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Rigg Kennedy is an American character actor.

Kennedy's career began in theater and episodic television, including appearances in The Fall Guy, Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix, Matt Houston and Days of our Lives.

His film work includes roles in Rod Lurie's Deterrence, Maid To Order starring Ally Sheedy, and the seminal slasher flick Slumber Party Massacre. Notable recent performances include Thomas Mesereau in E!'s Michael Jackson Trial Reenactments, Dr. George Emerson in Swarm of the Snakehead, and an autobiographical one-man poetry show called RIGGWORDS.

Rigg has extensive theater credits and has studied with Jose Quintero, Frank Silvera, Beah Richards, Maya Angelou, Corey Allen, Luther James, Frank Bolger, Ned Manderino. Rigg also studied at Johns Hopkins under editor-biographer-translator-scholar Joycean-Proustian and distinguished poet, Elliott Coleman in their Writing Seminar. Rigg is also a published poet currently performing his one-man show, RIGGWORDS, on tour.


The Break-Up Artist ..Mike

  1. FROGTOWN (2007)........ Parson Hammond
  2. Chasing Tchaikovsky (2007) .... Harold
  3. Swarm of the Snakehead (2006) .... Dr. Emerson (Eccentric Microbiologist)
  4. Violence at Work (2005) .... Reg Bogeman (Psychopath)
  5. "The Michael Jackson Trial Re-enactments" .... Defense Attorney Thomas Mesereau,Jr. (E-Entertainment Channel, USA--BSKYB,London (Broadcast in more than 100 countries: Feb. 25--June 13, 2005)
  6. Kept (2001) .... Jules...(gay,world-famous architect) aka Playback (USA)
  7. Deterrence (1999) .... Howard (Chief- White House Communications)(w/Kevin Pollak & Timothy Hutton)
  8. Silent Scream (1999) ....LAPD Homicide Detective (in love with Dana Plato)...(w/ Joe Estevez)
  9. 4 Second Delay (1998) .... Bob Woodward (Prix du Jury,Festival du Cinema Americain de Deauville, Atlanta and Colorado Film Festivals + 4 other festival's prizes.
  10. Top of the World (1997) ....Weird Hotel Guest... aka Cold Cash... aka Showdown (w/ Dennis Hopper)
  11. Curse of the ShadowBorg (1997).... Art Fortunes (artist and WMD Creator)
  12. Big Bad Beetleborgs (1996) Art Fortunes (series regular)... aka Saban's Big Bad Beetleborgs
  13. Father & Son...(1996) Intense Cell Mate (w/ Louis Gossett, Jr.)
  14. Crazy Like A Fox...(1995) Jack Rexford (Billionaire) (w/ Jack Warden & John Rubenstein)
  15. Perfect Alibi (1995) .... E.R. Doctor... aka Where's Mommy Now? (w/ Hector Elizondo)
  16. Hostile Intentions (1994) .... Capt. Dalton (Sheriff Helicopter Pilot) (w/Tia Carrere)
  17. The Judge (1989) - Blood Is Thicker (1989) TV Episode (Congressman Redford)
  18. Maid to Order (1987) .... Westec Guard #1 (w/Ally Sheedy)
  19. Finder of Lost Loves (1984)...Doctor Epner...White Lies ,TV, (w/Tony Franciosa)
  20. Days of our Lives (1984) Richard, (Aristocratic Butler), TV
  21. Matt Houston (1984)...Dr. Zahn .... Blood Ties, TV...(w/Lee Horsley & David Wayne])
  22. The Fall Guy (1984)...Helicopter Pilot... Bite of the Wasp, TV Episode (w/ Lee Majors)
  23. Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold (1983) Bachelor Playboy (w/ Kim Basinger,Dorothy Malone])
  24. Slumber Party Massacre (1982) .... Mr. David Contant .(Next Door Neighbor)..(aka Ryan Kennedy)
  25. McMillan and Wife... News Reporter.......(w/ Rock Hudson)
  26. Crazed (1982) .... Chuck ... aka Slipping Into Darkness (video title)
  27. Tunnel Vision (1976) .... Guard
  28. Jessi's Girls (1975)... Seth...(Mormon Preacher)...w/Rod Cameron)...aka Wanted Women (UK)
  29. Girls on the Road (1973) Chip..(Hitch-Hiker)w/Ralph Waite & Michael Ontean aka Hot Summer Week (USA)
  30. How's Your Love Life? (1971) ....Hipster ....
  31. RPM* ('69).. Mark Young (Good Cop ,refused to club rioting students) (w/Anthony Quinn ,Ann-Margaret
  32. Dayton's Devils (1968) ...Sonny Merton (Armed Robber)w/Rory Calhoun,Lanie Kazan,Leslie Nielsen

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