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Rickenbacker 4001
Rickenbacker 4001.jpg
A 1977 Rickenbacker 4001
Manufacturer Rickenbacker
Period 1961-1981[1]
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bound or unbound maple (4001S model)
Scale 34 or 30 1/2 (Short-scale version)[2]
Body Bound Maple, and Unbound Maple(4001S Model)
Neck Maple and Walnut
Fretboard Ebony, Rosewood
Pickup(s) 2 single coil/horseshoe[2]
Colors available
Sunburst, Cherry, Black, Walnut, Natural, and White[2]

The Rickenbacker 4001 is a bass guitar that was manufactured by Rickenbacker as a "deluxe model" of the 4000 between 1961 and 1981 before being replaced by an updated version, the Rickenbacker 4003[3]. There are several models of the 4001, such as: The 4001, 4001S, 4001LH, 1999 (European model), 4001V63 (reissue), and the newer 4001C64S C Series recreation.


The Rickenbacker 4001 was designed with the "crested-wave" body shape, much like the other basses of the 4000 series. The 4001 model features a neck-through construction, a full-wood body, fret board with metal strings (originally flat-wound, though many players replaced them with round-wounds), twin truss rods, triangle inlays, two pickups, two volume and two tone dials, selector switch,[2] and wiring for Ric-O-Sound (standard in models post-1971)[1]. Rickenbacker also produced six-string, and short-scale versions of the 4001 model.[2]

The 4001S (and 1999) model varies in its use of dot inlays, and unbound neck construction.[2] The Rickenbacker 4003, which replaced the 4001, differs mainly in the truss rod system, other features being quite similar to its forebear.

Notable 4001 Players


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