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Reznor's Edge was a notorious website that first appeared on the Internet around 1995 at the height of the fame of Trent Reznor and his musical project Nine Inch Nails. It purported to be Reznor's "personal homepage," but actually was a parody page designed to fool viewers into believing a series of satirical rumors. These rumors took on a life of their own on both the Internet and traditional media.

The more well-known of these rumors included a new Nine Inch Nails album titled Impossible Pain, a remix album (Improbable Pain) remixed by a hobo and various other unlikely talent, including Jewel and Dr. Dre; and Reznor's fictional, alcoholic, womanizing brother Bob Reznor. The content of the website appeared in numerous music magazines and radio shows and was even the subject of a short blurb by MTV's Kennedy. Reznor's then-manager, John Malm, was not amused and made several unsuccessful attempts to shut the site down.

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