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This article contains character information for the American animated television series Doug.


The Funnie family

  • "Doug" Funnie: The protagonist and title character in Doug (1991-1999). A shy, somewhat clumsy, 11 1/2 year old daydreamer with a good heart and talent for art and love of writing and music (specifically his favorite band "The Beets"). Doug is an avid banjo player, and can often be found writing songs underneath trees about his secret affection for Patti Mayonnaise. At some point in every episode, Doug is seen writing (and dictating via voice-over) his thoughts in his personal journal, with "Dear Journal, It's me. Doug." In some episodes, his naivete is expressed. An example is in the first episode, where he took his father's expression "I'm starving" literally, when it simply meant "very hungry". He has several alter egos: a superhero named Quailman, explorer Race Canyon (parody of Indiana Jones), crime-stopper the Chameleon, cowboy Durango Doug (parody of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood cowboys), outlaw Jack Bandit (parody of Zorro), Wafflestomper (seemingly a parody of Steven Seagal) and Secret Agent 000 Smash Adams (a parody of 007 James Bond). Doug was voiced by Billy West (1991-1994: Nickelodeon's Doug), and Tom McHugh (1996-1999: Disney's Doug).
  • Theda Opal Funnie: Doug, Judy, and Dirtbike's mother. She is generally portrayed as a housewife, but is also a working mother on some occasions. She has pink skin, blue hair and tends to be very meek-mannered and can be a ditz at times. However, in one episode, she upbraids Mayor White at a town meeting regarding litter and trash pollution in Bluffington. Theda was voiced by Becca Lish.
  • Phillip "Phil" Funnie: Doug, Judy, and Dirtbike's father. He is a department store photographer. He's outgoing and friendly, despite being a tad clueless at times about things. He has orange skin, and is famous for giving advice and other lines throughout the series, one of which is "The Ol' Funnie Fireball". He is also known for getting to play with (the best band ever) "The Beets". He was once in an unsuccessful but critically acclaimed band called The Psychedelic Fuzz that greatly influenced The Beets. Phil was voiced by Doug Preis.
  • "Judy" Funnie: Doug's tan-skinned older sister, and the oddball of the family. She is obsessed with the workings of William Shakespeare, and is a wanna-be actress and artist who attends a special art school (Moody School for the Gifted) for gifted individuals. She is a rather intelligent person, but at times is embarrassed by the banality of her family, even going as far as to having her entire family act out a performance piece to impress a boy she once liked. She and Doug have normal bouts of sibling rivalry, but usually team together when faced with a problem. Her usual attire consists of her signature red hair, purple beret, an over-sized purple sweater with no sleeves, black shirt and pants, black boots, and black sunglasses. She is the stereotype of what is known as beatnik. Judy was voiced by Becca Lish.
  • "Dirtbike" Funnie: Doug's baby sister. Born in the Disney version. She has Caucasian-toned "skin", like Doug. Her name comes from a humorous series of events in the Christmas episode that she was born in. Doug was checking his Christmas list, and Judy questioned what he was looking at. He says they are name suggestions for the baby, but Judy snatches the list, and makes fun of the "names" (one of which was "dirt bike"), then sarcastically makes theatrically relevant suggestions (one of which was "Cleopatra"). At the end of the episode, after the baby was born, Theda (who was present during the argument) tells the siblings that she took a name suggestion from each of them. Dirtbike's vocal effects were provided by Fred Newman. The creation of Doug's baby sister's name was decided by a Disney contest through Disney Adventures Magazine. Children submitted potential names for Doug's sister. Brett Chatham of Blairsville, Georgia, age 11, won the contest with the submission of Cleopatra Funnie. Upon winning the contest, Brett received a cartoon cell of himself with Doug and friends.
  • Grandma Edna Funnie: Doug's paternal grandmother, who also appears to be either divorced or widowed. She is a stereotypical kind grandmother, who often spoils Doug with excessive amounts of junk food. She lives by the philosophy that "simple is best", and stitching a sample of it on the mantle, though her exact phrasing of this belief is absurdly convoluted. She owned a craft store in a Disney episode, which Doug turned into a popular coffee shop to make some money for a Beets concert, only to be forced to spend all his earnings at the end to pay off the store's debt amassed from a humorous incident involving Skunky, and return the store to the way it was.
  • Porkchop: Doug's anthropomorphic dog who, while not able to talk, helps Doug in certain situations, and has several human-like characteristics. He lives in an igloo in the Funnie family's backyard. Porkchop's typical dog sounds were provided by Fred Newman.
  • Grandma Opal: Doug's extroverted maternal grandmother, who seems to be either divorced or widowed. She owns a motorcycle, and is into disco. She is remembered for introducing her grandson to the Japanese delicacy sushi, of which he was originally skeptical. She also indicates that at one time she was quite popular. Doug's father, Phil, points out to Doug that she "doesn't believe" in watches.


  • "Skeeter" Valentine: Doug's lanky, Teal-skinned best friend. He is famous in both versions of the series for the "honk honk" sound he frequently makes. Skeeter comes from another family who has lived in Bluffington for quite some time. His father has a foul temper and has a slow vocabulary. His mother is kind-hearted and rather meek. He also has a mischievous two-year old brother, Dale, who once gave Doug a hard time when Doug babysat for him. He also has an on-again/off-again relationship with rich girl Beebe Bluff. Skeeter initially helps Doug order food from the popular Bluffington restaurant "Honker Burger" (which was later demolished) in the series premiere (resulting in their friendship), and later helps Doug learn how to dance. He has a superhero alter-ego, whom he calls "Silver Skeeter", based on The Silver Surfer from Marvel, and is the equal of Quailman, Doug's superhero alter-ego. It is revealed that Skeeter is a genius (much to Doug's discomfort) later gaining the respect of geeky twin brothers Al and Moo. In the Disney version, the three become obsessed with catching the Lucky Duck Lake monster Skeeter was voiced by Fred Newman.
  • "Patti" Mayonnaise: An orange-skinned blonde athlete and who Doug has a crush on. Her physical talents include: basketball, baseball, ballet, bowling, and weightlifting, the fictional Beetball, among others. She did note that out of all her talents she is unable to cook. She seemed to like Doug to a certain degree throughout the series, but it was previously unclear whether she fully reciprocated his feelings (though in one episode, she did reveal that, of all the friends she has, she considers Doug the one she likes spending time with most). Her father, Chad, uses a wheelchair to get around, and her mother is deceased, as we learn in one particular episode after Doug causes her old house to cave in by throwing rocks at it. In some episodes of Disney's Doug, she has a super heroic persona named "Supersport".She is voiced by Constance Shulman.
  • Beebe Bluff : A purple-skinned rich girl. She is a friend of Patti, Doug, and Skeeter, with whom she has an on-again/off-again relationship. She is the daughter of Bill Bluff, a rich businessman and descendant of Bluffington's founder, Thaddeus Bluff. Her mother owns the town's ballet school. Her rich family background makes her somewhat spoiled, and therefore, a bit of a snob and constant whiner. In the Disney version, the kids go to Beebe Bluff Middle School, named after Beebe and built in the shape of her head. Beebe was voiced by Alice Playten.
  • Buddy "Bud" Dink: Next-door neighbor of Doug who constantly invests in new inventions that are "very expensive", and end up malfunctioning. Generally, he is a goofy but benevolent character to whom Doug looks for advice. His surname "Dink" stands for Dual Income, No Kids, which explains his wealth and ability to purchase so many expensive things. He also has purple skin. Due to his wife's involvement in city government, Mr. Dink spends much of his time alone. Mr. Dink was voiced by Fred Newman.
  • Tippingdale "Tippy" Dink: Mr. Dink's wife, and later the mayor of Bluffington. She is a slow talker, known for her sarcasm and deadpan reactions to her husband's stupidity and naivet√©. However, when Doug aired on ABC, her attitude changed. She is more active, having defeated Robert "Bob" White in an election for Mayor of Bluffington, and her deadpan reactions are far less frequent. Like her husband, Mrs. Dink has purple skin. She was voiced by Doris Belack.
  • Chalky Studebaker: A friend of virtually every student at Bluffington School. He is a good-natured and all-around talented student. Incredible athlete and natural-born leader, excels at every sport or activity he participates in (except drawing). He is a "super-jock" with light green skin. He was under tremendous pressure to match the accomplishments of his older brother Cliff, who had amassed a very large trophy collection. Due to this, he often took on more than he could handle in order to live up to his father's expectations. This led to Chalky cheating off Doug's test in order to get a good grade because of his time consuming extracurricular activities. He later admitted to Mrs. Wingo that he had cheated, and retook it at a later time which showcased his good character and morals. (Ironically Doug later cheated off Chalky in the Disney version) During the class' graduation from Beebe Bluff Middle School Chalky performed Pomp and Circumstance. Chalky was voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Connie Benge: Connie is a sweet, naive, heavy-set girl in the Nick version, while she is a slimmer singer and songwriter in the Disney version. She seems to have a small crush on Doug. In the Disney version, she develops a crush on Roger. She also develops a habit of gossiping, although in one episode she is very apologetic to Skeeter after seeing the damage she did about spreading a rumor that he was a vampire. Connie was voiced by Becca Lish.
  • Skunky Beaumont: Skunky was originally an oft-mentioned but unseen character in the original series, but became prominent in the Disney version. He's a typical slacker surfer-dude type, speaking in a voice reminiscent of Jeff Spicoli.
  • Al and Moo Sleech: Highly intelligent green-skinned twin brothers who originally were looked at as the "freaks" of the class. They are thorough, honor roll students who speak to each other in codes of numbers that no one understands, and are true computer and gaming geeks. Doug learns in an episode about their father, who is a doughnut maker and very average, leaving his genius sons ashamed. They grow to become friends with Doug and his friends. In the Disney series they skip middle school and go to high school. They both have crushes on Judy. They are both voiced by Eddie Korbich.
  • "Bill" Bluff III: The main villian of the show, father of Beebe, and descendant of the town's founder. Very much a pompous stuffed-shirt, he refuses to believe anyone but his family could have founded Bluffington, but at the end of a Nickelodeon episode, when the remains of an ancient man were found in Bluffington, it was implied that they were actually that of Mr. Dink's ancestor, not Bluff's. He talks with a Virginia Piedmont accent, and, with Jim Jenkins being a Richmond native, could be based on Richmonders who boast of their family's history. Mr. Bluff was voiced by Doug Preis

Roger Klotz and other antagonists

  • Roger Klotz: Doug's green-skinned antagonist. He once lived in a trailer park with his divorced mother but Disney had Roger's family become suddenly wealthy, and living in a mansion. Doug uses Roger as a villain in most of his fantasies, including "Klotzilla" and "Dr. Klotzenstein". Roger has a crush on Doug's sister Judy, and owns a cat named Stinky that rivals Porkchop. Roger plays lead electric guitar for his band and is also an accomplished ballet dancer, much to Doug's surprise. In the Disney episodes, while still technically a bully, he is also portrayed as being closer to Doug than the Nickelodeon episodes, sometimes acting more as a friend. It is also shown that while Doug is a fairly creative artist, his drawing skill and painting ability pales in comparison to Roger's who was able to draw a highly detailed picture of a sunset, without looking at the paper and using only blue paint. His voice is reminiscent of Dave Mustaine, lead singer of the thrash metal group Megadeth. He is voiced by Billy West (1991-1994) and Chris Phillips (1996-1999).
  • William "Willy" White: The former Mayor's son, and a member of Roger's gang. Willy plays drums in Roger's band, plays the tambourine in band class and takes piano lessons. Politically enthusiastic and such a daddy's boy, Willy is sure to express his feelings for such an involved parent and voices his opinion more often in Roger's gang alongside Ned Cauphee. Ironically because of his father's position in the series, first as Mayor of Bluffington and then as Principal of Bebe Bluff Middle School, Willy should be the leader of Roger's gang. However, because he is the stupidest member of Roger's gang, he lets Roger boss him around. Willy was voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Boomer Bledsoe: He is a member of Roger's gang. He has orange skin and green hair. He is the only gang member, in both the Nick and Disney versions, who is nice to Doug. Boomer plays keyboard in Roger's band. His name is a reference to two (at the time not) former NFL quarterbacks, Boomer Esiason and Drew Bledsoe. He is voiced by Chris Phillips.
  • Ned Cauphee: He is a member of Roger's gang. He has 10 brothers and twin sisters. He has a caucasian skin tone with two different shaped eyes. He once lived with the Funnie family for a brief time when his house burned down. He has been known to play classical music very well on a piano and plays bass guitar in Roger's band. Ned is the most vocal of Roger's gang and the most intelligent of his friends. He is usually the one who complains about Roger's bad ideas.
  • Stinky: Roger's spoiled fuchsia female cat. Originally thought to be male, but eventually had kittens. Originally named, "Fang the Cat from Hell" during show development. Stinky's typical cat sounds were provided by Fred Newman.
  • Percy Femur: He is Mr. Bone's nephew (His last name references this. The femur is a human bone). Percy is a tall, mean, and tough student. He is known to sport a rat-tail hairstyle, camouflage pants, and army boots. He once bullied Roger until he was sent back to his old school (with the help of Doug). He makes small roles in the series, and seems to be somewhat of a decent athlete, but is incredibly stupid and gullible.
  • Guy Graham: Appears only in the Disney episodes. He is editor-in-chief of the school newspaper at Beebe Bluff Middle and challenges Doug for Patti's affections. The comic world, there is a villain based on him called the Golden Salmon, known for his 3 identities (Golden Salmon, Rupert Schmupert, and a space slug)

Teachers and staff

  • Mr. Lamarr Bone: Assistant principal of both Bluffington Elementary and junior high. He is a strict and stern disciplinarian who doesn't put up with childish shenanigans or anything that the kids find interesting unless convinced or work around for his approval. He is very square, as he rather accepts polka and yodeling. Doug makes him into a couple villains in his Quailman fantasy: one called Robobone, a robotic space alien with the same mannerisms as the real Bone; the other called Rulemeister, a strict rule-maker who imposes silly and pointless rules on everything, which was the plot of Doug's story when he and his class had to serve a Saturday detention for breaking a small rule in the school rulebook (which Bone always keeps with him). Bone constantly threatened to place any negative incidents into a student's (usually Doug's) permanent record. He loves foods that the other kids find unsatisfying and puts it on live television in school. One of his favorites are prunes. He relives his childhood when he takes Doug's skateboard instead of get-well cards from the students when he goes to the hospital for a procedure (to remove a wart from his foot). He comes back acting like a kid performs childish pranks, but goes back to his adult self after an accident which another round of required hospitalization. He has a nephew who bullied Roger, then turned his attentions to Doug until Roger told Bone about it and sent him back to his old school. He is based on Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show. Voiced by Doug Preis.
  • Mr. Buttsawitch: the "never-seen" elementary school principal. He was seen as a giant floating head (spoof of The Wizard of Oz) in one episode during one of Doug's imagination sequences. He was known to be much kinder in the sequence than his subordinate, Mr. Bone, it is said at one point he single-handedly pulled a student from a burning science lab. Although Doug claims to have never seen the principal before in the "graduation" episode, he does go to see the principal when he thinks he has burned down the science lab. Doug ends up receiving a second place ribbon.
  • Coach Spitz: The foul-tempered coach at Bluffington School. He only appeared in a few episodes as a baseball and football coach. He is sexist and typically unconcerned with the well-being of his students. Coach Spitz was voiced by Jeff Bergman.
  • Mr. Shelacki: The protectionist and overly childish guidance counselor at Doug's school in the original series, who constantly seems to be stuck in the 1970s. Often wears a sweater that says "Hug Me". He once associated Doug's middle name, Yancey, with "the good Doug". He uses a lot of sociological phrases. For example, in the "Career Day" episode, he tells Doug that he received an unstable career because "The only people who have job security are orthodontists, dentists, surgeons, physicians, and trial lawyers". He also uses some childish phrases like "Mr. Computer had a little tummy ache."
  • Ms. Kristal: Doug's junior high school teacher, introduced in the Disney adaptation. She eventually gets engaged to Patti's father. She is an exciting and happy teacher.

Alter-egos and fictitious characters

  • Quailman: Doug's primary superhero and alter-ego. Quailman (along with sidekick, Quaildog [aka Porkchop]), "saved the world" on numerous occasions. Often seen wearing a cape, clean underwear over his pants, and a belt around his head, Quailman was a match for any evil-doer using his three 'powers' -- patience, intelligence, and speed. If those didn't work, there was always the "Quail Eye", a ray fired from his eyes, which would render his enemies "helpless and stupified". Quailman's villains are often based on Roger, with "Klotz" always being part of their name, for example "Dr. Klotzenstein", "Klotzilla", "Baron Von Klotz", "The Cyklotz", and Dr. Rubbersuit. Mr. Bone was also a villain twice ("Robo-Bone" and "The Rulemeister"). His dark side pays homage to the evil Superman in Superman III. He is a native of "the planet Bob", based on the planet Krypton where Superman lives in.
  • Durango Doug: A Clint Eastwood/John Wayne-spoofed cowboy who "has a rock-hard head, and eats stale bread". He wears a live rattlesnake for a belt. Only appeared in one episode, in which Doug tried to ride a horse for the first time.
  • Smash Adams: Doug's favorite action-movie hero. He is clearly based on James Bond. In the Disney series, his franchise was massively re-tooled into a comedy series (√† la Roger Moore Bond series), much to Doug's displeasure.
  • Neematoad: A mythical creature that supposedly lives in Lucky Duck Lake (in the pilot, the Neematoad is said to have lived in Stinson's Pond), it is the official mascot of Bluffington. Roger told Doug that "the Neematoad call" was "Calukacoo", and Doug spent hours calling for one, while Roger and his gang hid, watching and laughing at him.
  • Herman Melville: Possibly spawned from the Neematoad, the lake monster of Lucky Duck Lake, he was first mentioned in Disney's Doug. Skeeter spent much of the series trying to prove the monster's existence. This became the genesis of the plot of Doug's 1st Movie, where the lake monster was revealed to be real. Doug and Skeeter name the monster Herman Melville after the monster tried to eat Skeeter's copy of Moby-Dick.
  • Race Canyon: Doug's second-favorite action hero, based on Indiana Jones (but possibly named in homage to Race Bannon from Jonny Quest), wearing the fedora hat; leather sack on his side; etc., Skeeter was the sidekick "Skeetari", and, of course, Roger occasionally was the villain. Doug dressed as him in the Nickelodeon-era Halloween episode called "Doug's Halloween Adventure".
  • The Waffle Stomper: Doug's Steven Seagal character, who is known for his waffle-iron shoes, which he uses to stomp the bad guys and save Patti. Like Seagal, Waffle Stomper is very tall, has a ponytail, uses one liners, and speaks in a very soft, quiet voice.
  • The Silver Skeeter: One of Quailman's sidekicks, and obviously Skeeter's creation. He is clearly based on The Silver Surfer. He's notable, in that he's what Doug refers to as "too powerful" -- his stock of superpowers seems endless, to include transforming his body's shape, flight, or really anything that Skeeter believed needed to be done to resolve a problem as easily as possible. The Silver Skeeter hails from the planet "popdiddalyumpwaooga" (stated using sound effects).
  • Jack Bandit: In one particular episode, Doug felt rebellious, and tried to run away. He had to live "on the lam" as this character, camping out in the woods near his school. Appears to be a parody of Zorro. Catchphrase - "Wanana, Jack Bandit!"
  • Quaildog: Quailman's sidekick, based on Porkchop. Has all of the powers of Quailman, but also has the "Quail Tail", which is capable of such powers as lock-picking by physically altering Quaildog's tail into a new shape.

Special characters

  • Verner Schnozle: Only appearing in one episode in the original Doug's "Doug's A Genius". He was the very popular artist who was in Bluffington to judge Doug's "genius" painting which was accidentally created by Porkchop and a raccoon.
  • Dylan Farnum: The fashionable heartthrob of the weekly teen drama Teenheart Street. In the Nickelodeon episode "Doug En Vogue", Doug is accused of copying his clothing style when it is discovered that they dress identically for one week.
  • Chuck "Sky" Davis: A spin-off of Michael "Air" Jordan's commercial sneaker-based success. He was a famous basketball player, who also marketed his self-titled basketball sneakers - Sky Davis AirJets - which were sold in all sizes up to 24-EEE. Doug discovers the last pair at a shoe store, only to find that they are too expensive for him to buy a full pair. Roger soon enters, purchasing the last pair of AirJets, rubbing his snide sense of achievement in Doug's face, only to later fall flat on his face from the massively-oversized shoe. Doug meets "the real Sky Davis" shortly afterwards, and finds him to be a very down-to-earth individual with a love for his "old" sneakers. Sky was courteous enough to autograph Doug's shoes, but he also asked Doug to sign his. He tells Doug to call him Chuck.
  • Supersport: A sidekick of Quailman's, based on Patti Mayonnaise.
  • Ronald Weisenheimer: A bodybuilder and fitness expert who is obviously based on Arnold Schwarzenegger. Doug looks up to him when he wants to get in shape after gaining a few pounds from eating too many sweets at his grandmother's house one episode. He often uses the Arnold-esque catchphrase, "Prepare to suffer!"
  • The Magician: An illusionist whom Doug portrayed in trying to impress Patti by performing magic tricks. His plan did not entirely succeed when he failed to make a pair of handcuffs disappear after he handcuffed himself to Patti, and after he threw the key down the air duct. His "magic words" were "Veni-Vidi-Vici!"
  • The Chameleon: A detective who investigates a crime using his mastery of disguise, hence the name, "chameleon," based .......! on the 1992 episode "Doug Takes the Case", Doug wants to find out who stole Beebe's radio.
  • See The Beets article for more information.





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