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Ronin Warriors
(Yoroiden Samurai Torūpā)
Genre Sentai, Action
Author Hajime Yatate
Illustrator Ryūichi Hoshino
Publisher Kodansha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run 19881989
Volumes 2
TV anime
Director Masashi Ikeda (01-19)
Mamoru Hamatsu (20-39)
Writer Hajime Yatate
Studio Sunrise
Licensor Cinar
Network Nagoya Broadcasting Network
English network United States Cartoon Network & Sci-Fi Channel
Original run 30 April 19884 March 1989
Episodes 39
Original video animation
Director Mamoru Hamatsu
Writer Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released April 30th, 1989 (Vol. 1)
June 1st, 1989 (Vol. 2)
Episodes 2
Original video animation
Kikōtei Densetsu
Director Mamoru Hamatsu
Writer Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released October 8th, 1989 (Vol. 1)
November 1st, 1989 (Vol. 2)
December 1st, 1989 (Vol. 3)
January 11th, 1990 (Vol. 4)
Episodes 4
Original video animation
Director Mamoru Hamatsu
Writer Yoshiyuki Tomino
Studio Sunrise
Released March 21st, 1991 (Vol. 1)
May 22nd, 1991 (Vol. 2)
June 21st, 1991 (Vol. 3)
July 25th, 1991 (Vol. 4)
August 23rd, 1991 (Vol. 5)
Episodes 5
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Ronin Warriors, Known in Japan as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (鎧伝サムライトルーパー Yoroiden Samurai Torūpā,? lit. "Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers"), is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Hajime Yatate. The anime was produced and animated by Sunrise, and aired across Japan on Nagoya Television from April 30, 1988 to March 4, 1989 and has a total of 39 episodes.

Ronin Warriors was produced by Graz Entertainment and distributed by Cinar, and it was recorded by the Ocean Group. Ronin Warriors first aired on American television during the summer of 1995 and subsequently appeared on the Sci-Fi Channel, Fox, and later, Cartoon Network. The series was released on DVD in 2002, including the original Japanese version with English subtitles on the reverse side of the disc.

The opening and ending sequences and the eyecatches were replaced with new ones, and the Japanese title cards were removed; there were no cuts to the bodies of the episodes and the episodes retained most of the original music.

Three direct-to-video sequels were produced: Gaiden (Begins), Kikōtei Densetsu (The Legend of the Inferno Armor) and Messēji (Message). There is also a YST manga as well as numerous novels and audio dramas based on the anime. While all the sequels have been released on DVD, the manga and audio dramas have not been made available in English.



Talpa, the demon lord of the Netherworld, is bent on conquering the mortal world. Standing against Talpa and his four Dark Warlords are the five Ronin Warriors, each in possession of mystical armor and weapons. They are assisted by Mia Koji, a young student-teacher, and a mysterious warrior-monk known only as The Ancient.

The Legend

English Dubbed Legend

Torch of Spirit, sought through five,
Drinking strength from immortal fire,
Darkest prison sheds the light,
Churning beneath a swirl of salt,
Burning within a throne of rock,
Floating amongst the eyes of ages,
Unmoored in the stream of the sky

Legend of Hariel

A character conceived in the dubbing of Samurai Troopers, Hariel was created to prevent viewers from being confused when Ryo called upon the powers of the five armors to create the Inferno. Hariel's origins are also considered to be a request by the toy companies that made the Ronin Warrior action figures so consumers would not be confused by two versions of Ryo dressed in the Wildfire armor and the Inferno armor.

According to the character Badamon, Hariel is said to be the 'last wearer of the armor of Inferno' and that he was both Dark Warlord and Ronin Warrior. He is considered to be a great warrior and possibly haunts the white armor with his life force, making it possible that Ryo could be possessed by Hariel while wearing the white armor and making him a dangerous threat to the Dynasty.

In the original Japanese version, there was no "Hariel". The Sun Yoroi, Kikoutei, was formed from the souls of all five Samurai Troopers fused into a single being. It took some time for Ryo to gain control of Kikoutei, which at first was something of a berserker. According to some accounts, the original ending of Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers involved the destruction of all five Troopers, with Jun ("Yulie") finally defeating Arago ("Talpa").[citation needed] However, the series was popular and the creators then repeated the second-from-last episode, giving them time to reanimate the last two episodes and creating the super-fusion Kikoutei armor as a deus ex machina to save the Troopers.[citation needed]

The Heart of Ancients/Jewel of Life Legend

The English dub/original name of the stone used to bind the power of the Nether Realm. In both versions, this stone, a purple magatama rested in an ancient temple at the bottom of a lake. The reformed warlord Anubis/Shuten used the power of the Ancients/Kaos staff to reach it.

According to the character Badamon, the Jewel of Life is one of the three weapons that could destroy the Nether Realm. The Armor of Inferno, the Soul Swords of Fervor, and the Jewel of Life.

Though most of its powers are unknown and only a few have been seen in the show, the Jewel has the power to create a shield, blind enemies, destroy the spirits possessing soldier's armors, banish Netherworld priests, and for a short time, seal Talpa's power to keep him from defending himself against the final attacks of the Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.

One considered use of the gem was to prevent Ryo from dying in the final attack when he was sucked into Talpa's body in the last battle. The Jewel came to life at the same time the Ronin Warriors went to attack Talpa and saved Ryo from being killed by his friend's weapons.

The Jewel took the place of the Ronin Warriors in the second half of the TV series as a means to protect Mia and Yulie.

The Armor

When Talpa was defeated in a previous attempt to conquer the human world, his spirit was sent to the Netherworld, but his armor, which was charged with demonic power, somehow remained behind. In order to prevent Talpa from returning to the human world, The Ancient diffused it into nine separate suits of armor.

In the original Japanese version, each set of armor is infused with one of the Confucian, or Bushido, Virtues: Jin (Righteousness), Gi (Justice), Rei (Courtesy), Chi (Intellect), Shin (Faith), Chuu (Loyalty), Tei (Obedience), Kou (Reverence for elders), and Nin (Tolerance). Two of these were changed for the American version: Chi became Inochi (Life), and Rei became Chi. Kou is translated as Piety, and Nin as Serenity.

The nine sets of armor have a number of special properties and they can be put on in an instant by calling out the name of the armor and its associated Virtue. For example, Ryo dons his Wildfire armor by calling out "Armor of Wildfire, Dao Jin!" In the Japanese version, the command used to summon the armor is "Busou (armor name)!"

In the English version, the Ronins say the phrase "Dao" followed by their kanji when they are calling their armors. For instance, Ryo would say "Dao Jin!". Literally translated, it would mean "The way of Virtue." It, therefore, becomes an appropriate description of Ryo himself, since by calling the armor, he is following the path of virtue. "Dao" was taken from the native Chinese religion of "Daoism". Also, if Ryo were to say Busou Rekka ("rekka" being the Japanese word for "wildfire"), the literal translation would be "To Arms, Wildfire!" or "Arm Wildfire!"

The armor also enhances physical strength and endurance, for example increasing lower-body strength to allow the wearer to run at high speed and jump great distances or allowing the user to ignore harsh environmental conditions such as lack of air, or extremes of heat and pressure. Each set of armor also has a unique fighting technique, called Choudandou. Dandou is the Japanese word for the science of ballistics, but Choudandou appears to mean something like "Ultimate Technique." In English, one might say "surekill shot" or "super-power attack".

Each of the five Ronin armor sets (Wildfire, Torrent, Hardrock, Strata, and Halo) have elemental affinities: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Light. Each armor can draw power from its respective element to give the wearer a power boost.

The four Warlord armor sets each have an affinity for one of the seasons: Cruelty with Spring, Illusion with Summer, Venom with Autumn, and Corruption with Winter. Each set also represent a different animal: Cruelty is an Ogre, Illusion is a Spider, Venom is a Snake, and Corruption is a Jackal or Wolf.


Main characters

Name American Virtues Japanese Virtues Armor Association Weapon Special Attack Cry
Ryo Sanada Virtue Jin (Righteousness) Fire/Wildfire & Inferno Paired Katana (Armor of Wildfire)/Swords of Fervor (Inferno Armor) Flare Up Now (Wildfire Armor) & Rage of Inferno (Inferno Armor)(American), Fury of Wildfire (Wildfire Armor & Inferno Armor)(Japanese and OAV dub)
Sage Date Wisdom Rei (Courtesy)(Japanese), Grace (OAV dub) Light/Halo Nodachi Thunder Bolt Cut (American), Lightning Strike (Japanese and OAV dub)
Cye Mouri Trust Shin (Faith) Water/Torrent Jumonji Yari Super Wave Smasher (American), Wave Crusher (Japanese and OAV dub)
Kento Rei Fang Justice Gi (Justice) Earth/Hardrock Naginata Iron Rock Crusher (American and OAV dub)
Rowen Hashiba Life Chi (Wisdom) Air/Strata Hankyu Arrow Shock Wave (American), Heavens Shockwave (Japanese and OAV dub)
Ancient Shakujo
Anubis Loyalty Chu (Loyalty) Spring/Cruelty Kusarigama Quake with Fear
Cale Obedience Ko (Filial piety) Winter/Corruption Nodachi Black Lightning Flash
Dais Serenity Nin (Endurance) Summer/Illusion Six Kama Web of Deception
Sekhmet Piety Tei (Obedience to elders) Autumn/Poison Six Katana Snake Fang Strike
Lady Kayura Ai (Love) Stars/Starlight Starlight Sword (Twin Sai's) Star Sword Scream (American), Storm Star Cut (Japanese)

Other characters

Other main characters include Mia Koji, Ully, White Blaze, Kenboukyou, Kokuen-Oh, Badamon, Gogasha, Toryuki, Professor Yagyu, Luna, Uncle Chin, Shikaisen, Mad Scientist, Mukara, Naria, Kuroi Kikoutei, Suzunagi, Suzunagi's mother, Genchirou Hashiba, Touma's mother, Ryo's father.

Name Changes from Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers

The following is a list of the original Japanese names used in Yoroiden-Samurai Troopers, and the direct counterparts used in the English version, Ronin Warriors.

English Name Japanese Name
Ronin Warriors Yoroi Senshi (Armored Warriors) or Samurai Troopers
Ryo Sanada (pronounced "rye-oh" in the tv show and "ree-oh" in the OAV) Ryou Sanada (真田遼 Sanada Ryō)
Sage Date Seiji Date (伊達征士 Date Seiji)
Cye Mouri Shin Mouri (毛利伸 Mōri Shin)
Kento Rei Fang Xiu Lei Huang (シュー レイ フアン Shū Rei Fuan)
Rowen Hashiba Touma Hashiba (羽柴当麻 Hashiba Tōma)
Dark Warlords Mashou (Demon Generals)
Talpa Arago (阿羅醐)
Anubis Dohji Shutendouji (朱天童子 Shutendōji)
Cale Anubis (悪奴弥守 Anubisu)
Dais Rajura (螺呪羅)
Sekhmet Naaza (那唖挫)
Lady Kayura Kayuura (迦遊羅 Kayūra)
The Ancient Kaos (迦雄須 Kaosu)
Mia Koji Nasuchi Yagyu (柳生ナスチ Yagyu Nasuchi)
Yulie Jun Yamano
White Blaze Byakuen
Dr. Koji Dr. Yagyu
Runa Luna
Mukala Mukara
Nadia Naria
Suzunagi Suzunagi


  • Opening 1: Stardust Eyes (performed by Mariko Uranishi)
  • Opening 2: Samurai Heart (performed by Hiroko Moriguchi)
  • Ending 1: Faraway (performed by Mariko Uranishi)
  • Ending 2: Be Free (performed by Hiroko Moriguchi)

Singles & albums

  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers Debut Album: Kimi o Nemurasenai (King Records, December 21, 1988, 4 weeks on Oricon chart, )[1] (4 weeks on Oricon chart, ranked as high as 44)[2]
  • Yoroiden Samurai Troopers: Best Friends (King Records, June 5, 1989)[3] (4 weeks on Oricon chart, ranked as high as 12)[4]

Episode list

This list comprises the episodes as shown on the English, Ronin Warriors including the episode number, original air date, and title.

Episode Air Date Title
1-1 26-Jun-1995 Shadowland
1-2 27-Jun-1995 Glory for Anubis
1-3 28-Jun-1995 Secret of Wildfire
1-4 29-Jun-1995 The Search Begins
1-5 30-Jun-1995 Halo's Prison
1-6 03-Jul-1995 The Counter Attack
1-7 04-Jul-1995 Splitting the Stone
1-8 05-Jul-1995 Friend or Foe
1-9 06-Jul-1995 Wildfire in the Sky
1-10 07-Jul-1995 In the Sea of the Sky
1-11 10-Jul-1995 Assault on the Dynasty
1-12 11-Jul-1995 Shallow Darkness
1-13 12-Jul-1995 Fate of the Ronin Armor
1-14 13-Jul-1995 Armor of Life
1-15 14-Jul-1995 The Ancient's Battle
1-16 17-Jul-1995 Raid on Talpa's Castle
1-17 18-Jul-1995 The Legend of the Armor
1-18 19-Jul-1995 Talpa's Triumph
1-19 20-Jul-1995 Wildfire's Fight Against Fate
1-20 21-Jul-1995 Ronin vs. Saranbo
1-21 24-Jul-1995 Ryo's Mega Armor
1-22 25-Jul-1995 Saber Stryke's Deadly Challenge
1-23 26-Jul-1995 White Blaze's Sacrifice
1-24 27-Jul-1995 Sun Devil: Ambassador of Evil
1-25 28-Jul-1995 Torrent's Evil Twin
1-26 31-Jul-1995 The Armor Must Be Destroyed
1-27 01-Aug-1995 Sand Blasted
1-28 02-Aug-1995 Lady Kayura and the Dark Realm
1-29 03-Aug-1995 Anubis Is Reborn
1-30 04-Aug-1995 Talpa Turns the Tide
1-31 07-Aug-1995 Legend of the White Armor
1-32 08-Aug-1995 Strategies of the Nether World
1-33 09-Aug-1995 In Search of Secret Treasures
1-34 10-Aug-1995 Strata's Defiant Stand
1-35 11-Aug-1995 The Warriors Return
1-36 14-Aug-1995 Cheap Tricks
1-37 15-Aug-1995 Anubis' Armor Revived
1-38 16-Aug-1995 Lady Evil Sees the Light
1-39 17-Aug-1995 Triumphant Warriors

English cast

  • Matt Hill.... Ryo Of Wildfire
  • Ward Perry.... Rowen Of Strata/Badamon/Sekhmet
  • Jason Gray-Stanford.... Kento of Hardrock/Gash
  • Michael Donovan.... Cye Of Torrent/Sage Of Halo
  • Lalainia Lindbjerg.... Mia Koji
  • Christopher Turner.... Yuli
  • David Kaye.... Narrator/Yulie's father/Sun Devil/The Ancient
  • Sarah Anne Dafoe.... Yuli's Mother
  • Mina Mina.... Talpa (Also known as: Mina E. Mina)
  • Paul Dobson.... Anubis/Dara/Lord Sabre-Stryke/Sand-Strikers
  • Richard Newman.... Cale/Dr. Koji/Sarenbou
  • Matt Smith.... Dais/Dynasty Soldier (as Matthew Smith) /Sage Of Halo (in Gaiden, Legend of the Inferno Armor and Message)
  • Jane Perry.... Kayura
  • Peter Wilds.... Dais #2, Cale #2
  • Teryl Rothery.... Mia Koji #2

OVA English cast

Japanese cast


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The Ronin Warriors is the North American dubbed version of Yorodien Samurai Troopers, © to Graz Entertainment. It is an anime (Japanese cartoon) depicting the adventures of five young men, the Ronin Warriors, and their friends, such as Mia Koji, White Blaze the tiger and the little boy Yuli as they face Talpa, Evil Emperor of the Nether Realm Dynasty, and his four dark Warlords in a fight to save civilization. The television show is 39 episodes in length, and there were three animated films made to show what happened after the show ended. (Gaiden, Legend of the Inferno Armor and Message).


Ryo Sanada

  • So, Sekhmet, your power isn't just overwhelming body odor, but sleight of hand, too!
  • Yuck, Talpa has bad taste. Needs color.
  • If you want this armor so bad, you'll have to pay the price! Try it on first, if it fits, it's yours!
  • Ah, excuse me, but we do know how to fight, and we don't need you to tell us what to do.
  • Ugh, man, I can barely move. Rowen, you didn't happen to get that license plate number of the truck that hit me, didja?
  • [to Cale] Your mother wears army boots!
  • That does it, I don't wanna end up like sliced salami!
  • Hey, whoa, wait a minute Kento! What you talkin' about?
  • They're juiced!
  • Now I'm jammin'!
  • Listen! Listen to me everyone, before it's too late!
  • That thing's got juice!
  • Demon, I will never allow you or your master to win!
  • I can't- No, I won't fail!
  • I'm on fire from the inside out, but my body's more powerful than ever.
  • Let's go, metal head!
  • If I'm going down, ugly, you're going with me!
  • [Referring to Yuli watering his mother's wilted plants] It's kind of pointless to water plants when they're almost dead.
  • [trying to tell Mia she does not need to wrack her brain at the moment] Mia, your grandfather just died.
  • This place reminds White Blaze of his home in the Himalayas.
  • I'm going to shut your face up for good, diesel breath.
  • Come on, think, Ryo, think.... Okay, if I can sense where he is maybe I can dodge him. Now, where is he? I can't find him! If I can't find him, I'm finished. I'm dead!
  • With my armor on, I can swim like a fish.
  • Let's kick it!
  • Talpa, we're coming for you!
  • Talpa, you're mine! - The Legend of the Armor
  • I can't die until I've killed you first, Talpa!
  • If I kill Talpa, my friends will die, but if I don't, he will destroy the world!
  • Kento does suffer from chronic hunger.
  • The Ronin Warrior armors might have been formed from Talpa's evil armor and they might get their power from him, but I am going to destroy that evil and protect the human world from it, no matter what it takes. I'll use this armor, and I won't doubt myself any more. I've made my pledge. Ancient One, I will save this world from Talpa.
  • She is like mega fast, man.
  • One down, ten-thousand to go.
  • Sorry, babe, you're not on our list today.
  • We're here to rescue our friends, and you can't stop us.
  • I just want a shot at one particular Dynasty babe!
  • I'm not afraid.

Sage Date

  • Big talk for a tin can! Can ya back it up?
  • Mia, you'd just slow me down. I gotta go check it out by myself.
  • Ryo, no need to get bummed out. You took care of Talpa, so we'll take care of this. Don't worry, everything will be all right.
  • Listen up, freak face! There's nothing we wanna hear from you!
  • [To Mia] Don't worry, I'll think of something! [after a moment] Run!
  • I think Lord Faceless is really playing with Ryo's head.
  • Hey guys, do we have a plan? This is bad, we're like sitting ducks up here!
  • Well, I guess they've been taking their vitamins.
  • [To Ryo] I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble.
  • Well, I didn't really need the beauty sleep, but I guess my armor needed some time to recharge its power.
  • If I catch the sun's rays and reflect them correctly from the blade of my sword into his eyes, I may be able to restore his sight.
  • [To Kento] Yeah, and you need your beauty sleep!
  • Let's jam it.
  • [To Kento] All you've got on your mind right now is a fight!
  • You really think you can shut me down with this shallow darkness?
  • Now, I'm going to fill you full of hot light!
  • We're going to regroup and take Talpa down. We'll win.
  • This is intense.
  • Give me a break, will ya? I had it under control.
  • I'm not going to leave you!
  • [to Ryo] Our souls are in your hands! Take your best shot!
  • I am not like you! I'm fighting for the safety of the mortal world, not the destruction of it! No matter what it takes, I won't let you win!
  • If you give up now, you'll be doing exactly what Talpa wants you to do. So don't. We can't let him win. If we wait, our chance will come.
  • Kayura, you better find a new home because the Dynasty's going to crumble.
  • That was a cheap shot, even for the three of you.
  • If the Ronin Warriors come up against Kayura again, Anubis, it's over for her.
  • Let's get armed and smoke all those tin heads.
  • We won't give up fighting till we stop you. You ought to know that by now.

Cye Mouri

  • Chill out, Kento, the food's not going anywhere.
  • Sorry for the waterworks, my friends, but it should drain off any second- whoooooaaaa!
  • [about the poison Sekhmet tried to use against him] Ah, Sekhmet, I wouldn't put it on the menu. It's a little bland for me.
  • Yeah, this is easy! Just like shooting the rapids, at level four!
  • What for? You can already beat up sand dunes.
  • He's gonna work this thing out. I know Ryo; he'll pull himself together.
  • Heh, like Ryo needs help from someone as rock-headed as you are, Kento.
  • He sure takes his work seriously!
  • Of all the low-down, dirty tricks to pull!
  • So, have you been raiding the fridge at night again, Kento?
  • That's right, and Kento didn't even have his lunch yet!
  • Every creature on this earth will suffer, that is if Talpa ever gets his way.
  • [Inquiring after Rowen] Can't we go on without him?
  • It's just like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • So, do we knock?
  • Give my best to Talpa!
  • to Kento] We know you're a pig.
  • '[to the poisonous doppelganger of his armor] You've got a lot of nerve calling yourself Torrent, when you're the one polluting the water, mate!
  • I had to fight for my life against a Dark Warlord, but it was nothing I couldn't handle.
  • Hey, don't worry! I'll look after Kento!
  • Hey guys! The surf's up!
  • Energy bomb! Talpa's making waves!
  • Real strength comes from the support of true friends

Kento Rei Faun

  • Man, your squawkin' is enough to make a guy hurl! Put a lid on it, or am I gonna hafta come up there?!
  • Man, I'll make sand castles outta your goons!
  • Yeah, what scumbag? You gonna pull a rabbit outta your hat?
  • Oh boy.... I, uh- I can't swim!!
  • Open wide, 'cause I'm gonna make you eat your words!
  • [To Cye] Are you reality impaired, or what, dude?
  • You really shoulda finished us off when you had the chance!
  • Aw, I'm starving! What's takin' Mia so long? I'll probably be dead and buried by the time she gets here and fixes us something to eat.
  • Why'd you wake me up? I was having this great dream.
  • Four against two, those are my kinda odds!
  • Dude needs a reality check. Let's finish him off, come on!
  • Talpa, you big maggot!!
  • Man, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore....
  • '[upon seeing a subway car filled with Netherworld soldiers] Whoa, Soldier Express.
  • You've run out of illusions now, Mr. Hocus Pocus.
  • Eat concrete!

Rowen Hashiba

  • [To Kento] Eh, I heard ya stomach growlin' a mile away.
  • The Warlords changed right before my eyes. I could almost see 'em turn good. You could see it on their faces.
  • I'm gonna smash your swords to pieces with my Arrow of Life Force.
  • Ugh, I can't believe ya blocked all my arrows. What's up with that?
  • Hey, Ryo's my friend, too, but until he gets his head straight, we can't depend on him.
  • Lady Kayura! She's a girl!
  • [to Anubis of Cruelty] Huh? You! You're.... a man! A human being like us!
  • Ryo, what happened? You look like you've been in a dog fight!
  • [mocking] Looks like I'm fallin' for ya Kayura!
  • An eye for an eye, that's all I want.
  • [To Anubis] It's my turn to kick your butt.
  • Talpa must be losing his touch.
  • Rowen of the Strata and Kento of Hardrock at your service.
  • We heard all the blastin' and bashin'.
  • Let's jam! He needs that new armor like yesterday!
  • You'll get yours!
  • Doesn't he know the dungeon look is out?
  • How can you be so evil, Kayura?
  • Sorry we're late. We missed the exit on the freeway.
  • She's more beast than beauty.

Anubis, Warlord of Cruelty and Disciple of the Ancient One

  • You are weak, Wildfire. This is no contest! Come now, you are really starting to bore me.
  • [To Kento] You jest boy! You cannot fight me without your armor!
  • It makes no difference! You are my enemy, and I must fight you!
  • Enough! I will no longer obey Talpa's evil commands!
  • Talpa was wrong about one thing; He and the Nether World are not my destiny.
  • That is.... truly sad.
  • Ryo of the Wildfire. It's been a long time.
  • You have to understand that in Talpa's world, your will is taken from you. There is no freedom, in body or soul. You cannot fight it, even if you want to. I would have been evil all my life if I hadn't been freed and saved from Talpa's hold by the Ancient. And now, I have found the Truth, and I found my true self as well.
  • For the ones who really must be saved, it may already be too late, for they have given up their souls to the Dynasty.
  • Young lady, stars shine only in the sky, and those that fall to Earth never shine again.
  • It is my tongue that speaks the Truth.
  • I have sworn to the Ancient that I will break Badamon's hold on you. For you are the last descendant of his clan. That is my destiny.
  • Four hundred years ago, I was a warrior in my small village. During that time, I was a restless young man. I had great ambitions, though. I was going to be the greatest warrior the world had ever seen. I was determined to bring honor to myself and to my family, but my successes were never enough. I was impatient, greedy. The more power I won, the more power I wanted. Honor was no longer important to me: Power was. Talpa came at a time when I was ripe for his dark promises. I was so wild, so easily seduced into Talpa's Dark Nether World.
  • Ancient, are you telling me to fight again? If this is what you wish from me, then I will become the Ogre once more! TO ARMS!
  • Make ready, for this is our first and final battle!

Sekhmet, Warlord of Venom

  • This is not your affair, Ronin Rodents.
  • My swords of venom can rip through bones and flesh without even touching them! Enjoy the experience.
  • I won't finish you off, yet. I want to have a little fun first.
  • There is a fine line between caution and cowardice.
  • And I always say one good sword deserves another!
  • It appears our three, oh, sorry, two friends are in trouble.
  • Let's see how well you speak without your tongue, then.
  • Relax, Wildfire, and enjoy the excruciating agony!
  • Oh, I'm offended that you think so little of my clever manuevers. Perhaps I'm being a little too subtle for you?
  • Sire, I would not call it fear. If we could just crush the last two!
  • The end is near, Ryo of the Wildfire. Can you feel it?
  • Say your prayers, Ronin Dogs!
  • You are wasting your last breath.
  • My Snake Fang Sword rots anything it touches, including stupid little boys.
  • Don't mess with me.

Cale, Warlord of Darkness and Corruption

  • You are making this too easy! I prefer my prey to be more of a challenge.
  • Aww, look! My sword searches for his heart.
  • Don't resist. Can you not see it is too late to escape your destiny? Stand up and fight me, now!
  • I've come to put the fear of darkness in your heart!
  • [To Talpa] Yes, Master! And since they are alone, they are more vulnerable. They can not engage the Armor of Inferno. One by one, they will join us.
  • We do not need your assistance now.
  • She's not better than us! We are Dark Warlords of the Dynasty and she is just a mere girl.
  • It looks like you failed to protect them, Anubis! Now what will you do, traitor?
  • Welcome to my world, Cye of Torrent. The dreaded darkness is closing all around you like death. Are you ready to welcome it?
  • You've become what you feared! Now you are developing an evil mind, Sage. But perhaps you need more guidance?

Dais, Warlord of Illusion

  • Do you like to play games?!
  • Once you drink in the madness, all else will vanish!
  • You have the subtelty of a bulldozer, Kento of Hardrock. You can throw yourself against the Dynasty's army with all your might, but still we are unstoppable!
  • Kento of Hardrock, I am sorry to disappoint you once again, but you'll never get it through your thick skull that your brute force is nothing to me, especially when I wasn't even there to feel it!
  • A valiant effort, but it will do you no good!
  • Come along, Ronin, you're lagging. Too slow, too little, too late!
  • Ah, but I think you will find that reality has a bite!
  • Hmph. You don't trust your own eyes?
  • Do it! I don't need any pity from the likes of you!
  • It's too late for regrets. My own selfishness has led me to this.
  • All that I'm hearing from you is more talk than action.
  • [To Talpa] Your wish is my command, Master.
  • Nonsense! This is sheer humiliation! What great rewards do you think you'll gain serving as his paper weight?
  • What a temper! Another one of your weaknesses, little man.

Lord Talpa

  • Anubis is awakening to a power other than that of the Dark Realm.
  • The armors are filled with savageness, evil, and vengeance. As a warrior fights, he will gain more power and bloodlust from his battles. It is that drive that will guide your will.
  • I think I have shown that your armor is only capable of destruction.
  • There are no battles fought by heroes.
  • Your armors are cast of the same metal as my four Warlords.
  • Destroy their flesh! Spare only the armor!
  • Your battle was lost before it started!
  • I can see power in your eyes. It is strong, Kayura, stronger than the others, but I hope not too strong.
  • The deed is done. The nine armors are back where they belong. My empire is secure. It is time for the Human World to be consumed by the Nether World. I will rule it all. I hope you can hear this, Ancient One, even if only a sliver of your soul still exists. I have won! I have beaten you! And, after a thousand years, I, Talpa, am back to rule the Mortal World!
  • How dare you defy me! I offered you the gifts of power and immortality!
  • There is nothing, now, that can prevent me from realizing my ambitions!
  • Already, people are starting to let greed and hatred take them over.
  • I am Talpa, the new ruler of your world! I have fought my way from the dark side of the Nether Realm to conquer you! Anyone willing to join my army will experience the untold riches of power and immortality!

Lady Kayura

  • I guess I should be considerate and let you get in a couple of good licks; then it can't be said you gave up without a struggle.
  • You know I'll only break your heart.
  • Oh, and now are the big, strong Ronin Warriors going to give me the thrashing I deserve? Two against one hardly seems fair; perhaps if I just use one hand.
  • Oh, is that so? Well, remember to check your armor at the door, because you can check into the Dynasty hotel, but you can never check out.
  • Talpa offers unimaginable gifts.
  • Your tricks won't work at all.
  • Star Sword Scream!
  • Are you boys going to come peacefully, or am I going to have to beat you into submission?
  • You aren't the wise old man I had expected to find.
  • If you leap without looking, the game will be over before you have even begun to play.
  • I am only here to serve your, Master Talpa.
  • There, there.... Poor baby.
  • You're certainly a sorry sight, aren't you?
  • Come on, boys. You gotta be a lot quicker than that if you want to catch me.
  • I advise you to submit. It will be easier for you.
  • And the last little Ronin was blown away. Then, there were none.
  • I'm quite sure I couldn't have thought of something so nimble-minded on my own.
  • Talpa will have all your armor!
  • [regaining the memories of her life before Talpa's reign] Please, no more. I can't....
  • Let it begin.
  • Your arrogance will be rewarded with despair.
  • You will suffer for this, fool!
  • Is that all you have to offer?
  • Anubis, the funeral barge awaits only you.
  • Do you dare defy me?
  • Your confidence is revolting. What chance do you really have, and are you sure you're willing to risk it?
  • I would like to see you endure the most painful death possible.
  • I will follow the will of Anubis. It is my duty as the last descendant of the clan of the Ancients.
  • I'm a warrior for humanity, now.
  • Yuli, the Jewel of Life has great power. It holds the secret to put an end to the evil of the Dynasty.
  • You want to spread your evil over the mortal world, but I won't let you. Talpa, you don't control me any more!
  • You have forgotten that I am descended from the clan of the Ancient One! Your existence will end once and for all!
  • You did it, Ronins! You saved the mortal world! Now that the evil no longer exists, we can return to the Nether Realm. Take care of this world, and farewell, Ronin Warriors.

Mia Koji

  • That is mystical armor!
  • Ryo's armor is the Wildfire. The volcano's heat will power him to fight this Dark Warlord.
  • We fell off a cliff.
  • I'm not like extra baggage.
  • [Refering to Kento] I hope he's wearing his thermal underwear.
  • Forget about me!
  • I have a charge account here. They can't lock us in!
  • Great, Sage!
  • It'll get worse before it gets better.


  • Smokin'!
  • Hey mister, is that a real tiger?
  • Hey, Ryo, put on your armor right now!
  • My mom and dad can run real fast.
  • The Dynasty doesn't just attack the people. They attack everything. - The Counter Attack
  • [After Ryo slaps him] I wish I never met you!
  • While you work, I'm gonna go have some fun.
  • Sage, you smoked 'em.
  • I guess Kento fights better on a full stomach.
  • [playing pretend with White Blaze] I am Yuli of the Wind, and I am ready for battle now!
  • We'll smash our way into Talpa's castle!
  • I wonder if the Ancient One knows that we're helping to save the world from Talpa.
  • That staff is really something.
  • Back off, metal heads! The Jewel of Life will protect us! I dare you to come near me! Don't come one step closer, bucket heads!
  • Don't let 'em get us!
  • Save it for Talpa.
  • Goodbye, Lady Kayura! Bye! Bye! Bye!

The Ancient

  • Sage of Halo, listen to me carefully. In the stone called the Throne of the Gods, Kento of Hardrock is in need of your help, but the rock won't be broken by force alone. Sage of Halo, now's the time to realize the full power of your armor: the Thunder Bolt Cut. But, to acquire it, you must achieve the concentration of both mind and body. You must believe the power is inside you now.
  • You must conquer the demons within before battling the ones outside."
  • Try as you might, I will not let you win this battle!" - Wildfire in the Sky
  • Ronin Warriors, hear me, you must trust in the power of your armor. It will answer to what is in your heart. It works according to how your feel.
  • The armors; all are splintered from one spirit. There's virtue, and justice, and wisdom.... and life-force, and also trust.
  • What you see is the soul of your armor.
  • Look inside and listen! You are the one who can feel it! If you live according to the true spirit of the armor, it will guard you and be faithful to you.
  • Open your heart and be transformed by what you find! This is your path. Make it a journey.
  • I will be the bridge to Talpa's domain.
  • Even if you destroy me, they will surely destroy you!
  • I will not allow you to claim this world as your own, demon. Fight me!
  • Ronin Warriors, you have done well. The battle between Talpa and I is destiny. But, I was mistaken to involve you in it. The armors sought you out because of your strength and courage. This battle was inevitable, but not this end.
  • As long as feelings of despair and hopelessness exist in this world, I cannot win.
  • Forgive me.... All of you. I had no right to sacrifice your lives. Your fight is over." - Wildfire's Fight Against Fate
  • The battle between the dark and light powers is neverending. You have to fight with your heart.
  • Kento of Hardrock, the armor will support you if you work with it in harmony.
  • Kento of Hardrock, you are the strongest among the Ronin Warriors, but one great force cannot ruin another. Use the spirit of the armor to push your way through the sands of deception, so you can know them and see what is not there.
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