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Commercial? Yes
Type of site Free-to-play Facebook app]
Registration Free
Owner Frima Studio
Created by Frima Studio

Rock-Paper-Sumo is a gaming application for Facebook by Frima Studio; it is the first 100% Québécois-produced app for Facebook[1][2]. It was released in June 2010.[3]

It can be played both in English and French.

As is common to many Facebook app, you can send gift to friends or invite them to play.

You lead your avatar, a sumo, to victory by answering challenges or by sending them. A challenge is a best-out-of-three Rock Paper Scissors match. Matches which end in a draw or in your victory give you money and points. The points help you gain rank within the pyramid, or "ladder". The money can be used to buy clothes (avatar customisation is another common features among Facebook app) or bento boxes.

The bento boxes are how you gain weight: instead of the more traditional levels, this is an original way to measure your progress within the game. Bento boxes also gives energy, with which you can send challenges.

The Sumo and Japanese themes are more prominent in the other facettes of the game:

- The daily tasks to gain additional points and cash include "Dojo Duties".

- The in-game money, Bento Bucks (a pun on Bento Box, as well as Dojo Dollars (the currency to be bought with real-world money)

- The avatar's customisation (although other games of Frima, as well as the sponsor, NRJ are also referenced there)

The app also includes a system of achievements: use a certain move combination, or do a certain, task, gain weight,etc.




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