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Rin-ne manga volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of volume 1 of Rin-ne, published by Viz Media, showing Rinne (left) and Sakura.
(Kyōkai no Rinne)
Genre Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Author Rumiko Takahashi
Publisher Shogakukan
English publisher Canada United States Viz Media
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run April 22, 2009 – ongoing
Volumes 2
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Rin-ne (境界のRINNE Kyōkai no Rinne?, literally Rinne of the Boundary) (stylized RIN-NE)[1] is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. It began serialization in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday manga magazine on April 22, 2009.[2] The series follows Sakura Mamiya, a girl who gained the power to see ghosts after an incident as a child, and her classmate Rinne Rokudo, a boy of mixed human and shinigami heritage who helps lingering spirits finally pass on to be reincarnated. The manga has been licensed by Viz Media, who is simultaneously releasing the manga chapters online in English as they are serialized in Japan.[3]



Rin-ne revolves around Sakura Mamiya, a high school girl who became able to see ghosts after she was "spirited away" for a week when she was a child, though she does not remember the details of the experience. Once in high school, Sakura wishes to be rid of her extrasensory perception, which is an annoyance to her. She meets a shinigami of sorts named Rinne Rokudo, a classmate of hers who was absent for the first month or so of school. His job is to guide spirits, whose regrets bind them to Earth, to the wheel of reincarnation so that they may be reborn. The wheel appears as a large red, spoked wheel revolving in the sky.


Rinne Rokudo (六道 りんね Rokudō Rinne?)
The main character of the story, Rinne is a boy of mixed human and shinigami heritage residing in the human world, despite his grandmother's invitation to live with her. He used to live with his grandfather until he died and now lives in an abandoned club building of the school he attends. He performs the duties of a shinigami on behalf of his grandmother, though requires tools that a true shinigami would not need and that are quite inexpensive, often times equating to ¥500 or ¥1,000. He also has the expensive Haori of the Underworld (黄泉の羽織 Yomi no Haori?), a robe that allows Rinne to not be seen by ordinary living beings and, when reversed, turns a ghost into a solid being. As he is short on money, he is eager to pick up money, food, or any kind of offering made by the students; he also refuses to spend money on rent, uniforms or many other common necessities. Rinne's name is taken from "Rinne", the cycle of resurrection present in Buddhism, and Rokudo, the six paths that comprise it. As the story progresses, it is hinted that Rinne begins to develop feelings for Sakura.
Sakura Mamiya (真宮 桜 Mamiya Sakura?)
Sakura is the heroine of the story and is the protagonist in the early part of the series. Sakura was spirited away as a little girl, but comes back with Tamako's help, and gains the ability to see ghosts and spiritual beings. Thanks to that, she is the only human to initially see Rinne and not to be scared by Rokumon's demonic appearance. A very calm girl, she does not hesitate to scold Rinne if she thinks he is creating problems for her friends. Also, she tends to let herself get into the mood of things, once coming into a line of old men and women's souls who had lived their lives to the fullest and almost getting onto the wheel of saṃsāra until Rinne rescues her. As the story progresses, it is hinted that Sakura begins to develop feelings for Rinne.
Tamako (魂子?)
Tamako is Rinne's grandmother, a young looking shinigami. She becomes upset when referred to as "grandmother", instead insisting on being called "young lady". Fifty years before, she came to claim the soul of a young man in agony, with whom she quickly fell in love. She made a deal with the death priest who married them, promising to do ten times the usual shinigami chores in exchange for extending his life fifty years. Should she fail, her descendants would take on her burden. She failed to stick to her job and Rinne found himself on duty, taking on shinigami chores. She tries to get her grandson to live with her, and helps him to get offers; she dons a scary mask and appears in Rinne's classmates' dreams, threatening them, much to Rinne's dismay.
Rokumon (六文?)
Rokumon is a black cat by contract. These cats form contracts with shinigami, aiding them in their job, eliminating evil spirits, but also bringing curses, threats, and ill omens. His appearance is that of a little black cat with a human face, changing into a demonic giant cat face to scare off humans. He can also transform into a cute faced kitten, and often does so in order to get food. He comes to the living world appearing as a demon cat, who scares Rinne and Sakura's classmates. He claims to have been sent by Tamako to form a contract with Rinne, to which the boy refuses, having no resources to support the helper. He then appears to Sakura and reveals to her the true reason of Rinne's shinigami duties, while Rinne finds a letter, discovering the truth about him: Tamako fired him and he came looking for Rinne's support. Eventually, the two form a contract, on the grounds that Rokumon covers his own living expenses. He does not seem to favor Tsubasa.
Tsubasa Jumonji (十文字 翼 Jūmonji Tsubasa?)
Tsubasa comes from a family of exorcists. Like Sakura, he can also see ghosts, but often brutally attacks them with "sacred ashes" instead of trying to put them to rest, which can serve to turn them into evil spirits. He initially met Sakura when they were in younger and he began to harbor feelings for her after he realized that she can see ghosts as well. Since his transfer into Sakura's high school, he has tried countless times for Sakura to return his affection and is jealous of the time she and Rinne have spent together, and thus begins joining them on their ghost exploits. Since joining them, he has realized that not all ghosts are evil and has been more lenient towards some. He tends to jumps to conclusions, especially when something concerns Rinne and Sakura's relationship. It is hinted that he is Christian.


The manga series Rin-ne is written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi. The first chapter was published in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday manga magazine on April 22, 2009.[2] The first two bound volumes were released in Japan on October 16, 2009. The manga has been licensed by Viz Media,[4] who publishes the chapters simultaneously online in English as they are serialized in Japan.[3][5] On October 20, 2009, Viz announced that Rin-ne would be the first title to be released under their new Shonen Sunday imprint.[6]

Volume list

No. Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
01 October 16, 2009[7] ISBN 978-4-0912-1773-8 October 20, 2009[8] ISBN 978-1-4215-3485-5
  • 001. "The Mysterious Classmate" (謎のクラスメート "Nazo no Kurasumēto"?)
  • 002. "The Legend of the Weather Hutch" (百葉箱の伝説 "Hyakuyōbaku no Densetsu"?)
  • 003. "Four O'clock Behind the Gym" (体育館裏4時 "Taiikukan Ura Yo-ji"?)
  • 004. "Have We Met?" (どこかで会った女 "Doko ka de Atta Onna"?)
  • 005. "Y·O·U·N·G Woman" (お・ね・え・さ・ん "O Ne E Sa N"?)
  • 006. "Mystery in the Club Building" (クラブ棟の怪 "Kurabutō no Kai"?)
  • 007. "Black Cat by Contract" (契約黒猫 "Keiyaku Kuroneko"?)
  • 008. "Afraid to Fall Asleep" (眠るのがこわい "Nemuru no ga Kowai"?)
Sakura Mamiya is a high school student living with the ability to see ghosts after an event in her past where she met a shinigami in the underworld, though she does not remember this. Sakura meets a classmate named Rinne Rokudo others cannot see, leading her to suspect he is a ghost. She discovers later he is actually a shinigami of sorts, and when he is wearing his Haori of the Underworld, normal people cannot see him. Rinne helps Sakura by exorcising a ghost which has been following her around as well as the spirit of a chihuahua. Sakura's friend Rika is plagued by a ghost calling her cell phone and leaving the same angry message. Rinne tells them how if they leave a letter and offering in the weather hutch behind the school, that they will get help. Rinne takes the offering and tracks down the angry spirit, which he promptly exorcises to the afterlife with some help by their gym teacher. Sakura meets Rinne's grandmother Tamako, also a shinigami. Sakura travels into the underworld and wanders to the wheel of reincarnation. Rinne saves her before she gets on the wheel and Sakura finally remembers how Tamako was the shinigami she met in the past. Sakura learns how Rinne is actually of mixed human and shinigami heritage. Sakura takes home a hurt, black kitten which steals a meal and leads her to the old club building at school where she finds Rinne living. The black cat is named Rokumon and he forms a contract with Rinne to help him in his shinigami duties after Rinne's grandmother fired Rokumon. A second-year student at Sakura's school named Kaori Himekawa seeks help from Rinne for an ancient warrior who is haunting her dreams causing her to lose sleep over it.
02 October 16, 2009[9] ISBN 978-4-0912-1774-5 January 19, 2010[10] ISBN 978-1-4215-3486-2
  • 009. "Nuptial Cups" (固めの盃 "Katame no Sakazuki"?)
  • 010. "Reunion" (再会 "Saikai"?)
  • 011. "Songstress of the Pool" (プールの歌姫 "Pūru no Utahime"?)
  • 012. "Something Lost" (無くしたもの "Nakushita Mono"?)
  • 013. "Curse" ( "Tatari"?)
  • 014. "Duel at the Rabbit Hutch" (ウサギ小屋の対決 "Usagi Koya no Taiketsu"?)
  • 015. "Spirit of No Return" (戻れない生霊 "Modorenai Ikiryō"?)
  • 016. "Welcome to Hell!" (ようこそ地獄へ! "Yōkoso Jigoku e!"?)
  • 017. "Debt Hell" (借金地獄 "Shakkin Jigoku"?)
  • 018. "Stream of a Thousand Winds" (千の風気流 "Sen no Kaze Kiryū"?)
Kaori agrees to perform a marriage ceremony with the warrior so he can pass on, but it does not work. Rinne suspects Kaori is not the warrior's reincarnated lover, and Rokumon takes Sakura to the underworld to buy a mirror where someone can see their previous incarnation in it. Kaori sees a sea turtle in the mirror, and Rinne takes the warrior around to find his real reincarnated lover, who turns out to be the current gym teacher at Sakura's school; after realizing this, the warrior promptly passes on. Sakura comes in contact with a girl named Misora Utagawa who died in the school pool but cannot remember her lingering attachment. Misora had been a popular girl in the choir club. Rinne ultimately figures out that Misora had lost her false tooth in the pool and died trying to find it; Rinne gives her another false tooth and Misora sings on last song before passing on. Sakura watches on day as a demon puts a curse on a boy's spirit named Reiji Todoriki, though he is not dead. The demon, named Masato, has an old grudge on Rinne and uses Reiji's spirit in a plan to get back at Rinne. Masato takes Reiji's soul to hell and Rinne pursues him, though in the process causing a large amount of damage to the surrounding area. However, Masato's plan backfires and he ends up paying for the damages. In the end, Reiji's soul is able to return to his body.
03 March 18, 2010[11] ISBN 978-4-0912-2195-7 May 18, 2010[12] ISBN 978-1-4215-3487-9
  • 019. "The Transfer Student" (転校生 "Tenkōsei"?)
  • 020. "If You Don't Mind, Let's Be Friends First" (友だちからで良ければ "Tomodachi kara de Yokereba"?)
  • 021. "A Fun Date" (楽しいデート "Tanoshii Dēto"?)
  • 022. "One Hundred Thousand Yen" (10万円 "Jūman-en"?)
  • 023. "The Price of Power" (力の代償 "Chikara no Daishō"?)
  • 024. "Shinigami Scythe" (死神のカマ "Shinigami no Kama"?)
  • 025. "Lure of the Pumpkinhead" (カボチャ頭の誘惑 "Kabocha Kaburi no Yūwaku"?)
  • 026. "Hall of the Damashigami" (だまし神の館 "Damashigami no Kan"?)
  • 027. "Draw Me" (私を描いて "Watashi o Kaite"?)
  • 028. "Black & White" (黒と白 "Kuro to Shiro"?)
04 July 20, 2010[13] ISBN 978-1-4215-3621-7
  • 029. "Negative" (マイナス "Mainasu"?)
  • 030. "President" (社長 "Shachō"?)
  • 031. "Damashigami Company" (堕魔死神カンパニー "Damashigami Kanpanī"?)
  • 032. "Inauguration Ceremony" (就任式 "Shūnin Shiki"?)
  • 033. "Kyuketsukasha" (吸血火車 "Kyūketsukasha"?)
  • 034. "Handprint" (手形 "Tegata"?)
  • 035. "You Don't Disapprove of That?" (イヤじゃないのか "Iya Janai no ka"?)
  • 036. "Ageha, The Shinigami" (死神鳳 "Shinigami Ageha"?)
  • 037. "Sister's Whereabouts" (姉の行方 "Ane no Yukue"?)
  • 038. "Bride Screening" (花嫁審査 "Hanayome Shinsa"?)
Chapters to be collected into volumes

These chapters have yet to be published in a bound volume. They were originally serialized in issues of Weekly Shōnen Sunday in March 2010.

  • 039. "The Hot Secretary's True Identity" (美人秘書の正体 "Bijin Hisho no Shōtai"?)
  • 040. "Rich Girl" (お嬢様 "Ojō-sama"?)
  • 041. "Just a Simple Thanks" (あくまでお礼 "Akumade Orei"?)


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