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For the Gene Simmons TV show, see Rock School. For the educational TV program featuring Herbie Hancock, see Rockschool. For the movie starring Jack Black, see School of Rock.
Rock School
Directed by Don Argott
Produced by Don Argott
Sheena M. Joyce
Starring Paul Green
Editing by Demian Fenton
Release date(s) June 3, 2005
Running time 93 min
Language English

Rock School is a documentary directed and produced by Don Argott. It is about a music school in Philadelphia, The Paul Green School of Rock Music, run by Paul Green that teaches kids ages 9 to 17 how to play rock music and be rock stars. Paul Green teaches his students how to play music such as Black Sabbath and Frank Zappa better than anyone expects them to by using a unique style of teaching that includes getting very angry and acting childish, while at the same time showing a deep passion for music and love of teaching.

Opinion is varied on Green's teaching style. At times Green seems unnecessarily derisive and disparaging, and at times encouraging; Argott emphasizes this ambiguity by placing interviews that attest to Green's practically unforgivable egotism next to moments that suggest his effectiveness. Interviews with Green's underage students and their parents similarly proclaim the filmmaker's uncertainty as to whether or not Green is helping or hurting the kids he professes to guide. Green's methods are deceiving, but somewhat rewarding as many of the children comment on their success, and the 'great' teaching they receive at Rock School.

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