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Robert Bogucki is an Alaskan famous for having survived 43 days lost in Australia's Great Sandy Desert before being rescued. While police called off the initial search for Bogucki after 12 days, believing him to have perished in the desert, family members hired specialist trackers [1] to continue the search and soon found fresh evidence that Bogucki had survived at least that long.

Bogucki's story will feature in a four part series for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation early 2010.

Bogucki was found by a news helicopter on 23 August 1999 in Western Australia's Edgar Ranges, 400km from his departure point. [2] His subsequent treatment by the news crew raised questions as to the extent to which they had ignored his well-being in order to secure an exclusive news story. With there only being four seats in the helicopter West Australian photographer Robert Duncan was left behind with a bottle of water and an EPIRB.[3][4][5] Bogucki lost 20 kg during his trek and managed to survive by eating flowers and plants.



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