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A Robotboy poster
Format Animated comedy, action, science fiction, drama
Created by Jan Van Rijsselberge
Voices of Laurence Bouvard
Rupert Degas
Togo Igawa
Eiji Kusuhara
Lewis MacLeod
Lorraine Pilkington
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 [1] (List of episodes)
Running time 23 minutes (11 minutes per segment) approx. per episode Intro and outro 30 seconds.
Original channel France 3
Cartoon Network
Original run 28 December 2005 – 27 September 2008
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Robotboy is an American/French co-produced animated television series which is produced by French production company Alphanim with TV Channels France 3 and Cartoon Network as well as Luxanimation. It was created and designed by Jan Van Rijsselberge and was directed in Alphanim's studio in Paris by Charlie Bean, who worked on other programs such as The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius for Nickelodeon and Camp Lazlo for Cartoon Network. It was first aired in the United Kingdom on 1 November 2005 on Cartoon Network. The pilot episode premiered in the United States on 28 December 2005 as part of a "sneak peek" preview week for the network's new Saturday morning cartoon lineup that debuted on 14 January 2006. Later, the series ended on 27 September 2008 with the series finale "Momma's Boy".



Robotboy is the latest creation of the world renowned scientist Professor Moshimo. Due to fears that Robotboy would be stolen by his arch-enemy Dr. Kamikazi and his main henchman Constantine to be used to take over the world, Professor Moshimo entrusts Robotboy to 13-year-old Tommy Turnbull, his biggest fan. While being protected by Tommy and his two friends Lola and Gus, or "G-man" as he calls himself, Robotboy learns how to behave and act as if he were a real boy.



Main Characters

Minor Characters

Robotboy Technology and Weaponry

Most of the time, Robotboy has blue drums protruding diagonally on either side of the head. While Superactivated, they become horns. Deactivated and Activated forms look very much the same, except the deactivated form's head drums are withdrawn into the head, and his limbs are also withdrawn into his body. While activated, Robotboy has mechanical tentacles concealed in his palms and thrusters on the soles of lower part of his leg, enabling him to fly. While Superactivated, Robotboy's fists and feet and head are much larger and now have all kinds of lasers, homing missiles and machine guns. Briefly seen is an ink spray that can identify invisible targets and, of course, dramatically increased physical strength. Robotboy's most common Superactivated weapon is the machine gun arm. Many random weapons appear, and many are rarely seen twice, even in the same episode. It also seems Robotboy is amphibious. In later episodes Robotboy receives an unbreakable metal for his body to be made. This becomes seen as Robotboy never takes damage.

The Activation controls for Robotboy are built into a special, orange watch that Tommy wears. The watch is in the shape of Activated Robotboy's head. In the episode "Robot Rebels", Robotboy smashes the watch after being tricked by Kamikazi. It is unknown how Tommy gets another watch, but it is safe to presume that Professor Moshimo had a spare one.

Episodes Guide

There are 4 seasons consisting of 52 episodes [2].

Cast & Crew

Directors: Charlie Bean and Bob Camp Writers: Scott Peterson, Darrik Bachmen


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Robotboy is an British and French telvision series created by Cartoon Network, Alphanim and France 3. This is about a story of a prototype robot, who desires to become a real boy.


Season One

Dog-Ra/War and Pieces


Tommy: Whoa! We gotta do something or that dog is going to be road pizza.
Gus: Pizza?

Donnie: Hey, dog! You wanna stay here where it doesn't suck? Or over at Gus' medieval manor?

Gus: This is not over! I'm going to get stitches, maybe a rabies shot. Then, I'll be back.

War and Pieces

Gus: [yawns] Boy, I'm hungry.
[Gus puts his hand near the lunchbox; Lola snatches it from him]
Lola: We're saving those for later!
Gus: Yeah, well the G-Man needs his strength.

Cleaning Day/Constabot

Cleaning Day

Tommy: Sorry Ro, it's not safe. There's too many people at the beach, and I don't want to get sand in this either. [Tommy takes his watch off] Later, Gator!

Brother/Roughing It


Robotboy: Oh Professor Moshimo, hello.
Professor Moshimo: Oh hello, Robotboy. Is Tommy around?
Robotboy: Turnbull Family Day, Robotboy home alone.

I Want That Toy/Sweet Revenge

I Want That Toy

Donnie: I'm going on week two of Postal Polo.

The Donnienator/Halloween

Teasebots/Constantine Rising

Constantine Rising

Dr. Kamikazi: Oh no. Constantine, I'm stuffed.
Constantine: I bet you won't have room for this.
[Constantine unveils a deactivated Robotboy on a dish]
Dr. Kamikazi: Robotboy!

[Kamikazi's nocturnal minions chase after Tommy, Lola and Gus; Gus turns off the lights]
Gus: Now they can't see us.
Tommy: You've got it backwards!

Metal Monster/Time Transmission

Robot Love/Brother Bjorn

Brother Bjorn

Donnie: [to Gus] Hey, butt-sweat! You're breathing my air!
[Donnie runs to Gus and punches Gus' lights out]

The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi/Christmas Evil

The Boy Who Cried Kamikazi

Dr. Kamikazi: AAAGHH!! This tapas burned my tongue. But I so do love the tapas. [Kamikazi sips his soup] Isn't that right, Thelonious? [Kamikazi touches his porcupine and gets his hand covered with sharp quills] AAAAGGHHH!!

Christmas Evil

Gus: Seen it. Man, Christmas sucks.
Lola: What's with him?
Tommy: Oh Gus is just bitter, because last year, Santa got him a shovel.

Human Fist on Ice/Robot Rebels

Underwater/Kamikazi Nightmare

Don't Fight It/Kurt's Father

Robotboy: Robotboy, no fight, Robotboy calm.... collective. (teeth twinkle)

Crying Time/Runaway Robot

Crying Time

Tommy: It's nothing, Ro. It's just something about Bambi.

Runaway Robot

Björn Björnson: So, you're a creation of Moshimo? No wonder he hasn't made you into a real boy, the man's a jackass.

Season Two

Robotman/A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses

Something About Stevie/The Homecoming

Something About Stevie

Gus: Did that thing just poop out Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine?

Kindergarden Kaos/Robot Girl

Bambi-Bot/Double Tommy

Tether Tommy/The Tune-Up

Tether Tommy

Donnie: We know, dad!
Dwight: "sigh" Serve, Donnie!

Shelf-Life/The Babysitter

Attack of the Killer G-Men/Party Out of Bounds

Party Out of Bounds

Tummy Trouble/Valentine's Day

Tummy Trouble

Fight/Cast Iron Constantine


Wrestling With Gus/Soothsayer

Wrestling With Gus


The Consultant/Feline Frenzy

The Manchurian Robot/Door to Door

Season Three

Six Million Euro Man/RoboGus and the G-Machine

Foot Brawl/Remote Out of Control

Hair-a-Parent/Clammadon Rising

Bad Language/Up a Tree

Wunderpark/Zap! You're Old

Zap! You're Old

Dr. Kamikazi (old): There is no antidote.

Racer Zero/The Legend of Brainy Yak

Nursing a Grudge/Stuck on You

The Sleepover/Rowho?

C.H.O.P./Destroy All Robots

Science Fear/AutomaTommy

Ooh That Smell/Museum Madness

Traffic Slam/Tragic Magic


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