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Pronunciation /ˈrɪtʃərd/
Gender Male
Meaning powerful leader
Origin Common Germanic
Nicknames Rich, Rick, Dick, Ricardo, Richie, Dickie, Rickie Dickie, Richardo
Popularity Popular names page

The first or given name Richard derives from the Germanic elements "ric" (ruler, leader, king) and "hard" (strong, brave, court), therefore it means 'powerful leader' as well as 'King's Court'.[1]

Richard is a typical name in many Germanic languages, including English, German and Dutch.

Cognates/Transliterations. Chinese: 理查德. Russian: Ричард (Richard). Breton: Richarzh. Basque: Rikard. Arabic: ريتشارد. Japanese: リチャード (Richado). Hebrew: ריצ'רד. Esperanto: Rikardo. French: Richard. Irish: Ristéard. Italian: Riccardo. Dutch: Rijkert Low German: Ri(c)kert. Polish: Ryszard. Portuguese: Ricardo. Scandinavian: Rikard, Rickard, Ríkarður. Saami: Rikkar. Scottish Gaelic: Ruiseart. Catalan: Ricard. Spanish: Ricardo. Welsh: Rhisiart. Hungarian: Richárd. Latvian: Ričards, Rihards. Lithuanian: Ričardas. Greek: Ριχάρδος (Richárdos). Slovene: Rihard. Latin: Richardus. Ukrainian: Річард (Richard). Icelandic: Ríkharður. Bosnian: Rikard.

Short forms. English: Rik, Rick, Rich, Dick, Ric. Slovak: Rišo, Riško. Polish: Rysio. Czech: Ríša. Spanish: Cayo (Guatemala). Finnish: Riku. Estonian: Riho.

Pet forms. English: Ricky, Rickie, Rikki, Richie, Dickie

Last Names. Richard(s), Ritchard, Richardson, Riccard(s), Ricquart, Rijkaard, Rickaert, Ryckewaert


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See also Richárd, and richard




Germanic ríc "power" + hard "brave,strong".


Proper noun



Richard (plural: Richards)

  1. A male given name.

Related terms


  • ~1593 William Shakespeare: Richard III: Act V, Scene II:
    What! do I fear myself? there's no one else by;
    Richard loves Richard; that is, I am I.
  • 1985 William Wharton: Pride ISBN 0394536363 page 97:
    I'd love to live in our castle. First I'd change my name from Dickie to Richard. That's my real name and it's a good king name. I don't like being called Dickie anyway, and I don't want to be Dick Junior either because everybody starts calling you Junior. What I'd like to be called is Rich but I don't know how to start people doing it.



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Proper noun

Richard m.

  1. A male given name, cognate to Richard.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name, cognate to Richard.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name, cognate to English Richard.

Related terms



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Proper noun

Richard m.

  1. A male given name, cognate to English Richard.
  2. A patronymic surname.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name cognate to Richard.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name, the usual modern form of Rikard.


Proper noun

Richard m., Richardovia pl.
Richard stem
Richarda gen sg
(declension pattern): chlap
  1. A male given name, cognate to Richard

Derived terms

  • Richard Ľvie Srdce m.
  • Riško m.


Proper noun


  1. A male given name, an English and French type variant of Rikard.

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