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Rodolfo Valentin

Rodolfo Valentin in action
Born June 22, 1944 (1944-06-22) (age 65)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Residence New York City
Occupation Hairdresser

Rodolfo Valentin (born June 22, 1944) is a New York City hairdresser and entrepreneur. Beginning his career as a fashion model in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Valentin later emigrated to New York to find work as a hairdresser, eventually opening his own business. He owns three hair salons within the New York City area with products and services that include hair extension,[1] and hair coloring.

Valentin is also an active philanthropist, he currently supports the AFSP, Alzheimer's Association and has set up his own charity organization, Sofia's Hair 4 Health Foundation.[2]


Early life and career

Valentin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The son of Spanish and Italian parents, from an early age he had dreams of becoming a plastic surgeon when he grew up.[3] However Valentin became more interested in his future profession after years of playing the hair dresser to his mother and sister. His aunt, who had studied at a local beauty school in Buenos Aires, would later teach Valentin some of the techniques she had learned. He initially worked as a fashion model.[4]

Moving to Europe, Valentin worked at the side of hair stylist Alexandre de Paris, helping him perform his work in countries such as Spain and Italy.[4] It was around this time that Valentin found a liking for the Five Towns area of Long Island, New York, later claiming “Five Towns is my Beverly Hills”.[4] Renting a studio apartment he would go on to stay in the area for eighteen years.[4]

Upon immigrating to Long Island in 1984, Valentin quickly set about opening his own hair salon. Taking on still current partner Jorge Peres, after just two years he opened Rodolfo Valentin’s salon and spa to the general public. Since then he has expanded his business ventures with the opening of two new salons in the New York area.[4]

Valentin’s patented method of hair extension, the “Hair Infusion”,[5] has been the subject of media coverage, garnering the Hair colouring techniques award,[6] and positive support from the public, in particular being consistently rated 10 out of 10 by the readers of The New York Times Magazine.[7] and named BEST OF CITYSEARCH 2009.[8] and rated 5 gold stars.[9] It was also recently featured in the book Forget the Facelift by dermatologist Doris J. Day.[10]
At present he lives in his Hewlett Bay Park home which he shares with long time companion and business partner Jorge Peres, he is also set to appear in a cameo role in the upcoming film “Sticky Fingers”.[11]


Margo Catsimatidis,Yasmin Aga Khan and Rodolfo Valentin at the Alzheimer's Association Rita Hayworth Gala

When he was a child Valentin had decided to help those suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. His desire to do so arose after seeing the depression his mother suffered from after losing her hair, who would later die from breast cancer. “I promised my mother that I would help everyone with this, and make the perfect piece for chemo patients” said Valentin.

In response Valentin founded the Sofia's Hair 4 Health foundation in 2002, which offers free prostheses hair pieces for those undergoing chemotherapy treatment. To qualify the person must earn fewer than thirty thousand dollars per year.
“Some ladies don’t make enough money,” he said. “If they make $20,000, they don’t make enough money to pay for the prosthesis.” Between one and three people are chosen every month by the organisation. Nominations can originate from the person's own application, his or her friends, family members or medical caretakers. Applicants must also currently be under treatment and suffering hair loss due to treatments.[12][13]

Valentin also helps other charity organisations by donating money to them; he currently supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Alzheimer's Association and the Hellenic Times Scholarship Foundation.[14][15]


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