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Road Rovers
Format Animated series
Created by Tom Ruegger
Starring Jess Harnell
Tress MacNeille
Jeff Bennett
Kevin Michael Richardson
Frank Welker
Joseph Campanella
Jim Cummings
Country of origin USA
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Kids' WB
Original run September 2, 1996 – February 22, 1997

Road Rovers is an American 2D animated television series written and produced by Tom Ruegger and Warner Bros. Animation that premiered on Kids' WB on September 2, 1996. It lasted one season and ended on February 22, 1997. Re-runs of the show continued for a short time on Kids' WB and then on Cartoon Network until 1999. Much of the humor contained in the show was derived from popular culture of the mid 1990s.

The show follows the adventures of the Road Rovers, a team of five super-powered crime-fighting anthropomorphic dogs, known as "cano-sapiens". The leader of the rovers is Hunter, a golden retriever mix from the United States. The Rovers' boss is a scientist known as "The Master" who oversees their operations and supplies them with equipment from their subterranean headquarters.

The show was never released on VHS or DVD and as of January 2, 2010, Warner Bros. has yet to announce plans for a DVD release of the show.



One year prior to the formation of the Road Rovers, Professor Shepherd is attacked by a man named General Parvo, who demands the professor's experimental transdogmafier (a play on the term transmogrifier) technology in exchange for his pet dog. Shepherd gives in but is tricked by Parvo, who gives him a bomb that destroys his laboratory. The next year, as normal dogs begin to mutate into monsters, Shepard realizes it is Parvo who is behind it and decides to stop him.

Shepherd selects five dogs from around the world to combat this new threat. Once they arrive at his new, secret underground lab, he uses his new transdogmifier on the five, turning them into cano-sapiens. Cano-sapiens look like normal clothed humans except that they have retained all the trademark aspects of the dogs they came from, such as a tail, fur, distinctive ears and head, etc. Their personality before the transformation also remains intact. They can also speak English and possess super abilities that normal humans do not.

Professor Shepherd (or "The Master" as the new Road Rovers would call him) briefs them on their situation, and agrees to turn them back into their normal forms if they succeed in their mission. After hearing of the dangers inherent in their first mission, the Road Rovers are hesitant to help Shepherd, but he reassures them and gains their trust by offering them meals and weekly baths.

Their first assignment is to stop General Parvo from obtaining a Molecular Stabilizer that will allow him to make the effects of his cano-mutator permanent. The Rovers nearly succeed in their task but are forced to hand over the stabilizer to Parvo in exchange for one of their own. As Parvo delights in his victory he realizes the stabilizer has been exchanged for a bomb. The bomb destroys Parvo's ship but he vows to continue fighting.

Back at Road Rover headquarters, the Master keeps his end of the bargain. He returns the five back to their normal canine forms and places them in the homes of the leaders of their country of origin; Hunter goes to the President of the United States, Colleen to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Blitz to the Chancellor of Germany, Exile to the President of Russia, and Shag to the President of the Swiss Confederation.

It is later discovered that many of the events in the past were caused by Parvo's time machine. These include Parvo's appearance in the past (as a cat named Boots), Parvo's failed attempt at constructing a transdogrifier causing Scout to become Muzzle, Boots becoming Parvo with Groomer's help, Muzzle meeting Hunter, and Shag saving Shepherd's life by informing him of the bomb that will blow up his lab.


In February 1997, WB canceled the show citing low ratings. Reruns were shown until September of that year. Reruns were then shown on Cartoon Network for the next two years.


Main characters

  • Hunter (Jess Harnell): A Golden Retriever mix from the United States; Hunter is the leader of the Road Rovers. His primary superpower is super speed.
  • Colleen (Tress MacNeille): A rough collie from the United Kingdom, and the only female in the group; Colleen’s skill of the martial arts is unparalleled whether in humanoid or canine form. She is a trained medic.
  • Blitz (Jeff Bennett): A Doberman from Germany; Blitz is a team player but shows no proper respect to anyone. His razor sharp teeth and claws can cut through anything. Has romantic feelings for Colleen.
  • Exile (Kevin Michael Richardson): A Siberian husky from Siberia; Exile is the master of fixing and unfixing things. His superpowers are heat, freeze and night vision, along with super-strength (though not as much as Shag).
  • Shag (Frank Welker): A sheepdog from Switzerland; Shag is a kind of fluke as far as the transdogmafier process goes. Instead of becoming a complete cano-sapien, he is stuck at someplace in between. He can understand English and often wields weaponry.
  • Muzzle (Frank Welker): Formerly Professor Shepherd’s pet Rottweiler, Scout, a failed experiment with the transdogmafier turned him insane. He is always restrained in a strait jacket and mask, and is only let out as a last resort.
  • Professor William F. Shepherd (Joseph Campanella): The geneticist behind the transdogmafier and the Road Rovers. He is the team’s boss and supplier for all their gear.
  • Confuseus (Kevin Michael Richardson) - A play on the historical Confucius. A small terrier-like breed dog with the ability to speak, he offers advice in the form of riddles, which often tends to go over the head of his teammates.
  • General Parvo (Jim Cummings): The Road Rovers' main antagonist who is out to destroy Professor Shepherd and conquer the world. Parvo is a self-sustaining time-loop. Parvo becomes confused and changed, goes back in time and is transformed into his villanous self.
  • The Groomer (Sheena Easton): The Groomer is the mostly loyal assistant to General Parvo. She's generally armed with a portable hair clipper, though she uses other equipment when appropriate.

Major recurring characters

  • Zachary Storm (Larry Drake): A former soldier that was discharged from the army and wants revenge on the United States.
  • Gustav Havoc (George Dzundza): An arms dealer that brought two neighboring countries to the brink of war just so he could make some money.
  • Donovan Bell: A heartless businessman who steals and sells dogs for money, he supplied General Parvo with dogs so they could be mutated.


Season Ep # First Airdate Last Airdate
Season 1 13 September 2, 1996 February 22 , 2006

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Road Rovers is an action adventure/comedy cartoon show that follows the adventures of the Road Rovers, a team of five super-powered crime fighting anthropomorphic dogs, known as "cano-sapiens".


Let's Hit the Road

[Colleen is examining her uniform.]
Colleen: Well, I'm not too crazy about the color but I abso-bloomin'-lutely love the boots.

The Master: Some of you may perish
Colleen: Perish?
Hunter: Whooaaaa, as- as in perish? Uh.... Check please [Hunter runs towards the transdogmafier and tris to get into it, followed by the others]
The Master: I definitely should have considered cats.

Hunter: So; how do you like my driving?
Colleen: Let me put it this way: I hope the airbags work.
Hunter: Aww. Thanks, that's nice.

Exile: [after the plane is shot] April Day! April Day! We are going down!
Blitz: Don't you mean May Day?
Exile: May, June, July, who cares?! We're in deep doggy donuts!

Colleen: [after crashing the Street Rover] Oh, super. The airbags do work.

Colleen: [after seeing Exile's freeze vision] Wow! I didn't know you could do that!
Exile: Me neither. Must have contracted it during Cold War.

Parvo: [after he discovers a bomb in the case he was given] I'm having one of those funny deja-vu feelings.

Storm from the Pacific

Hunter: What are you guys looking at?
Exile: Forest Tree Illustrated: The Giant Redwood Issue... heh.
[Shag and Exile sigh.]
Hunter: You two definitely need a hobby.

Blitz: Okay, so when do I get a chance at the controls?
Colleen: Oh sorry. I didn't see you sitting there. I'm Colleen. Have we met?
Blitz: Of course. You know me. I'm Blitz.
Colleen: [pretending to think] Blitz...Blitz... no, that's not working for me. I know! I'll give you a brand new name. Something that better suits your winning personality. Yes. From now on, let's call you Mr. Fluffypants.
Blitz: Let's not.
Colleen: Mister Stuffington Fluffypants. Fluffy for short.
Blitz: Stop calling me that or I'll bite you!
Colleen: Oh yeah? With whose dentures, Fluffy?
[Blitz and Colleen get into a fight. Colleen beats up Blitz and slams him onto a control panel.]
Exile: [on intercom] Blitz, come in, everything okey-dokey down there?
Blitz: [dazed] Just call me Fluffy.
Exile: Don't be a weird boy.

Hunter: I hope we can find Blitz.
Colleen: Who?
Hunter: The doberman.
Colleen: Oh him, right.
Hunter: Hey, he may be pushy, but he seems brave.
Blitz: [crying] Please let me go!
Colleen: You were saying?

Hunter: Yeah, because you're mad at the NFL for letting the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore!

A Hair Of the Dog That Bit You

Colleen: [looks at a werewolf] If you don't mind, I'd like you to meet my boyfriend. [takes out launcher and aims] We're going steady. [fires it]

Colleen: [pinned in a fight with a slobbering werewolf] Eew, gross. Blimey! Do you know how much trouble I go through every day to look this way?

Colleen: Blimey. Could you blokes keep it down? I need my bloomin' beauty sleep.
Hunter, Blitz, and Exile: [in unison] I'll say.
Colleen: [sarcastically] Ah ha ha, there's your comedy.

Exile: According to legend of my ancestors, once victim is bitten or scratched, during full moon, he turns into raging monstrous beast!
Colleen: Sounds like a fun date.

Exile: I miss mother Russia. Father Russia I don't miss so much - he was big grump.

Hunter: Sky Rover to Cloud Rover, I've got good news. Exile is not a werewolf.
Blitz: And I've got bad news: Colleen is!

Blitz: [to Colleen werewolf] Colleen, it's me! The one you can't remember! Blitz!
[Colleen hesitates and makes a sound like 'Who?']

Blitz: [over radio, being attacked by Colleen] Hunter, we've got a problem!
Hunter: I know. We ran out of Milk Bones.
Blitz: [desperately] That's not what I'm talking about!

Hunter: [regarding the werewolves gathered at Stonehenge] What are they all doing here?
Exile: According to the legend of my homeland, it is time for werewolves to pick their king and queen. Once sun comes up and night turns to day, they will all be werewolves forever.
Hunter: Queen Colleen? Nah, no way.

Hunter: [to werewolf Colleen regarding werewolf king] Colleen, he's not really your type. In fact, he's not even your species.

Where Rovers Dare

[Hunter and Colleen are fleeing bad guys via bobsled]
Hunter: Hang ten, little doggie.
Colleen: Wrong sport, Huntie.
Hunter: Well then why is there surf music?

[the Road Rovers' helicopter is plunging toward the ground]
Hunter: I would not have predicted this.
Colleen: Your predictions are consistently off.
Hunter: Oh, you noticed?
Colleen: Let me put it this way: The psychic hotline you're not.

Hunter: Any ideas?
Colleen: Yeah, get ready to crash!
Hunter: Any other suggestions?
Blitz: Ya, I suggest we all scream uncontrollably!
Hunter: Sounds like a plan.

Hunter: Hey, Blitz, you want a dog biscuit?
Blitz: Tanks.
Hunter: You're welcome.
Blitz: No. Tanks.
Hunter: Are you sure? It's real tasty. Try it.
Blitz: Tanks.
Hunter: You're welcome.
Blitz: No. Tanks.
Hunter: Well, what's with you? Do you want it or not?
Blitz: Tanks!
Blitz: NO! TANKS!
[Tanks crash through the wall next to them.]
Hunter: Oh, tanks. Now I get it. Funny.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Hunter: Exile, you and Blitz go around and check out the rear entrance.
Blitz: Excellent. I bite anything that comes out of the rear.
Exile: Sigmund Freud would have field day with nut-boy like you.

Blitz: Need a lift?
Colleen: Sorry. Me mum told me never to ride with strangers.
Blitz: I am stranger?
Exile: Stranger than anyone I know.

Hunter: Let me get this straight. We save the world, and a doggie biscuit is the thanks we get for a job well done?
Professor Shepherd: That's about the size of it.
Hunter: I love this gig!

The Dog Who Knew Too Much

Colleen: Faster, Huntie-Wuntie.
Hunter: Aw, Colleen, don't call me that! It's insuordination. You'll demoralize the troops!
Colleen: [taking Hunter by the face, talking in baby voice] Ooh, I won't inabulation, kissies. [kissing noises]
Hunter: There. Now that's more like it.

Blitz: [praying as the Turbojet Rover is going down] Oh please, oh please, oh please. If you let me live, I promise I'll go back to obedience school for a solid year. I promise.
[Turbojet Rover plunges into the ocean and converts to submarine mode]
Exile: I love being Road Rover! Cars turn into boats, planes turn into subs... [raising fist and looking up at ceiling] ...Beat that, bad guys.
Blitz: Okay, about that obedience school thing, okay, maybe not a whole year, maybe more like once a month?
[lights go out]
Blitz: [groaning] Okay, okay, a whole year!
[lights go on again]
Blitz: Sheesh, what a grump.

[After the Rovers are confronted by Parvo, Shag hides his head in the sand.]
Colleen [seeing this] Not a pretty picture we got here, gov.

Blitz: [shamelessly begging for mercy from Parvo] Listen, I'm not really a Road Rover. I was just going along for the ride, you know? Just for the fun of it? I should be spared, you know?
General Parvo: Nice try.
[bad guys start shooting at Blitz, Blitz dashes off after the other Rovers]
Hunter: [running along with Exile and Colleen] First we've gotta rescue Sport.
Blitz: [catching up] That canine is a traitor. He's shameless! I can't believe anyone would ever turn on their friends and be such a wimpy baby.
Hunter: [knowingly, to Exile] Oh, I can think of someone.
Exile: And he's a weird boy.

Colleen: Pardon. I abso-bloomin-lutely love the red tights, but that helmet has gotta go.
Groomer: [angrily] What did you say?!

Hunter: [Cruising up beside Colleen on a Sand Hovercyle] Hop on, cutie. I'll take you away from all this.
[Colleen hops on behind him]
Hunter: Stick with me, kid, and you won't have to worry about a thing again.
Colleen: [clearly pleased]: Peachy!

Hunter: [to Shag and Colleen, but mostly Colleen] Up for a ride through the Everglades? I hear they're lovely this time of year.

Groomer: I've got the Rovers in sight, General.
Parvo: Don't bother me with details, just DO YOUR JOB!
Groomer: [muttering]: Lighten up!
Parvo: WHAT?!
Groomer: Uh, nothing!

Hunter's Heroes

Colleen: [to Shag] Now, let's see if we can find a way out of this place...before you kill me!

Dawn of the Groomer

Hunter: [panicking] Colleen, let me drive, PLEASE!!!
Colleen: Oh, pipe down, Huntie. It's my turn and you know it!
Hunter: Look out!
[Colleen narrowly misses several trucks.]
Hunter: That was close.
Colleen: It was not that close.
Hunter: It was close.
Colleen: Oh stop it now, would you? What are you looking for, a map?
Hunter: No, my donor card.
[Colleen gets an irritated look on her face]

[Hunter fires a shot at Groomer, but wipes out a CATS billboard instead]
Colleen: Jolly good shot!
Hunter: Well, sometimes things just work out.

Colleen: Where are Shag and Exile anyway?
Hunter: Uh, they're with Blitz.
Colleen: Who?
Hunter: The Doberman.
Colleen: Oh, him. Have I met him yet?
Hunter: I think.

[Shag runs off chasing a cat]
Colleen: Blimey. Chasing cats. That is so immature.
Exile: But we are dogs.
Hunter: Yeah, some habits die hard.
[Cat runs by. Hunter, Blitz, and Exile get down on all fours, start barking, and give chase]
Colleen: (shrugging) Bloomin' mutts. Hey!
[another cat runs by and Colleen repeats the behavior of the other Rovers]

Still A Few Bugs In The System

Parvo: I'm here to see to it that all you dogs go to Heaven...or worse!

Hunter: The old revolving wall escape trick. Bummer numero dos. I'm working on my Spanish.
Colleen: Ay caramba.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

Hunter: [watching Muzzle attack Parvo's soldiers] Man oh man, there goes our G rating!

[After Shag writes a letter to the Professor]
Hunter: This may not be the time to answer fan-mail, Shag; it's the past.

Gold And Retrievers

[Hunter has just stepped out of the transdogmifier.]
Hunter: Whooo-hoo! I love this machine!
Colleen: [walking past] Hello, Huntie.
Hunter: I really love this machine.

Blitz: I feel pretty.
Exile: I feel queasy.

Colleen: [after Hunter makes an exceptionally bumpy landing] Have you considered additional driver's ed?
Hunter: We don't need additional drivers, and my name's not Ed.

Hunter: Okay, Blitz, hand over the blaster.
Blitz: No, it's mine.
Hunter: Sorry, but if you can't use it correctly then you can't use it at all. Now hand it over.
Blitz: No! Stop hounding me!
Hunter: Then quit doggin' it!
Blitz: Get off my tail.
Colleen: [splitting up Hunter and Blitz] Gents, gents, calm down.
Blitz: He started it.
Colleen: Now, Blister.
Blitz: Blitz.
Colleen: Whatever. The point Hunter's trying to make is...WATCH WHO YOU'RE BLASTING!
Blitz: Whooaaa! [falls into the river]
Hunter: You have a way with words.
Colleen: Well, it's a gift I was born with.
Blitz: If she weren't so cute I'd bite her.

Tribal Leader: To save our families and our forest, the monsters must be destroyed.
Blitz: But I'm not a monster.
Tribal Leader: Are you a six-foot-tall dog man who talks?
Blitz: Yes.
Tribal Leader: Close enough.

Take Me to Your Leader

Blitz: Everyone should listen to my owner! He's the only one making sense!
Exile: Dah, non-sense!
Blitz: Watch your tongue, snowball!
Exile: You should talk, weird boy!

Colleen: Are you sure you know how that pump works, Hunter?
Hunter: Nope! But it's worth a try.
Colleen: And if it doesn't work?
Hunter: How long can you hold your breath?
Colleen: Not long enough!

A Day In The Life

Master: Gather round, Rovers. You have a busy day ahead of you. Here's your schedule: free the hostages, attend the peace treaty signing, and track down this unidentified alien spaceraft.
Hunter: Sure thing, Master, but what do you want us to do after lunch?
Colleen: Ha! Now there's your comedy.

Hunter: Le's move out, Rovers!
Blitz: Now hold it right there. Why is Hunter in charge all the time? What about me? How come you're always the leader?
Hunter: Well, for one thing I'm smarter.
Blitz: No you're not.
Hunter: Yeah I am.
Blitz: Prove it.
Hunter: Okay. [points to the left] Look over there.
Blitz: What?
Hunter: [points to the right] Now look over there.
Blitz: What?
Hunter: [points left again] Look over there.
Blitz: What?
[continues with Shag, Exile, and Colleen watching]
Colleen: [looking at watch] This could go on forever.

Colleen: When do I get to drive?
Hunter: As soon as my license gets revoked.
Colleen: Your pilot license?
Both: [in unison] No. My dog license.
Colleen: You know, I think we've done this joke.
Hunter: That's true. We're recycling.

Colleen: [in response to Hunter's order to activate the boosters] Roger!
[Colleen pushes button, sonic rover blasts into the distance]
Hunter: Nice work, Colleen. But don't call me Roger.

Colleen: [as the Rovers, minus Hunter, are about to be swallowed up by a flying saucer] Yet another unexpected twist.
Exile: Bummer.

Voice: [to Shag, currently being interrogated] Tell us about the inner workings of the Road Rovers!
Shag: Ri Rant Ry Rawyer!
Voice: What did he say?
Colleen: [translating] He said he wants his lawyer.
Shag: Rah!

Colleen: So, Huntie....
Huter: Yeah?
Colleen: There's a moon out tonight.
Hunter: Huh. Cool.
Colleen: So, do you want to go for a walk on the beach?
Hunter: Do I?! You bet!
[on the beach, Colleen walking Hunter in dog form on a leash]
Colleen: This is not exactly what I had in mind.

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