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Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) is an Australian, Adelaide- and Sydney-based visual effects company. It was founded in 1995 in Adelaide, South Australia, and is named after the Rising Sun Inn in Kesington. A studio in Sydney opened in 2002.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

On March 31, 2009, a full length DVD-quality workprint of the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine was released on the internet. The print contained a reference to Rising Sun Pictures early on in the film, leading to speculation that it was leaked from them. Rising Sun Pictures claims it never had a full copy of the film.[1]


They have worked on such films as and Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, The Dark is Rising, Charlotte's Web, Blood Diamond, Mimzy, The Core, The Return of the King, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Batman Begins, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Superman Returns,Get Smart,The Ruins, Australia, Speed Racer (film), Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince, X-Men Origins: Wolverine & Terminator Salvation

Involvement in open source projects

Projects sponsored by Rising Sun Pictures include [2]:

  • Earth - a utility for finding files across a large network of machines and track disk usage in real time
  • pyshake - integrates Python with Shake.
  • Affogato - a plugin for Avid’s Softimage XSI 3D animation software
  • Sun Grid Engine - added Array Job Interdependencies


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