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Rosie and Jim
Format Children's television series
Created by John Cunliffe
Developed by Ragdoll Productions
Starring Rebecca Nagan
Robin Stevens
John Cunliffe
Pat Hutchins
Neil Brewer
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 175
Running time 11/15 minutes
Original channel CITV
Original run September 3, 1990 – 2000
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Rosie and Jim (sometimes written as "Rosie & Jim") is a British children's television programme which has appeared, on and off, on CITV (the ITV Children's Programming Section) since the early 1990s. The programme was the creation of John Cunliffe, who is also well-known as the creator of Postman Pat. The series was authored by Robin Stevens who also played the character Jim. It is produced by Ragdoll Productions who produced Tots TV, Pob's Programme and Teletubbies.

The programme features two ragdolls, Rosie and Jim, in a narrowboat called the Ragdoll. In this boat they would travel along the waterways of Central England with their friend Duck and the Ragdoll's owner. The owner is convinced that Rosie and Jim are just ordinary ragdolls; however, each time the boat is docked and the owner visits the town or village, Duck gives the signal by quacking and Rosie and Jim magically come to life and secretly follow the owner, often causing mishaps and hijinks that leave the boat owner and the person or people he/she visits quite bemused.

The programme's popularity with children resides in the amiable joviality of the boat owner and the humour derived from Rosie and Jim's antics. Parents find the programme appealing as it allows children to see parts of Britain that they might not have a chance to in real life, thus educating, informing and entertaining the young audience.

Rosie & Jim was last repeated in the UK on CITV on July 2004 and hasn't been shown since.


Boat owners


Series 1 & 2

Postman Pat creator John Cunliffe (nicknamed Fizzgog by the ragdolls) was the first owner of the narrowboat, and also wrote the scripts of these two series. In each episode John would finish by writing a short story following inspiration from the places he visited, imagining what Rosie and Jim would have done "if only they could come to life", unaware that they have in fact done so. These stories would be narrated by John and shown as animated cartoon stories at the end of each episode. However, he retired at the end of the second series, and it was decided that instead of cancelling the series, a new owner would be introduced. John was the only owner to talk to the audience. John did 50 Episodes

Series 3, 4 and 5

Pat Hutchins (nicknamed Loopy Lobes), a notable British illustrator, took the helm for the following three series. Pat was always inspired to paint a picture or do some form of complex drawing at the end of each episode, which the Ragdolls would admire.

Series 6, 7 & 8

Neil Brewer (nicknamed Tootle) was the boat owner for the most recent series. Neil wrote a short song (typically consisting of a verse and two choruses) inspired by his travels in the episode and typically performed this at the end of each episode, with Rosie and Jim (unbeknown to Neil) enjoying the music and dancing behind him. Neil did 80 episodes.



A joyful doll who loves Jim and Duck. She is very sure of herself and tends to take the initiative. However, Rosie is never seen without her collecting bag which she keeps around her neck, as it contains items that come in useful during her adventures with Jim. Her trademark word is 'Noggin' (occasionally 'gobbin'), meaning "idiot" and often playfully applied as a nickname for Jim. Rosie was played by Rebecca Nagan.


A curious doll who always questions things around him, constantly asking Rosie "Why?" something is. Jim tends to follow Rosie's lead on their adventures. He always appears happy and relaxed, and is content with taking his time. He is gentle and affectionate, and loves Rosie and Duck. Jim enjoys drawing and is always seen with three crayons in his pocket.

Jim was played by Puppeteer Robin Stevens.


A carved wooden boat decoration that cannot leave the narrowboat unaided. He is a faithful companion to Rosie and Jim, and a conspirator to their mischief by quacking when the coast is clear or as a warning that the owner is coming back. He also quacks at the beginning of each episode to 'wake up' Rosie and Jim before they begin their adventures. Robin Stevens also played Duck in the series. The character of Duck was based on Richard 'Richy' Watts.  

Scowly the Goldfish

He only appears in the Learning to Read and Write episodes.

Episode guide

175 episodes

  • Series 1 25x15m with John Cunliffe "Fizzgog" First shown from 03 September 1990
  • Series 2 25x15m with John Cunliffe "Fizzgog" First shown from 04 November 1991
  • Series 3 25x11m with Pat Hutchins "Loopy Lobes" First shown from 06 January 1993
  • Series 4 20x11m with Pat Hutchins "Loopy Lobes" First shown from 05 January 1994
  • Series 5 20x11m with Pat Hutchins "Loopy Lobes" First shown from 10 January 1995
  • Series 6 20x11m with Neil Brewer "Tootle" First shown from 05 January 1998
  • Series 7 20x11m with Neil Brewer "Tootle" First shown from 05 January 1999
  • Series 8 20x11m with Neil Brewer "Tootle" First shown from 04 January 2000

Video and DVD releases


  • My Little Rosie And Jim
  • Rosie And Jim - Music Party
  • Rosie And Jim - Quackin Duck Boogie
  • Rosie And Jim - Sticky Honey
  • Rosie And Jim - Flashing Fire Engine
  • Rosie And Jim - Up And Away
  • Rosie And Jim - Summer Fun And Other Stories
  • Rosie And Jim - Fish Face And Other Animal Stories
  • Rosie And Jim - Gingerbread Man And Other Stories
  • Rosie And Jim - Butterflies And Other Stories
  • Rosie And Jim - Washing And Other Stories
  • Learning to read and write with Rosie and Jim


  • Rosie And Jim - Sticky Honey And Other Stories


  • British Waterways use Rosie & Jim and the Ragdoll to convey their 'Safety near Water' message round the canal network.
  • Rosie & Jim was awarded the international TV Ontario Award in 1992.
  • Rosie & Jim have been shown in nine different countries.
  • Jim is taller than Rosie

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