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Proper noun




  1. A surname for a maker of rings as jewelry or as in harness.




Old High German ring


Ring m. (genitive Rings or Ringes, plural Ringe)

  1. ring

Derived terms

  • Abstandsring
  • Abstreifring
  • Ankerring
  • Auflagering
  • Augenringe
  • Beißring
  • Ehering
  • Federring
  • Messring
  • Ringdrossel
  • Ringfinger
  • Ringschaltung
  • Ringschlüssel
  • Ringschweißgerät
  • Ringträger
  • Ringzunge
  • Seitenring
  • Schrägschulterring
  • Schraubring
  • Südring
  • Trauring

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Used as an ornament to decorate the fingers, arms, wrists, and also the ears and the nose. Rings were used as a signet (Gen 38:18). They were given as a token of investment with authority (Gen 41:42; Est 3:8-10; 8:2), and of favour and dignity (Lk 15:22). They were generally worn by rich men (James 2:2). They are mentioned by Isiah (3:21) among the adornments of Hebrew women.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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Simple English

This article is about pieces of jewelry. There is an article about mathematical concepts at Ring (mathematics)

A ring is a piece of jewelry that is usually worn on the finger. It is often made of metal such as gold, silver, platinum, but can be made of other things, for example, bone or glass. Many rings have gemstones on them, for beauty and decoration on your finger.

Engagement and wedding rings

Rings have been used for engagements and weddings since prehistoric times.[1]

The engagement ring is meant to be a sign of luck and happiness. Both men and women used to wear an engagement ring to show that they were going to be married, but in more recent times only women have normally worn them. A diamond ring is seen as being especially lucky, as the sparkle of the diamond is said to come from the fires of love. A pearl in a ring is unlucky, as the pearl is a sign of tears.[1]

Because the ring is round and does not have an end, it is seen as a symbol of love which never ends. It is thought to be unlucky to remove your wedding ring unless it is absolutely necessary.[1]


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