22-11 Anoeta
1982 Retegi II García Ariño IV 22-09 Anoeta
1983 Retegi II Galarza III 22-16 Anoeta
1984 Retegi II Galarza III 22-21 Anoeta
1985 Retegi II Galarza III 22-13 Anoeta
1986 Retegi II Tolosa 22-12 Anoeta
1987 Retegi II Tolosa 22-16 Anoeta
1988 Retegi II Galarza III 22-09 Anoeta
1989 Tolosa Retegi II 22-19 Anoeta
1990 Retegi II Tolosa 22-08 Anoeta
1991 Galarza III Retegi II 22-15 Anoeta
1992 Galarza III Retegi II 22-12 Anoeta
1993 Retegi II Galarza III 22-19 Anoeta

2nd hand-pelota singles championship

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1975 Retegi II García Ariño IV 22-10 Anoeta

1st hand-pelota doubles championship

Year Champions Subchampions Score Fronton
1987-88 Retegi II - Errandonea Ladutxe - Martinikorena 22-16 Anoeta
1988-89 Ladutxe - Tolosa Retegi II - Arretxe 22-18 Anoeta
1989-90 Retegi II - Errandonea Vergara II - Etxenagusia (1) 22-03 Anoeta
1990-91 Retegi II - Arretxe Salaberria - Galarza III 22-19 Anoeta
1993-94 Titin III - Arretxe Retegi II - Beloki 22-14 Ogueta
1994-95 Retegi II - Errandonea Unanue - Zezeaga 22-17 Atano III
1996-97 Retegi II - Lasa III Eugi - Zezeaga 22-14 Atano III

Cuatro y Medio Euskadi Championship

Year Champion Subchampion Score Fronton
1989 Retegi II Galarza III 22-06 Anoeta
1990 Retegi II Galarza III 22-15 Anoeta
1991 Retegi II Eugi 22-07 Ogueta
1997 Retegi II Titín III 22-21 Ogueta

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