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Birth name Rocio Collette Acuña Calzada
Born June 3, 1982 (1982-06-03) (age 27)
Origin Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Genres Latin Pop, Pop
Occupations Singer
Instruments voz
Years active 2006—present
Labels SonyBMG

Rocio Colette Acuña Calzada (born June 3, 1982 in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico)soprano. was one of the 4 finalists of the 5th generation of the popular Mexican reality singing show La Academia. Colette won 2nd place, behind the first place winner Samuel Castelan Marini.

Colette's second place caused disagreement in her many followers. Some claimed that Samuel's first place nomination was arranged by the show's production team because of the final concert having taken place in Veracruz (Samuel's native city) but others said it was due to the problems with her voice.

After winning 2nd place at La Academia 5th Generation, Sony Music offered Colette a contract to work with them. It is confirmed that famous Spanish composer Rafael Perez Botija will produce her new album. Rafael Perez Botija has produced famous Mexican artists such as Jose Jose and Lucero; he also has worked with famous Spanish singer Rocio Durcal.



Colette, from the beginning of the show, was considered to be amongst the favorites and likely to win the contest. She was the first to cause a standing ovation with her Spanish interpretation of Frank Sinatra's "My Way". One of the critics, Mexican performing artist Lolita Cortes, cried, congratulated her, and stated that she was honored to be part of Colette's beginning career.

One of Colette's memorable moments happened during the same concert when her mother Leonor Calzada came to visit live after having been submitted to a delicate operation and performed alongside her daughter. The moment was so emotive that tears and applause from the audience immediately followed. Other memorable interpretations at La Academia include "Coming Out of the Dark" from Gloria Estefan, "El Amor Coloca" from Monica Naranjo "Malo" from Spanish singer Bebe and "La Cima del Cielo" form Venezuelan singer and composer Ricardo Montaner.

One of Colette's toughest moments at La Academia occurred when she suffered a disfunction with her vocal cords causing her nodules and affecting her singing performance.

Colette's talent comes from her family, her aunt Consuelo Vidal was the last singer of famous Mexican composer Agustin Lara.

Before entering La Academia, Colette was part of a musical group and took singing lessons. Her fanbase is all over Latin America including Mexico, Venezuela, Honduras, etc. She also has fans in the United States.

Colette was submitted to surgery in March at Los Angeles, California due to her problem in the vocal cords. It is known the operation was quite successful. In May Colette will travel to Spain to begin production of her new album.

Recently in a solemn session, Colette was named "Hija Predilecta de Ciudad Victoria": Favorite Daughter of Ciudad Victoria, her home town. That honour was given by the mayor of that city.


Personal life

During her stay at La Academia, she was involved in a "love triangle" with Samuel Castelan Marini (1st place winner) and Karla Renata Rodriguez Barajas (4th place winner) Samuel Castelan Marini confessed that he felt attraction to both Colette and Renata, but he later confirmed that his heart belonged to Colette. Colette also confessed that she felt a strong attraction towards Samuel but nothing serious happened between them. Nevertheless, their behavior hinted that there may have been something more between them but, after La Academia, they both declared that they are good friends.

Nowadays, it is presumed that Colette is dating a charro from Monterrey.

Other facts

A known reggaeton song in Colombia contains a phrase that says "Apoyen a Colette!" (Support Colette!).

Before having been accepted at La Academia 5th Generation, she did four castings in the previous generations.

She has been referred to as "the Queen without a crown" by a few members of the press and is widely known as such amongst her fans.

Colette's vocal cord surgery was performed on March 9, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA.

Music career

Lo Mejor de La Academia 5

A series of album compilations with the best performances at La Academia 5th Generation. Two volumes have been released: No.1 in Fall 2006 and No.2 in Spring 2007. Colette contributes two songs on each album. In Volume No.1 she participates with tracks A Mi Manera performed in the 6th concert and Ahora que soy Libre performed in the 8th concert. In Volume No.2 she participates with Se Me Olvido Otra Vez from the 10th concert and Desde La Obscuridad performed in the 11th concert.

Navidad con Las Estrellas de La Academia

This album was released in Christmas season 2006. It contains the performances of various ex-students of La Academia. Colette and Samuel Castelan Marini were the only two students of La Academia 5th Generation to participate in this album. Colette contributes to this album her version of the popular Christmas carol Campana sobre Campana.

A Mi Manera

Colette released her first studio album A Mi Manera on January 25, 2007 under Sony BMG label. The album was recorded while inside La Academia and allegedly includes the studio versions of the most significant songs performed by Colette. The album immediately positioned itself in the Top 10 of the top selling albums in Mexico, reaching the 2nd place in several stores, and the 5th place in the entire country. An international version was released on April 10, 2007 as a "cut" version of the original album release.


According to sources, Colette was one of the several candidates to originate the role of Elphaba in the Mexican production. Unfortunately she lost the part to Yuridia, which she also became the second place in La Academia.

Songs performed at La Academia

  • 1st Concert: Yo lo comprendo (duet with Alan Macín Hernández) [1]
  • 2nd Concert: Señora [2]
  • 3rd Concert: Canalla [3]
  • 4th Concert: Aire (Cuando Baja la Marea) from Yuri [4]
  • 5th Concert: El Amor Coloca from Monica Naranjo [5]
  • 6th Concert: A mi manera (My Way) from Paul Anka [6]
  • 7th Concert: Arrasando form Mexican singer Thalia [7]
  • 8th Concert: Ahora que soy libre [8]
  • 9th Concert: A quien le importa [9]
  • 10th Concert: Se me Olvido Otra Vez [10]
  • 11th Concert: Desde la Obscuridad (Coming Out of the Dark) from Gloria Estefan [11]
  • 12th Concert: Mudanzas from Mexican singer Lupita D'lessio [12]
  • 13th Concert: Ven Conmigo (Come on over) from Christina Aguilera [13]
  • 14th Concert: Fue un placer conocerte from Spanish singer Rocio Durcal
  • 15th Concert: Vive from singer Napoleon [14] and No me ames (duet with Samuel Castelan Marini)[15]
  • 16th Concert: Como tu [16] and Malo from Bebe[17]
  • 17th Concert: No llores por mi Argentina (Don't Cry for Me Argentina) [18] and Cucurrucucu Paloma (duet with Beatriz Marbella Corella Sias) [19]
  • 18th Concert: Yo no te pido la Luna [20] and Acompañame (duet with Samuel Castelan Marini) [21]
  • 19th Concert: Oye Mi Canto from Gloria Estefan [22]
  • 20th Concert: Vive from Mexican pop group Kabah [23]
  • 21st Concert: Como una Ola
  • 22nd Concert: Ya me canse (Que se Vaya) from Olga Tañon and La cima del cielo from Venezuelan singer and composer Ricardo Montaner [24]
  • 23rd Concert: Hasta que me Olvides from Luis Miguel
  • 24th Concert: FINAL Malo, El Herradero [25] and Tiempos Mejores [26]


Studio albums

Year Title Chart positions
2007 A Mi Manera 5
Year Title Chart positions
2007-2008 Colette -

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