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Rhodope Prefecture
Νομός Ροδόπης
Location of Rhodope Prefecture in Greece
Location of Rhodope Prefecture municipalities
Country:  Greece
Capital: Komotini
Established: 1930
Periphery: East Macedonia and Thrace
Population: 112,883 (2005)Ranked 31st
Area: 2,543 km² 
(982 sq.mi.) Ranked 24th
Density: 44 /km² 
(115 /sq.mi.)
Number of municipalities: 9
Number of communities: 3
Postal codes: 69x xx
Area codes: 255x0
Licence plate code: ΚΟ
ISO 3166-2 code: GR-73

Rhodope (Greek: Ροδόπη, Rodópi, IPA: [ro̞ˈðo̞pi]) is one of the prefectures of Greece. It lies in central Thrace within the East Macedonia and Thrace periphery. The prefecture is named after the Rhodope Mountains, which cover the north and most of the eastern part of its territory. Rhodope is bounded by the Xanthi Prefecture to the west, the Evros Prefecture to the east and Bulgaria's Kardzhali Province to the north. Apart from the mountainous areas, the prefecture consists mainly of farmland, forests and grasslands.

The prefecture was established in 1930, when the former Prefecture of Thrace was divided into the Rhodope and Evros prefectures.[1] The capital of the prefecture is the city of Komotini. The second largest city is Sapes.

The greatest part of the Muslims of Thrace, the only officially recognized minority in Greece, is settled in this area, where they form around half of the population.



The areas that mainly get Mediterranean climate is at the southern and the central portion. Its climate is mainly continental with cold winters in higher elevations and the northern part.


Municipalities and communities

Municipality YPES code Seat (if different) Postal code Area code
Aigeiros 4501 691 00 25310-9
Arriana 4503 693 00 25320-3
Fillyra 4512 691 00 25320-4
Iasmos 4504 692 00 25340-2
Komotini 4506 691 00 25310-2
Maroneia 4507 Xylagani 694 00 25330-2
Neo Sidirochori 4508 691 00 25310-5
Sapes 4510 693 00 23520-2
Sostis 4511 692 00 25310-5
Community YPES code Seat (if different) Postal code Area code
Amaxades 4502 692 00 25340-3
Kechros 4505 693 00 23510-3
Organi 4509 695 00 25310-3


Note: Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece.

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  • Cape Kourousmilou

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Coordinates: 41°07′02″N 25°24′04″E / 41.1172°N 25.4011°E / 41.1172; 25.4011



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