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Rodolfo Nin Novoa (born 1948) is the current Vice President of Uruguay.



Having originally received a traditional, Roman Catholic education, Nin was a member of the National Party (Uruguay) and mayor in his department (Cerro Largo). He joined the Frente Amplio (Broad Front) only in 1994. Among the issues with which Nin Novoa has been indentified has been the successful efforts to prevent the privatization of water supplies, and other services, amidst fears of its effects on users living in the interior of the country [1].

Vice President of Uruguay

Nin Novoa has been Vice President of Uruguay, under President Tabaré Vázquez, since 2005. He succeeded Luis Antonio Hierro López in that office.

Vice President Nin's Chief of Staff, Gonzalo Nin Novoa, has received wide media exposure [2] on various issues including defence procurement and expense claims. By the end of 2007 the Nin brothers were facing hostility from ostensible colleagues, including Juan Domínguez, and others, in the ruling Frente Amplio coalition.


Complex political associations

Nin Novoa's presence in the government of Tabaré Vázquez exemplifies the highly diverse nature of the coalition of forces which it represents. Having been active in his earlier phase of political life in a conservative party in an area of the Uruguayan interior (Cerro Largo) not known for an overtly radical political culture, Nin Novoa now serves in government alongside former Tupamaro radicals, the outlook and priorities of whom are said to differ significantly.

It would be fair to say, also, in the scheme of political associations and rivalries, that Nin Novoa's strongest critics would be numbered among his own political colleagues such as Juan Domínguez, rather than among members of the political opposition to the ruling Frente Amplio government.

Future political prospects

It is unclear whether Nin has strong political prospects beyond his period of office under Tabaré Vázquez, which is due to end in 2010. Traditionally the post offers ceremonial prominence to the holder and the opportunity to deputize for the sitting President, particularly when the President is out of the country, but successive holders of the office have found that their political career has been somewhat eclipsed, once they step down from office: this has been the case to some extent with Nin's predecessor as Vice President of Uruguay, Luis Antonio Hierro López, and it is thought that Nin's future political career is unlikely to prove to be an exception to this tendency.

Historical note

Nin is the fourteenth person to hold the office of Vice President of Uruguay. The office dates from 1934, when César Charlone became Uruguay's first Vice President.

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