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Rishi Rich
Birth name Rishpal Singh Rekhi
Also known as Rishi Rekhi, The Rishi Rich Project
Origin Croydon, London, England
Genres Bhangra, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hindi, hip hop, RnB, UK garage
Years active 1992–present
Labels Moviebox Records

Rishi Rich is a British music producer born in Croydon, England and based in London. He began his career in the Asian Underground scene and later became internationally known for his Bhangra tracks, his Hindi remixes, and as a pioneer of Indian-R&B fusion music.

Through the Rishi Rich Project, he was responsible for discovering British Asian talents who would later gain mainstream success, such as Jay Sean (considered the most successful British urban artist of all time), Juggy D and Veronica Mehta (both successful in India), and Mumzy Stranger (first mainstream British Bangladeshi artist).

He has also remixed various established mainstream artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Mis-Teeq, Craig David and Aqua's Lene Nystrøm. In the past, he has produced many remix albums, for example "Love 2 Love". Recently, he has produced two solo albums, including his most recent album The Project.


Music career

Collaborations and solo career

In the UK, Rishi worked with a number of Asian artists after getting his first break from San-j Sanj (xzecutive), Alex Jethwa & Pankaj Jethwa. He co-produced 10 Asian music albums before working on his first solo album ‘Simply Rich’, which debuted at No 1 in the Asian pop charts in October 2002 and remained in the top 5 for over six months - selling more than 50,000 copies within the UK alone. With ‘Simply Rich’, Rishi was able to fuse urban music and bhangra. The lead single from the album, “Nahin Jeena”, featured ragga MC Don D and up-and-coming vocalist Juggy D, who was later to join the 2Point9 stable. It also contained the song "Nahin Tere Jeha Hor Disda", which had a music video featuring cameo appearances by Bally Sagoo, Juggy D, Jay Sean and Veronica Mehta. The song was later used by the dance group Nemesis in the second series of Britain's Got Talent in 2008.

His second solo release, The Project, included the single Push It Up (Aaja Kuriye), which peaked at No 1 on the BBC Asian Network Chart [1] as well as the Club Asia Essential 20 Chart [2]. However, The Project was considered a commercial failure in the UK, though sales in his main markets of Dubai and India remained relatively strong and it was a critical success.[citation needed]

Rishi's third solo album is provisionally scheduled for late 2009.

Mainstream remixes

He produced the Top 10 hit “Roll On” for Mis-Teeq and also produced their track “This Is How We Do It” for the Ali G soundtrack. In addition, he wrote and produced four tracks for the Top 10 Mis-Teeq album “Eye Candy”, including the title track. He has remixed songs for artists as diverse as Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Liberty X, Craig David, Mary J Blige, Westlife, Javine and UK rappers Fallacy and Estelle.

The Rishi Rich Project

In January 2003, Rishi Rich signed to management and within months formed the Rishi Rich Project, the objective of which was to showcase up-and-coming talent. They quickly became famous in the Asian Underground scene, being pioneers of contemporary R&B-Bhangra fusion. They subsequently found success in India and helped popularize Indian-R&B fusion sounds in both the Asian underground scene and in Indian pop music.[1]

Through the Rishi Rich Project, the R&B singer-rapper Jay Sean and the Bhangra artist Juggy D were both discovered. The debut Rishi Rich Project record “Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal)” was released by Virgin Records in September 2003 and reached number 12 in the Official UK Singles Charts.

Jay Sean's debut album Me Against Myself spawned two Top 5 hits and Juggy's debut album, Juggy D, became the first, and thus far only, Punjabi album to enter the UK national charts. Both their albums were also successful in India, with Sean's Me Against Myself going five-times platinum, while Juggy D and Veronica Mehta went on to feature on the soundtracks for several mainstream Bollywood films.

On 27 April 2007, Rishi announced that he was parting with his record company 2Point9,[3] marking the end of the Rishi Rich Project. After their departures from the project, Jay Sean subsequently went on to become one of the most successful Asian artists in the mainstream European and North American markets, while Juggy D became one of the most successful British artists in the mainstream Indian market.[2]

Rishi Rich Productions

Rishi Rich Productions Ltd (RRP) was created in April 2007 as a joint partnership between Rishi Rich and entertainment entrepreneur Waleed Jahangir. Soon after leaving 2point9, he revealed two new musical talents by the names of H-Dhami and Mumzy.

As Mumzy released two radio-only singles, Stranger and Let's Party, H-Dhami released three official singles with the supporting videos produced by XIX Film, Sadke Java, Mitran Di Jaan and Har Gabroo. After touring for almost a year, H-Dhami won Best Newcomer at the 2008 Asian Music Awards, even before the release of his album, which followed on July 18 of that year. A year later, he won the award for Best Act.

Mumzy has released two official singles, One More Dance and Showgirl, with his album due in early 2010.

Also signed to Rishi Rich Productions are Veronica, Tasha Tah and Juggy D.


Rishi in Bollywood

Hum Tum

Rishi produced a track for the first ever release from the Yash Raj music label, which featured in the 2004 film 'Hum Tum'.

Kyaa Kool Hai Hum

The track One Night, produced by Rishi and sung by Jay Sean, was taken from Jay Sean's album Me Against Myself and was included in the 2005 film Kyaa Kool Hai Hum. However, the version on this soundtrack was entitled Dil Mera (One Night) and included vocals by Veronica as well as Jay Sean.


The track Eyes On You which was performed by Jay Sean was featured in Bollywood film 'Boom'.


2Kool albums

  • Bollywood Fever
  • Warm It Up
  • 2Kool Flavor
  • Klassic Kut
  • Love 2 Love - Chapter 1
  • Love 2 Love - Chapter 2
  • Love 2 Love - Chapter 3
  • The Best of 2Kool

VR1 albums

  • The Next Stage
  • Love 2 Love - Chapter 4
  • Love 2 Love - Chapter 5
  • Voices

Rishi Rich albums

Solo albums

  • Simply Rich 2002 (Ishq Records)
  • The Project 2006 (2point9 Records)

Compilations and remix albums

  • King of Hearts Queen of Hearts Vol.1
  • King of Hearts Queen of Hearts Vol.2
  • Love 2 Love 2000 - Chapter 6
  • Playback
  • Pure Garage - Chapter 1
  • Pure Garage - Chapter 2
  • Pure Garage - Chapter 3
  • Playback 2
  • Gift 2 U
  • Let the Music Play - "2005"
  • Bombay Mix - CD 1

Album Productions

  • Ali G Indahouse Soundtrack (2002)
12. Mis-Teeq - "This Is How We Do It" (Rishi Rich Mix)
  • Taz's "Cafe Mumbai" (2003)
7. "Get Down" (Rishi Rich Remix)
  • B21's "Made in England" (2003)
3. "Mahi" (Rishi Rich Remix) (featuring Mentor)
  • Jassi Sidhu's "Reality Check" (2003)
5. "Aag Remix" (featuring Mentor)
  • Mis-Teeq's "Eye Candy" (2003)
4 tracks

Hum Tum Soundtrack (2004)

7. U 'n' I (Mere Dil Vich Hum Tum) (featuring Juggy D and Veronica)
  • Juggy D's "Juggy D" (2004)
2. "Kohl Aaja (Come Closer)" (featuring Jin)
4. "Come On (Aajana Part 2)" (featuring Veronica)
5. "Nasheh"
6. "Gabaru" (featuring Don Dee)
8. "Meri Jaan" (featuring Jay Sean)
11. "Dil De Rani"
  • Jay Sean's "Me Against Myself" (2004)
1. "Intro (Balcony Skit)"
2. "Eyes On You"
3. "One Night" (featuring Juggy D and Veronica)
4. "Don't Rush"
6. "Stolen"
7. "Come With Me"
8. "Holding On"
10. "Dance With You" (featuring Juggy D)
11. "Man's World (Ramta Jogi)"
13. "One Minute"
14. "Meri Jaan" (featuring Juggy D)
16. "You Don't Know Me"
  • Veronica's "Theen" (2005)
1. "Dil Lageya" (featuring Juggy D)
4. "Stay"
5. "Sajana"
6. "Aaja"
9. "Sitarey"
  • Kyaa Kool Hai Hum Soundtrack (2005)
8. "Dil Mera (One Night)" (featuring Jay Sean, Juggy D and Veronica)
  • Jassi Sidhu's "No Strings Attached" (2006)
5. "Rahe Rahe" (Rishi Rich Remix)
  • Silinder Pardesi's "Hey Soniye" (2007)
1. "Hey Sohniye"
2. "Mahi Ve" (Rishi Rich Remix)
  • Jassi Sidhu's "The New Adventures Of Jassi Sidhu" (2008)
2. "Sohni Lagudhi"
7. "Koori Dill Mangudhi"
9. "Taal"
12. "Ki Kehneh" (Rishi Rich Remix) (featuring Malkit Singh and Mumzy)
  • H Dhami's "Sadke Java" (2008)
Entire album:
1. "Sadke Java"
2. "Mitran Di Jaan"
3. "Har Gabroo"
4. "Ik Dagga"
5. "Lute Gaai"
6. "Akh Lad Gayee" (featuring Roach Killa)
7. "Nachdi Vekhna"
8. "Heeriye" (featuring Chaaya)
9. "Dho Nain"
10. "Kinee Sohni"
11. "Tere Naal (featuring Mumzy)
12. "Sadke Java" (Jaan Re-Fix)
13. "Mitran Di Jaan" (The Double R Original)
  • Mona's "Stronger" (2008)
2. "Ki Dasaan"
4. "Bachin Ve Shakina"
  • Sukhbir's "Tere Naal Nachna" (2008)
1. "Tere Naal Nachna"
  • Stereo Nation's "Rewind Selekta" (2009)
1. "Larl Larl Buleeya" (Rishi Rich Remix) (featuring Mumzy)
3. "Hun Tha Meh Nachna" (Rishi Rich Remix)
  • Miss Pooja's "Romantic Jatt" (2009)
1. Kise De Naal Pyar
  • Malkit Singh's "Billo Rani" (2009)
1. Nach Billo (featuring Mumzy)
3. Saari Raat Nachava (featuring Mumzy)
  • "The Streets Of Bollywood 3" (2009)
1. It Can Only Be Love (featuring Mumzy)
3. City Guy (featuring Mumzy)
6. Lover Lover (featuring Veronica)
  • Sophie's "Sounds Of Sophie" (2009)
1. Manjave (Feat Mumzy)
3. Soni Soni
6. Daddy Cool (Mundiyan Toh Bachke Rehna) (Feat Mumzy)
  • Jerusha's "Jerushalem" (2009)
1. Girls, Girls, Boys, Boys (featuring Mumzy)
  • Veronica's upcoming "Miss V" (2010)
"Ek Waari Gal Manleh"
"Aaja Mahiyah"
"Disco Deewani"
"Ni Aaja Veh" (featuring H-Dhami)
"Permission" (featuring Mumzy)
  • Mumzy's upcoming debut album (2010)
"One More Dance"
"Let's Party"
  • Juggy D's upcoming "Juggy D 2: Punjabi Rock Star" (2010)
"Aaja Kuriyeh (Push It Up)" (Punjabi Version)
  • Tash Tah's upcoming debut album (2010)
"Lady, Let Me Hold You"
"Tomorrow Never Comes"
"Body Beat"
"Crazy Girl"

Other productions and remixes


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