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Origin United States
Genres Rock
Years active 1990—1994
Labels Giant
MTM Records
Former members
Brad Delp
Barry Goudreau
Brian Maes
Tim Archibald
David Stefanelli

RTZ (which stands for Return to Zero) was an American rock band that started in the late 1980s.


Band History


Early years

RTZ began as collaboration between Boston members Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau around 1989.

Goudreau and Delp were both part of the original Boston line-up and after Barry's departure from the band, they stayed in close contact with Delp contributing to Goudreau's solo album and also to a lesser degree on the Orion the Hunter album.

Around 1989, Delp was on hiatus from Boston and looking to get active in writing again. He contacted Goudreau about a possible collaboration and RTZ was formed. Goudreau and Delp brought in keyboardist Brian Maes who was part of the Orion the Hunter touring band, drummer Dave Stefanelli and bass player Tim Archibald. Maes and Stefanelli had previously worked with producer Nick Lowe in England and Archibald's band New Man had released an album on Epic.

Debut Album Released

Delp and Goudreau landed a deal with Giant Records and the first RTZ album, titled Return to Zero was released in 1991. A video was produced for the first single "Face the Music". The band soon hit the road and Delp gave Boston his notice.

After touring the US extensively, a video was prepared for the single "Until Your Love Comes Back Around" penned by keyboard player Brian Maes originally for ex J. Geils Band singer Peter Wolf. The single was very successful and reached #1 in several markets.

RTZ Leaves Giant, Delp Departs, RTZ Disbands

RTZ felt that the band wasn't getting the attention it deserved by the label and asked to be released from their contract. As RTZ began to shop for a new label, Delp decided to leave the band and would eventually reunite with Boston for the Walk On tour. The other band members decided that it would be impossible to replace Delp and decided to end the band. The Return to Zero album went out of print, although the band later released other material.

Final Releases from RTZ

There were still enough recordings left over from the original recording sessions to create another album. Barry searched for a new label and eventually found MTM Records. The recordings were released on September 28, 1998, and the album was titled Lost.

In 2004, Lost and Found was released. It features previously unreleased music from the band. In 2005, RTZ released 2 CDs simultaneously, Lost in America and Found in America under band member Brian Maes' Briola Records label. The album contains all the same material that was released on Lost, including the song "Dangerous", which was only available on the Japanese release of Lost. Found in America contains the same material that is on their 2004 release Lost and Found, but includes a bonus live version of the song "Return to Zero".




Year Song US Album
1991 "Face the Music" #49 Return to Zero
1992 "Until Your Love Comes Back Around" #26 Return to Zero
1992 "All You've Got" #56 Return to Zero

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