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Richard Fields
All My Children
Portrayed by James A. Stephens
(1993-1994, 2003)
First appearance 1993
Last appearance 2003
Cause/reason Fatal heart attack
Gender Male
Occupation Actor

Richard Fields was a fictional character on the American soap opera All My Children. The character was portrayed by actor James A. Stephens from 1993-1994 and then 2003.

Brief character details

Richard Fields was a motion picture heartthrob of the 50's and 60's. He is also a sexual predator who has raped a string of underage girls. In 1966 a 13-year-old Erica Kane has a crush on Fields and her father, a film director arranges for her to meet him on her 14th birthday. An awe-struck Erica dances with Fields, who then rapes her. A confused and traumatized Erica ends up pregnant, which she manages to hide from her mother for a while. Mona Kane finds out what happened, however, and takes Erica to Arizona to have her baby, which she puts up for adoption.

Years later the child that Erica gave up, Kendall Hart, shows up in Pine Valley. She doesn't know that Erica was raped and is determined to get to know her birth mother. Erica is cold to Kendall and when she finds out Kendall is her daughter, and tells Kendall to go back to her adoptive parents.

As revenge, Kendall attempts to seduce her mother's husband, Dimitri Marick. When that doesn't work, she seduces Dimitri's son, Anton Lang. She then lies to Erica, telling her that Dimiti raped her. An angry Erica stabs Dimiti with a letter opener.

When Erica is charged with attempted murder, Kendall recants her story, to make Erica seem unbalanced. She tracks down Richard Fields and he convinces Kendall that he never raped Erica.

One day Kendall brings a young Bianca Montgomery with her when she visits Richard. While the two a briefly left alone, Richard tries to rape Bianca. Kendall returns to find Bianca sobbing hysterically and her skirt is torn. Kendall finally sees her father for who he really is.

Mona confronts Richard and, in the midst of a heated argument, he has a massive heart attack and dies. Mona is convinced that he is faking and walks out on him.

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