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The Roman school is the education system of the Ancient Rome.

Each school day of Ancient Rome was believed to begin before sunrise, and last until late afternoon. The fixed beginning of the school year was March 24th, which is held in honor of Minerva, the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge.

In earlier times, a boy's education would have taken place at home. His father would have taught him to read and write with ivory alphabet blocks, and would have prepared him for war with wooden swords. On the other hand, mothers taught their girls to sew, weave, clean and spin cloth.

The Roman education was divided into three stages:

Primary (first stage)

The primary school was for the children aged seven to twelve. Students would be accompanied by slaves: one to escort him and another to carry his books and possessions. The students would write on a cera or tabula (wax tablet) with a Stylus (in Latin stilus) to practice their scripting. This then gave them the option of writing in ink on parchment or papyrus with a quill. If the students were disobedient they would suffer corporal punishments such as a rap across the knuckles with a rod for being disobedient or disrespectful, being hit with a birch branch for not knowing the answer to a question, being whipped with a leather strap for making a serious mistake, and being whipped with a strap with knots in it continuously for not knowing the answers to multiple questions.

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