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Type Private
Founded Late 2005
Headquarters Redwood City, California
Key people Lance Tokuda and Jia Shen, co-founders
Services software applications
Type of site social networking
Available in English
Current status active

RockYou! (originally known as RockMySpace), based in Redwood City, California is a publisher and developer of applications and other social network services. As of December, 2007 it is the most successful widget maker for the Facebook platform in terms of total installations.

In December 2009, an attacker breached the company's database of usernames and passwords of its 32 million users.



RockYou! was founded in 2006 by Lance Tokuda and Jia Shen, who had worked together on a photo slide show project for software developer Iconix. The company's first product was also a slide show service, designed to work as an application widget. The founders' former employer obtained a federal injunction against the company in late 2006 in connection with ownership of intellectual property, but the parties quickly settled the matter. Later applications included various forms of voice mail, text and photo stylization, and games.

In May, 2007, RockYou! was one of the companies invited to participate in F8, the event at which Facebook announced an open platform allowing third parties to develop and operate their own software applications on the Facebook website. Applications made for Facebook include Super Wall,[1] "Hug Me", Likeness, Vampires, Slideshows, Birthdays, MyGifts, and Emote, among others.[2]

RockYou's investors include Sequoia Capital[3], First Round Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Partech International[4].

As of late 2007 RockYou! was the principal competitor to[5]. The company was also developing widgets for MySpace and Bebo.

Security breach

On 4 December 2009, an attacker breached a company database containing the usernames and unencrypted passwords of about 32 million users.[6][7]

Later in December 2009, Alan Claridge Jr. brought a class action lawsuit against RockYou! accusing the company of failing to take reasonable measures to protect consumer security as well as failing to promptly notify consumers after the breach was known. The suit is led by Michael Aschenbrener of the lawfirm KamberEdelson, LLC.[8][9]

Computer security professionals have long regarded storage of unencrypted passwords (plaintext) in databases as a risky practice. It is possible to implement a password database using cryptographic hash functions which prevents plaintext passwords from being revealed in a security breach of this nature. RockYou! has since adopted the practice of storing all passwords in encrypted form.[10]

Shortly after the attack, the breached password list was briefly posted on a public web site and may have entered into wide circulation.[11] The Imperva Application Defense Center obtained the list and determined that the majority of passwords were poorly chosen,[12] observing that:

In fact, after evaluating the passwords against two of NASA's recommendations only 0.2% of users have a password that could be considered as strong password.

Many of the most common passwords contained in this list have been exposed in news stories warning users of the risks associated with the use of weak passwords.[13]

Super Pets!

An engaging[citation needed] application where you take care of a pet, decorate your pet and its room and other fun things. In addition it has features such as walking your pet, racing your pet, battling your pet, and just arrived play slots with your pet. This application is currently on Friendster, Myspace, Hi5, and Facebook, however, in Facebook it's named Rockyou! pets instead.

Pet Attributes:

  • Cat- high: Hp and Attack, Low: Defense and Speed
  • Dog- high: Hp and Speed, moderate: Attack, low: Defense
  • Bunny- high: Defense and Speed, moderate: Hp, low: Attack
  • Raccoon- high: Hp and Attack, moderate: Speed, low: Defense
  • Penguin and Duck- high: Hp and Attack, moderate- Defense, low: Speed
  • Piglet- high: Hp, moderate: Defense, low: Attack and Speed
  • Monkey- high: Attack and Hp, moderate: Speed, low: Defense
  • Cactus- high: Hp and Defense, moderate: Attack, low: Speed


  • Pieces of Flair
  • RockYou Live
  • Speed Racing
  • Birthday Cards
  • Hug Me
  • Zoo World
  • Hero World


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