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Miller-Boyett Productions (or simply, Miller-Boyett) was an American television production company that mainly developed television sitcoms from the 1970s through the 1990s. It was responsible for family-oriented hit series such as Bosom Buddies, Happy Days, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley, Family Matters and Step by Step. It was originally founded in 1969 as Miller-Milkis Productions, and later became Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions in 1981, before adopting its current name. The company ceased operations after Family Matters, its last program, was canceled by CBS in 1998. During the 1998-1999 season, Michael Warren broke his partnership with William Bickley and joined Miller-Boyett Productions and became Miller-Boyett-Warren Productions and produced their last shows, Two of a Kind and Meego and ceased operations after both shows ended.

Originally, the company was set up at Paramount Television, later moving to Lorimar Television and Warner Bros. Television.



Many of Miller-Milkis/Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Miller-Boyett's sitcoms had common trademarks:

  • Midwestern setting: many Miller-Milkis/Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Miller-Boyett sitcoms were set is the Midwestern United States (i.e.; Laverne and Shirley was set in Milwaukee, Step by Step was set in nearby Port Washington, Wisconsin, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers and Two of a Kind were all set in Chicago). There were some exceptions, for example Full House was set in San Francisco, California.
  • Jesse Frederick: most series in the Miller-Boyett era had their theme songs, and in many cases scene change and bumper music, composed by Frederick. Frederick also performed the themes to Step by Step (with Theresa James), Full House and Family Matters. In later years, Gary Boren and/or Steven Chesne composed the scene change music for the remaining Miller-Boyett series.
  • Flash credits: Most Miller-Boyett series used a flash effect instead of a fade-in/fade-out effect for their credits. This usually applied to both the opening and in-show credits, though Step by Step's in-show credits following the opening titles for the first two seasons and the final season did not use this, nor did Family Matters.
  • In-credit logos: Miller-Milkis/Miller-Milkis-Boyett/Miller-Boyett's series commonly featured the production logos within the closing credits (though until 1990, the Lorimar Television logo was not shown within the closing credits and a separate animation was used).

Production team members

  • Thomas L. Miller (born 1940)
  • Robert L. Boyett (born 1942)
  • Edward K. Milkis (1931-1996)
  • Michael Warren

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