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Rosina Revelle
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Birthdate 1940
Birth location Warwickshire
Measurements 46-26-38 inch
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Eye colour Blue
Hair colour Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Alias(es) Flo Langley, Brigitte La Rue
No. of films Daddy Likes Em Buxom (195?)

Rosina Revelle was a topless British model of the late 1950s.

Born circa 1940 in Warwickshire, England, the daughter of a Maltese shopkeeper, Rosina had appeared in several local beauty contests while still in her early teens. In the late fifties Rosina began posing topless for glamour photographer Russell Gay, who featured her in his magazines like QT (a play on 'cutie'). What little autobiographic detail is known about her is provided by the text that accompanied Gay’s pictorials which claimed Rosina had worked as a ballet dancer, a cinema usherette and a shop assistant (‘she started in sales but they soon put her on display’), elsewhere another magazine has claimed she also worked as a stripper in Soho, performing at the Winston Club and the Nell Gwynne Club. She also used the modeling names Flo Langley and Brigitte La Rue. Gay’s magazines poetically referred to her as “the Aphrodite of this modern age…one of the more beautiful of natures products in Shakespeare’s county…what led her to London, to fame, and to the realization of that fortune with which she had been endowed at birth.” Magazines by Gay, and others, also emphasized Rosina’s resemblance to Brigitte Bardot.

Rosina made her one and only known film appearance in a 8mm glamour home movie entitled “Daddy Likes Em Buxom”. However her career came to abrupt close in 1959, when her parents discovered about her glamour career and forced her to stop modeling.

While nothing is known about Rosina’s post modeling life, her pictures continued to be reprinted throughout the 1960s, 70s and 80s, influencing a diverse number of artists and musicians along the way, especially during the 1970s punk era when Vivian Westwood used a picture of Rosina on one of her Sex T-shirts, which is currently on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Andy Partridge of XTC also dedicated his demo/rarities CD release Fuzzy Warbles Volume 7 to Rosina, and several other glamour models of the period. If still alive she would now be in her late 60s.

Selected Magazine Appearances

  • Model (195?, No1, Russell Gay, UK)
  • Model (195?, No2, Russell Gay, UK)
  • QT (Dec, 1957, no.3, Russell Gay, UK)
  • QT (1958, no.5, Russell Gay, UK)
  • QT (1958, no.6, Russell Gay, UK)
  • QT (1958, no.7, Russell Gay, UK)
  • The Fabulous Rosina (195?, UK)
  • Amber (19??, No.2, Fontessa publications)
  • Whirl (June, 1959, Vol.3, No.1, US)
  • La Belle Femme (1960, No.1)
  • Black Satin (19??, No.1, US)
  • Black Velvet (19??, No.2, Vol.1)
  • Champagne (19??, Vol.1, No1,US)
  • Continental (19??, No 1, US)
  • Continental (19??, No 3, US)
  • Coral (19??)
  • Feline (19??)
  • Folies de Paris et Hollywood (19??)
  • Lovelies (19??)
  • Mink (19??, UK, Hellenic publishing)
  • Silk Negligee (196?, US)
  • Frou Frou (19??, No.67)
  • Round The World (1959, No.1)
  • Spotlight (19??)
  • Striparama (19??, Vol.2 No.6)
  • Zenith (19??)
  • Candida (archive pictures, 1960, Vol.2 No.1, US)
  • Eve (archive pictures, October 1962, No.3, US)
  • Hefty (archive pictures, 1966, vol2, no11, US)
  • French Follies (archive pictures, 1966, Vol.3 No.1, US)
  • The Swinger (archive pictures, June 1969, US)

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