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Rise Robots Rise is an experimental hip-hop band, signed to TVT in the early 1990s, and later to Fibre Productions. The songs of "Spawn" are credited to J. Mendelson and B. Nitze. Tracey Amos often provides guest vocals.

Singer Tom Jones covered the song "If I Only Knew" on a single released in 1994. It is also featured on "Tom Jones Reloaded: Greatest Hits", a collection of covers.





Rise Robots Rise (1992) TVT 3210-2

 01. All Sewn Up    
 02. Buffalo Wack Child 
 03. Flowers And Birds  
 04. Get Ready  
 05. If I Only Knew 
 06. The Pipe Talks To You  
 07. The Way We Move    
 08. Mars   
 09. Talk Is Cheap  
 10.    Zombie Demons

Spawn (1993) TVT 3220-2

 01. Buttermilk 
 02. Real Gone  
 03.    Big 
 04.    Fear    
 05.    The Bottle  
 06.    Desdemona   
 07.    Solar Blues 
 08.    Particle You    
 09.    Not Enough  
 10.    Rosalee

Circular File (1994) TRI001

 01. Waves  
 02.    The Enther  
 03.    Three Of A Perfect Pair 
 04.    Starlight   
 05.    Soul Survivor   
 06.    Insane


Talk Is Cheap/Flowers & Birds (1991) TVT 3211-2

 01. Talk Is Cheap (LP Version) 
 02.    Back Talk   
 03.    Flowers & Birds (LP Version)    
 04.    Flowers & Birds II: The Return

All Sewn Up (1992) TVT 3212-2P

 01. Bryan Chuck New's 7" Remix (Radio Edit)    
 02.    LP Version (Radio Edit) 
 03.    Bryan Chuck New's 12" (Extend Remix)    
 04.    LP Version (Censored)   
 05.    Bryan Chuck New's Instrumental

If I Only Knew/All Sewn Up (1992) TVT 3213-2

 01. If I Only Knew - Safe Remix (radio edit)   
 02.    If I Only Knew - The Love Remix 
 03.    If I Only Knew - The Loveglove Remix    
 04.    If I Only Knew - LP Censored Version    
 05.    If I Only Knew - Paizly Remix   
 06.    If I Only Knew - Double Safe 12" Remix  
 07.    If I Only Knew - Double Safe Instrumental   
 08.    All Sewn Up - LP Version (radio edit)   
 09.    All Sewn Up - Up Up And Away 12" Extended Remix

The Bottle/Strange Brew (1993) TVT 3221-2

 01. The Bottle (radio edit)    
 02.    Strange Brew    
 03.    Strange Brew (double shot mix)  
 04.    The Bottle (album version)



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