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Trevor Mann

Ricochet, as Helios, in Chikara
Ring name(s) Ricochet[1]
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)[1]
Billed weight 170 lb (77 kg)[1]
Born 1988[1]
Paducah, Kentucky[1]
Debut 2004[1]

Trevor Mann (born 1988) is an American professional wrestler. He currently performs for the American-based promotion Chikara under the ring name Helios and performs for several other independent promotions as Ricochet.


Professional wrestling career

After making his professional debut in 2004 under the ring name Ricochet, he began competing on the independent circuit until he made his first major outing on February 6, 2006 at Insanity Pro Wrestling's Sacrifice event, where he took part in a five-man elimination match involving future long-time rival Chuck Taylor, DieHard, Tony Galloway and Ty Blade.[2] Ricochet was the final wrestler eliminated as Taylor pinned him to win the match. A few weeks later on February 18, Ricochet took part in his first major championship match as he, Chuck Taylor, Jeff Jameson, Brian Sterling and Cabana Man Dan took part in another five-man elimination match at Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South's Xtreme Warfare event for the vacant Deep South Heavyweight Championship, which Cabana Man Dan won.[3] A few months later at IWA Mid-South's event We're No Joke! on April 1, Ricochet took part in a nine-man Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to determine the one contender for the Light Heavyweight Championship, also involving his rival Chuck Taylor.[4] Although he lost the match to Darin Corbin, he was involved in an infamous spot in which he performed his finishing move, a double rotation moonsault, off of a ladder to the outside of the ring and onto the other eight competitors. On that same day, Ricochet also competed at Insanity Pro Wrestling's event Mischief, Mayhem and Revenge, where he lost to Taylor for the promotion's Junior Heavyweight Championship.[4]


Chikara (2006–present)


On June 24, Ricochet made his Chikara debut as he lost in the first round of the fourth Young Lions Cup tournament against Chuck Taylor.[5] The following day, he teamed with Player Uno in a losing effort to Taylor and Cloudy.[6] A few months later on November 17 at the event Brick, Ricochet picked up his first win as a member of the Chikara roster after he, Cloudy and Mike Quackenbush defeated Cheech, Retail Dragon and Shane Storm.[7] The following day, Ricochet again lost to Taylor at the event Talent Borrows; Genius Steals.[8]

Singles and tag team competition

On February 16, 2007 at the King of Trios event, Ricochet made his first challenge for the Young Lions Cup, but was unable to defeat Max Boyer for the title.[9] Two days later, he lost to Claudio Castagnoli.[10] On April 22, Ricochet took part in the semi-finals of the first-ever Rey de Voladores tournament, where he lost in a fatal four-way elimination match involving Retail Dragon, PAC and long-time rival Chuck Taylor, the latter of whom would go on to win the tournament.[11] On June 23, Ricochet won his first round match of the fifth Young Lions Cup tournament after he defeated Chrisjen Hayme.[12] Later on in the day, Ricochet won a six-way elimination match in the semi-finals to advance to the finals.[12] The next day, Ricochet lost to Chuck Taylor for the vacant Young Lions Cup.[13] On August 18 at the event Here Come The International Invaders, Ricochet faced and lost to Taylor in a Young Lions Cup vs. Career match, resulting in Ricochet being forced to leave Chikara.[14]

Helios and Young Lions Cup

On October 27 at New Star Navigation, Ricochet, sporting a new haircut, new attire and a wrestling mask, returned to Chikara under the ring name Helios, where he finally defeated Taylor for the Young Lions Cup.[15] However, Taylor disputed Helios' win by claiming that Helios was actually Ricochet in disguise.[16] Despite Taylor's claims, Helios' win was still ruled as valid and was thus still the official new champion. On November 16 at Battle Of Who Could Care Less, Helios retained his Young Lions Cup title after defeating Hydra.[17] The following day at The Sordid Perils Of Everyday Existence, Helios again retained his title, this time against Fire Ant.[18]

The Future is Now

On February 29, 2008, Helios teamed with Incoherence (Hallowicked and Delirious) and the three became "The Golden Trio" in order to participate in the 2008 King of Trios tournament.[19][20] After receiving a bye in the first round, The Golden Trio defeated Team IPW:UK (Martin Stone, Terry Frazier and Sha Samuels) and The Fabulous Three (Larry Sweeney, Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke) in the second and quarterfinal rounds, respectively, before losing to The BLKOUT in the semi-finals.[20] On April 19 at Deuces Wild, Helios successfully retained the Young Lions Cup against Lince Dorado.[21] At Grit And Glory on May 15, Helios advanced to the finals of the Rey de Voladores tournament but ultimately lost to Incognito.[22] On June 15, Helios lost his Young Lions Cup after Fire Ant defeated Vin Gerard in the finals of the sixth Young Lions Cup tournament.[23] On September 6, Helios teamed up with Tim Donst to take part in the first-ever La Lotería Letal tournament, where they lost to Icarus and Ultimo Breakfast in the first round.[24] On November 11 at Cibernetico Begins, Helios was a part of Team Equinox (Equinox, Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Worker Ant, Hydra, Tim Donst and Mike Quackenbush) as they defeated Team Vin Gerard (Gerard, STIGMA, Lince Dorado, UltraMantis Black, Crossbones, Amasis, Ophidian and Eddie Kingston) in a 16-man elimination tag team match.[25] At Face With A View on December 12, Helios formed The Future is Now with Equinox and Lince Dorado and they defeated The UnStable (Vin Gerard, Colin Delaney and STIGMA).[26]

On January 1, 2009, The Future is Now (Helios and Dorado) lost their first match together against Team F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Gran Akuma).[27] At the 2009 King of Trios tournament, The Future is Now defeated Team DDT (Kota Ibushi, KUDO and Michael Nakazawa)[28] and The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian and Escorpion Egipcio)[29] in the first and quarterfinal rounds, respectively, before losing to Team F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor)[30] in the semi-finals. Following the tournament, The Future is Now then began a feud with The Osirian Portal, resulting in Helios defeating Escorpion Egipcio in a singles match at Behind The 8 Ball on April 25[31] and The Future is Now defeating The Osirian Portal at The Bobliographon event the following day.[32]

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments


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