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Return of the Living Dead Part II
Directed by Ken Wiederhorn
Produced by Eugene C. Cashman
Tom Fox
William S. Gilmore
Written by Ken Wiederhorn
Starring Michael Kenworthy
Marsha Dietlein
Thor Van Lingen
Dana Ashbrook
Thom Mathews
James Karen
Suzanne Snyder
Music by J. Peter Robinson
Cinematography Robert Elswit
Editing by Charles Bornstein
Distributed by Lorimar Pictures (theatrical release)
Warner Bros. (DVD release)
Release date(s) January 8, 1988
Running time 89 min
Country United States
Language English
Budget $6,200,000 (est.)
Gross revenue $9,205,624
Preceded by The Return of the Living Dead
Followed by Return of the Living Dead 3

Return of the Living Dead Part II is an American zombie horror comedy film that was released in 1988. It was written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn. The film was released by Lorimar Motion Pictures on January 15, 1988, and was a minor box office success, making $9 million at the box office in the United States against its $6 million budget. It is the first of four sequels. Though this film and its predecessor shared the same rating ("R"), this film had a lighter tone; however the misleading trailer suggested it was darker. The main protagonists, Jesse and Lucy, share the last name 'Wilson', giving the cult fans a clue if they are the children or nephew and niece to Burt Wilson, the main protagonist of the first film.



The plot follows seven people as they attempt to escape their zombie-filled city. A large number of corpses are reanimated by a barrel of Trioxin gas that had fallen off of a truck transporting it to another location. The barrel is opened by one local teenager who finds the barrel infecting him in the process. In this film it's revealed that the only thing which truly stops the zombies, without the risk of reanimating more corpses, is powerful electric discharge. The electric discharge can stop the reanimating effect created by Trioxin without generating Trioxin fumes the way cremation can. The human leads of the film lure the zombies to an electrical station using cow's brains and then electrocute them.

  • The tar zombie (aka Tarman) from the original film makes a brief cameo appearance. This is not the original Tarman. It is just another bucket zombie.
  • A zombie that dresses up and looks like Michael Jackson from the music video of 'Thriller' makes a cameo appearance at the end of the film. While being electrocuted, he performs some signature Michael Jackson dance moves.
  • A cover of the classic Bobby "Boris" Pickett song "Monster Mash" is played during the ending credits. A music video was also produced for this song.
  • The song "A.D.I. / The Horror Of It All", from thrash metal band Anthrax, is featured throughout the film.


Actor Role
Michael Kenworthy Jesse Wilson
Marsha Dietlein Lucy Wilson
Dana Ashbrook Tom Essex
Thom Mathews Joey
James Karen Ed
Suzanne Snyder Brenda
Philip Bruns Doc Mandel
Thor Van Lingen Billy Crowley
Jonathan Terry Colonel Glover
Allan Trautman Tarman

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