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Rocketship 7 was a children's television series that aired weekday mornings on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York from 1962 to 1978 and from 1992 to 1993.

The host of the show was Dave Thomas, who had joined WKBW in 1961. Promo the Robot was the show's other main on-air character. The person inside Promo the Robot was , for several years, Johnny Banazak. Many might recall Johnny was the accordian player from the "Johnny and Jimmy Duo" , the musicans for WKBW's local game show franchise, "Dailing for Dollars" along with Bif Beeper. Rocketship 7 featured segments with Thomas and Promo along with cartoons and other short programs such as Davey and Goliath, and Gumby. Thomas left the station in 1978 to join WPVI in Philadelphia, where he assumed the name "Dave Roberts." (He remained at WPVI until his retirement in 2009.) When Roberts left, WKBW canceled Rocketship 7.

When The Commander Tom Show was cancelled in 1991, WKBW decided to continue the "Commander Tom" character of Tom Jolls by reviving Rocketship 7 as a weekly Saturday morning series. Airing at 7 AM, Commander Mike Randall assumed hosting duties for this version of the show with his sidekick, Yeoman Bob (Stilson), with Commander Tom Jolls, Promo the Robot, and Captain Comic (Tim Warchocki) making guest appearances. Bob would always open the show with "Yo!" Cartoons aired included Super Chicken and George of the Jungle. (To keep with the "Rocketship" theme, the station used the term "Planet Earth" as part of the station's mailing address for feedback and contests.)

Rocketship 7 (and with it, the Commander Tom character) were cancelled for good in 1993, as infomercials, public affairs, and educational/informational programming began to dominate the Saturday morning lineup.

Former WKBW-TV Graphic Designer and 3D animator Tim Warchocki (who played Captain Comic), is responsible for Promo the Robot's updated bright paint job. Prior to the 1992 version of "Rocketship 7" Tim was asked to update the robot's look for a modern audience. The original body was gray and red.

Rocketship 7 star "Dave Thomas" is actually David Thomas Boreanaz, father of David Boreanaz of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Bones fame.

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