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Bayern landkreis rosenheim karte.png
Map of Bavaria highlighting the district of Rosenheim
State Bavaria
Adm. region Oberbayern
Region Südostoberbayern
District seat Rosenheim
Area 1439.4 km²
Population 240,106 (2001)
Pop. density 167 /km²
Licence plate code RO
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Rosenheim is a Kreis (district) in the south of Bavaria, Germany. Neighboring districts are, clockwise from the west, Miesbach, Munich, Ebersberg, Mühldorf, and Traunstein, with the Austrian province Tirol across the southern border. The district entirely surrounds the city of Rosenheim, which is independently administered but hosts the district's administration; both the city and the district share the "RO" designation for their license plates.



The district was created in 1972 when the former districts Rosenheim, Bad Aibling, and parts of Wasserburg am Inn were merged.


The Rosenheim district is located in the foothills of the Alps, the Chiemgau. The landscape is dominated by moraines created by the Inn glacier in the last glacial period, including many lakes. To the east of the district is the largest of these lakes, the Chiemsee. The main rivers in the district are the Inn and the Mangfall, which meet in the city of Rosenheim.

Mountain ranges in the south of the district include the Chiemgauer Alpen and the Mangfallgebirge, which also contains the Wendelstein, at 1,838 metres (6,030 ft) the highest elevation in the district.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms The coat of arms includes the distinctive Bavarian fusily at the top. The crossed leaves of the water lilly on the left are taken from the Frauenchiemsee coat of arms, symbolizing the Chiemsee area of the district, and the red lion represents the city of Wasserburg. The coat of arms was granted in 1976.

Towns and municipalities

Towns Municipalities
  1. Bad Aibling
  2. Kolbermoor
  3. Wasserburg am Inn


  1. Breitbrunn am Chiemsee
  2. Halfing
  3. Pfaffing
  4. Rott am Inn


  1. Bad Endorf
  2. Bruckmühl
  3. Neubeuern
  4. Prien am Chiemsee
  1. Albaching
  2. Amerang
  3. Aschau im Chiemgau
  4. Babensham
  5. Bad Feilnbach
  6. Bernau am Chiemsee
  7. Brannenburg
  8. Breitbrunn am Chiemsee
  9. Chiemsee
  10. Edling
  11. Eggstätt
  12. Eiselfing
  13. Feldkirchen-Westerham
  14. Flintsbach
  15. Frasdorf
  16. Griesstätt
  17. Großkarolinenfeld
  18. Gstadt am Chiemsee
  19. Halfing
  20. Höslwang
  1. Kiefersfelden
  2. Nußdorf am Inn
  3. Oberaudorf
  4. Pfaffing
  5. Prutting
  6. Ramerberg
  7. Raubling
  8. Riedering
  9. Rimsting
  10. Rohrdorf
  11. Rott am Inn
  12. Samerberg
  13. Schechen
  14. Schonstett
  15. Söchtenau
  16. Soyen
  17. Stephanskirchen
  18. Tuntenhausen
  19. Vogtareuth

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Coordinates: 47°55′N 12°10′E / 47.92°N 12.17°E / 47.92; 12.17



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