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Robert of Torigni (died June 23 or 24, 1186) was a Norman monk and chronicler. He was born at Torigni-sur-Vire in central Normandy, at an unknown date. He entered the monastery of Le Bec in 1128 and became prior there about 1149. He was elected abbot of Mont-Saint-Michel in 1154, and served there until his death.

Robert was an "avid reader" and collected religious and "profane" books. As prior and abbot, he was far more involved in the outside world than either of his two co-authors of the Gesta Normannorum Ducum, Orderic Vitalis and William of Jumièges. Robert's revision of the Gesta dates from 1139 and was his first substantial work. He wrote additions and appendices to the Chronicle of Sigebert of Gembloux, covering the period A.D. 385-1100; and the Gesta is a continuation of Sigebert, extending from 1100 to 1186. It is for continental affairs between 1154 to 1170 that his information is valuable.

Catalog tradition, as recorded by John Bale, lists Robert as the author of two anonymous Arthurian romances, The Rise of Gawain, Nephew of Arthur and Historia Meriadoci.[1]


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