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River Monsters
Format Documentary
Starring Jeremy Wade
Narrated by Jeremy Wade
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 7
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel Animal Planet
Original airing April 5, 2009
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Official website

River Monsters is a television series on Animal Planet hosted by Jeremy Wade and produced by Icon Films of Bristol, UK. The first season aired from 5 April to 17 May, 2009. A second season is scheduled to begin airing in Spring 2010.


Show Information

River Monsters travels worldwide with host, biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade to solve freshwater mysteries, debunk these myths and track down these harrowing tales. The show has taken viewers to Germany, Australia, Brazil and the US state of Texas.

In the first season, Wade's weekly quest had him in search of piranha, alligator gar, wels catfish, goonch catfish, bull shark, piraiba/candiru, and arapaima, all supposedly deadly creatures shrouded with mystery. The show also focuses on explaining the creature's feeding habits.


Season Episode Air Date Episode Title Animals
1 1 2009-04-05 Piranha Piranha, Amazon River Dolphin, Payara, armoured catfish
1 2 2009-04-12 Killer Catfish Mugger Crocodile, Bagarius
1 3 2009-04-19 Alligator Gar Alligator gar, American Alligator
1 4 2009-04-26 European Maneater Wels catfish
1 5 2009-05-03 Amazon Assassins Arapaima
1 6 2009-05-10 Amazon Flesheaters Piraíba catfish, Jaú catfish, Redtail catfish, Candiru, Candiru-Acù, Payara
1 7 2009-05-17 Freshwater Shark Bull shark, Queensland grouper

Second Season

The second season of River Monsters is set to begin on April 10, 2010.[1]



Broadcast ratings

"River Monsters" had the best series premiere in Animal Planet's network history by delivering 1.3 million viewers. It was also its most watched regularly airing primetime telecast in over six years.[2]

The second episode of Animal Planet's "River Monsters" delivered a 39% boost in total viewers (1.866 million) compared to the series premiere. Those numbers made it the best performing regularly scheduled primetime telecast in Animal Planet's history.[3]

The first season of "River Monsters" made it the best performing show in Animal Planet's history with every episode averaging over 1 million households. The season finale delivered about 1.47 million households.[4] According to the official website, a second season will begin in the spring of 2010.

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