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Revelation TV
Sister channel(s) RMusicTV
Sky Digital
(Revelation TV)
Channel 585
Sky Digital
(Genesis TV)
Channel 592
(Genesis TV)
Channel 692

Revelation TV is a UK Christian television channel started by Howard (an ex-Jehovah's Witness) and Lesley Conder in 2003; the channel broadcasts on Sky Digital channel 585.



Revelation TV broadcasts much in-house programming, producing their own shows World In Focus, Church In Focus and R-Mornings.

They also feature many programmes discussing the End times and Israel's role in it. They are strong supporters of Zionism and feature appearances by Messianic Jews. The channel is multi-cultural with participation from black and Asian Christians, though 'multi-culturalism' is regularly criticised by presenters. Revelation TV has also had programming from Arab Christians as well as Christian converts from regions like Pakistan.

Revelation TV previously had an online forum that was suspended due to a minority of users being offensive to other users.

On Monday April 3, 2006 Revelation TV launched its own music channel, called 'RMusicTV' on Sky Digital channel 370 in the UK. The channel's aim was to provide what it called "positive music", a playlist they declared free from the negative influences of sex, violence and worldly values. Many of the songs derived from various branches of Christian music though it is largely Contemporary Christian Music. Much of the music on the channel was broadcast live from the Revelation TV studios in London. Much of the live programming on RMusicTV ceased towards the end of 2006 and the channel itself ceased to exist at the beginning of February 2007.

The key shows on the channel were "Out the Box", a show that featured a mix of contemporary styles of Christian music, "UK Gospel Live" a show that brought in live gospel music acts from the UK and "RChart hits", the channel's own music chart show. Revelation TV made use of extended newspaper reviews, focusing especially on the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Mirror. Presenters discussed the headlines amongst themselves, relying on their own personal expertise and not that of others. A feature of these discussions was the contributions by British presenter Yemi Balogun with Nigerian background, criticising aspects of British life. Immigration was a regular topic.

For a brief period the channel aired a secular show called "TasteBuds", a once a month show of contemporary singer/songwriter style music. The show was hosted by Dannii Evans and was affiliated with a once a month night at Balham based nightclub The Bedford called "OneTaste". This was a purely secular show in contrast to the normal contemporary Christian music of the channel.

Revelation TV shows a wide variety of live programs, such as 'R Mornings', which is broadcast on weekday mornings. This is a live show with a variety of presenters and guests. The show includes news items with clips from Reuters, commentary on the daily newspapers, and an open forum on emails and a live phone-in. The presenters listen to the various views expressed and often challenge any comment which could be perceived as negative towards a particular group, such as those with ‘same sex attraction’ or ‘homosexual orientation’.


Revelation TV has been accused of promoting strong 'conservative' and family values, as well as providing criticism of Islam. Through live call-in shows Muslims have called in and responded to issues raised.

Broadcasts on health issues have revealed a divergence between presenters with fairly mainstream views, and a conflicting strand.[1] Some presenters have concerns about blood transfusions and organ transplants in case these convey the donor's personality to the recipient. Ancient Jewish idioms referring to personality traits as residing in the heart, liver, kidney or bowels are taken literally by some presenters, causing them to say they would refuse to accept a transplant or to authorise one for their child.

Meanwhile, Revelation TV has been under fire from regulators Ofcom with regards to their views about homosexuality after complaints from gay rights campaigners and members of the public. Ofcom has warned Revelation TV that they must in future be fair and express all points of view when approaching this subject, or they face mandatory sanctions.[2]

The channels have also been the target of pranks by viewers, including a recent incident where a Genesis TV presenter read off a message from a prankster who calls himself 'Raepmykipz', which claimed to be a story of salvation, but was merely an adaptation of the theme tune of the American sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." The presenter then went to another message from the same person consisting of the plot of "Star Wars". A posting of the prank on YouTube went viral and has been viewed over 600,000 times.[3]

The combined views of all the pranks on Raepmykipz' YouTube channel amount to over 1,500,000. They have also been featured on popular websites such as FailBlog (whose YouTube posting of one of the pranks has attracted over 900,000 views) as well as mainstream TV programming such as ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!".[4]

Spanish broadcasting

Revelation TV has reportedly explored the obtaining of a Spanish broadcasting licence. Whilst they would continue to operate out of London, a Spanish licence would exempt the station from British broadcasting standards in relation to homosexuality and other aspects of the 'human rights culture' which constrains their programming. Mrs. Conder has reassured viewers that the channel will not be leaving London, but simply taking advantage of what she called a 'loophole' of setting up a studio with a sofa in Spain in order to register there.


Formerly, channels like Revelation TV which operate from the UK were unable to ask for funds on-air, due to OfCom restrictions. With the lifting of these restrictions, this is no longer the case and Revelation TV can now ask for funds on air.[5][6] Once a month the network asks viewers to give financially to the network in order to support them. This is referred to as "Building the Foundation". Presenters such as Howard Conder, Lesley Conder, Gordon Pettie and Lorna Pettie tell viewers how their finances are doing and encourage them to give to the network if they enjoy their programmes. The presenters have stated they will only do fundraising programming one night every month and they do not have large fundraising appeals like other Christian television networks.

Genesis TV

Another channel, Genesis TV which is an extension of Revelation TV, is available on Freesat Channel 692 and Sky Channel 592. It continues to play much of the same content from RMusicTV, and recently premiering a hit music show, The One to One Show, produced and hosted by upcoming Presenter and Gospel personality, Michael Owusu. It is broadcast every Sunday evening on Genesis TV.[7] The channel made international news headlines in 2010 when a prankster whose YouTube name is 'Raepmykipz', tricked the presenter to read out Will Smith's opening rap of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air followed by an e-mail containing the plot details from Star Wars and referring to a Nigerian man named Ben Kenobi who had battled with dark forces.[8]

Justin Peters controversy

On 10 February 2010, Justin Peters, an american evangelist[9] was interviewed live on Revelation TV. Peters is an outspoken critic of the Word of Faith movement and, during the interview, mentioned several prominent proponents of this doctrine by name. The programme was taken off-air before its scheduled end time, due to concerns that making accusations against specific individuals who were not present breached Ofcom rules on fairness. Lesley Conder criticised Peters the following morning[10], but the Streisand effect ensured that the incident received widespread publicity.[11][12].

Channel merger

On 10 March 2010, the station issued an announcement that two channels, Genesis TV and Revelation TV, would be merging into a single channel, to be called Revelation TV, with effect from 1 April 2010. It was also announced that the station had come into conflict with Ofcom, the UK broadcast regulator, but from that date would be moving to a licence from the Spanish regulatory authorities.[13]


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