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A pile of roaches compared to a new joint (sometimes referred to as a "Roach joint").

In US and Canadian slang a roach is a term for the remainder of a joint or blunt after most has been smoked. A roach can be smoked further through use of a roach clip, or by stuffing it in the screened crater of a one-hitter or in a bong or pipe. Roaches are yellowish-brown by the build-up of resin.

In the UK it refers to the cardboard filter that is used at the end of the joint that is placed in the mouth.


The word "roach" entered American English from a Mexican Spanish slang word for marijuana (the name "marijuana" itself originated in Mexican Spanish), or a cigarette stub of marijuana, or tobacco adulterated with marijuana: cucaracha ("cockroach"; see also the folk song La Cucaracha.) In Spanish, tabaco de cucaracha refers to adulterated tobacco generally.[1][2]


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