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The following is a list of locations often seen on the BBC Scotland television soap opera River City.


Current locations


The Tall Ship

The Tall Ship - Shieldinch's local Pub - owned by Raymond Henderson

The Tall Ship, or The Ship, is central to much of the goings on in Shieldinch. The Tall Ship is now owned by Raymond Henderson.

Staff Job
Raymond Henderson Landlord/Owner
Scarlett Mullen Barmaid/Manager
Charlie Bowie Barman
The Oyster Cafe - owned by Gina Hamilton

Oyster Cafe

The Oyster Cafe is owned by Gina Hamilton. With an art deco Italian design found in many cafes across Scotland, the Oyster Cafe has an authentically Glasgow-feel. The cafe is usually worked in by Gina, but Gina's family occasionally offers a helping hand. The cafe has been used for the usual catch-ups, but for special functions also.

Staff Job
Gina Hamilton Owner

Montego Deli

Montego Deli is the local shop owned by the Iona McIntyre. Providing a place for Montego Street residents to both shop and gossip, the deli has seen various faces behind the till. Currently, it is only Iona who works in Montego Deli, as her sisters, Shona McIntyre and Roisin McIntyre have recently left Shieldinch.

Staff Job
Iona McIntyre Owner/Manager

Just Gordon's

Just Gordon's is the only hair salon in Shieldinch. It is owned by Gordon Swan, who has a string of hair salons across Glasgow.

Staff Job
Gordon Swan Owner
Jack Paterson Head Stylist
Hayley McCrone Stylist
Robbie Fraser Stylist


Hola is Shieldinch's classy clothing boutique. It was opened by proprietor Lydia Murdoch using money from her gangster husband Lenny. As a result of this, it has attracted some criticism from Scarlett Adams.

Staff Job
Lenny Murdoch Owner
Lydia Murdoch Owner/Manager
Amber Murdoch Part time Worker

Montego Motors

Owned by Bob Adams, Montego Motors is the garage used by the residents when automobiles require repairing. Nicki Cullen worked there until she left Shieldinch after finding out about Bob cheating on her.

Staff Job
Robert 'Shellsuit Bob' Adams Owner

Shieldinch Medical Centre

Currently, Marianne McKee is the current GPs working at the Medical Centre. They have recently renovated the surgery and have began work there.

Staff Job
Marianne McKee Partner Doctor
Ruth Rossi Receptionist

Shieldinch Subway Station

No area of Glasgow is complete without one. The Shieldinch Subway station has seen many a dramatic entrance, and exit, in its time on River City.

New Locations

There are currently no new locations on the fictional television soap River City.

Past Locations


An open-air cafe that was owned by Derek Henderson, with Carly Fraser the main employee. Since the lot was sold to Sonny Munro, its usage has remained unclear. Originally Sonny planned to open a new restaurant in his chain of fast-food outlets, but due to local opposition has handed the running of the site over to Shona MacIntyre, who has other more wholesome plans for it.

Lazy Ray's

Previously owned by Raymond Henderson, with Roisin its main employee, Lazy Ray's was then taken over by Derek Henderson who originlly continued to operate the unit as a beauty parlour until he rented it out to Lena Kruasky & Angela who ran an escort service, using the parlour as a cover.

Blink Inc

Originally sited where Versus bar is now. Blink Inc was a graphics design company set up by Scott Wallace and Nazir Malik. The two got into trouble when they sub-let part of the office to Heather Bellshaw. Various financial difficulties, along with Nazir's exit from Shieldinch, meant that Blink Inc was sold.

Wok My World

Firstly a derelict unit, the basement of which was used by Brian Henderson to hold Hazel Donachie hostage, the corner building then became used for the Wu family's Chinese takeaway, Wok My World. It was also used by Lenny Murdoch as a front for his empire of crime, although the takeaway has now made way for Lenny's wife, Lydia Murdoch,'s boutique, Hola.

Lewis Cope Construction

Situated in the cabins on the construction site, Lewis Cope Construction was a building firm owned by Lewis Cope. It was sold when he left Shieldinch and was home to Marty Green and Niamh Corrigan's Med Dreams overseas property firm.


Malik's was the local shop run by the Malik family while they lived in Shieldinch. While they were leaving and when she won the lottery, Roisin McIntyre purchased the shop from them, turning it into the Montego Deli.

McGrade & Kidd

Gerry McGrade, who is in a care home after drug abuse, and Fi Kidd previouly owned the McGrade & Kidd Legal Services. After Gerry's drug abuse, the company collapsed and the property was bought by Lenny Murdoch.

Med Dreams

An overseas property development company previously co-owned by Marty Green and Niamh Corrigan. It was on the old site of Lewis Cope Construction


Versus bar came about when Heather Bellshaw purchased the space from Blink Inc when it was wound up. It is the more modern of the bars in Shieldinch. It provides alternative nightlife for the residents of Shieldinch and attracts a rich and very colourful crowd. Heather has recently emigrated to Australia, selling Versus bar.

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