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line map
red:Rikuu West Line
blue:Uetsu Main Line ( Amarume - Sakata )

The Rikuu West Line (陸羽西線 Rikuu-sai-sen ?) is a rail line in Japan. Part of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) system, it runs in Yamagata Prefecture from Shinjō Station to Amarume Station, and trains continue on to Sakata Station, even though it is not officially a part of the Rikuu West Line. At Shinjō, connections to the Yamagata Shinkansen, Ōu Main Line and Rikuu East Line can be made; while the Uetsu Main Line connects at Sakata Station. Its name refers to the ancient provinces of Mutsu (奥) and Dewa (出) (or alternatively, the Meiji-era provinces of Rikuzen (前) and Uzen (前)), although strictly speaking, only the Rikuu East Line connects both areas.

Station Japanese Distance (km)
(from Shinjō Station)
Transfers Location
Shinjō 新庄 0.0 Yamagata Shinkansen, Ōu Main Line, Rikuu East Line Shinjō Yamagata
Masukata 升形 7.5
Uzen-Zennami 羽前前波 10.6
Tsuya 津谷 12.9 Tozawa
Furukuchi 古口 17.0
Takaya 高屋 24.8
Kiyokawa 清川 31.1 Shōnai
Karikawa 狩川 34.9
Minamino 南野 38.9
Amarume 余目 43.0 Uetsu Main Line
Uetsu Main Line section. Intermediate stations are not shown.
Sakata 酒田 55.3 Uetsu Main Line Sakata


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