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Robert L. Short (1932–2009) was a Presbyterian minister, best known as the author of the bestselling 1965 book The Gospel According to Peanuts, and the 1977 book, Something to Believe in: Is Kurt Vonnegut the Exorcist of Jesus Christ Superstar?. He is also the author of The Parables of Dr. Seuss and The Gospel According to Dogs.

Short was born and raised in Midland, Texas. He is the popular theologian who since 1965 has been writing best-selling books and speaking thousands of times around the world. Many of the church's greatest theologians tend to be dull popularizers while man of its best-known popularizers are among its shallowest theologians. Short has always tried to be the best he can be of both- both popularizer and theologian. Sound, deep theology communicated popularly.

Short's writing career began with the publishing explosion of his first book, The Gospel According to Peanuts. In 1965, when it first appeared, this book was the No. 1 non-fiction best seller in the United States. Since that time the book has continued to break sales records with over ten million copies now sold in the U.S. alone. the book has been translated into eleven foreign languages and has become one of the most popular religious books of modern times. Subsequently, Short has written seven other highly successful books of "popular theology". The Parables of Peanuts,(1968); A time to Be Born-A Time to Die (1973);( which all photos were taken by Short himself), Something to Believe In (1978); The Gospel from Outer Space (1983); Short Meditations on the Bible and Peanuts (1990); The Gospel According to Dogs (2003); and The Parables According to Dr. Seuss (2008).

After graduating from seminary and before beginning his work as an author and speaker., Short tried his hand as a professional actor, worked in commercial and religious TV and was a director of religious drama. He holds a B.A. degree from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Methodist, a M.A. in English from North Texas University, a M.A. in Theology and Literature from the University of Chicago, and an "A.B.D." (All But Dissertation) in Ph.D. work in Systematic Theology from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Illinois. He has taught and preached in a wide variety of seminaries, schools, and churches and has published numerous articles.

In 1991 Short was ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has since served as an Associate Pastor, working as a "theologian in residence," and later as a Head of Staff and Pastor, specializing in preaching, adult Christian education and confirmation instruction.

Short resided in Little Rock, Arkansas where he started a new church, The church of "The Gospel of JESUS" (Jesus Exclusively Secured Unconditional Salvation)

Short died on July 6, 2009.

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