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Robot Unicorn Attack[1] is a game created by Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. It uses the two keys Z and X to control an ever-running unicorn. Z causes the Unicorn to jump, then double jump, and X cause it to Dash/Rainbow Attack. Dashing makes the Unicorn move quickly in a rainbow, destroying stars and afterwards allowing the Unicorn to jump again, meaning that it can dash in mid-air, then double jump again, reaching higher heights than it could without dash. Double jumps can also be refreshed by touching the ground.


You gain points from surviving, catching faeries and destroying stars. Gaining points from surviving is Continuous, and every faerie gets you 10 points, the next 20, then 30, and so on. The same happens with destroying stars, but with 100's instead (e.g 100, 200, 300...)


You can die from running/Dashing into a wall, or crashing into a star without dashing. there are 3 lives, or "wishes" and the points gained from each one are separate, but are added up at the end to get your total score

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