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Rossendale Transport
Easyride Buses
A Rossendale Transport Volvo B7RLE bus in the recently-introduced new livery, awaiting its next journey from Rochdale Bus Station.
Founded 1907
Headquarters Knowsley Park Way, Haslingden
Locale Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West Yorkshire
Service area England
Service type Urban and interurban bus services, school bus, demand responsive transport
Destinations Rawtenstall, Bacup, Haslingden, Rochdale, Bury, Manchester, Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn, Todmorden
Fleet Around 110 buses
Operator Rossendale Transport Ltd
Managing director Edgar Oldham
Web site Official Website

Rossendale Transport is a bus operator running within the Borough of Rossendale (including the towns of Rawtenstall, Bacup and Haslingden) and into surrounding areas, including Rochdale, Bury, Manchester, Burnley, Accrington, Blackburn and Todmorden. The network of services in branded under the Easyride name, with vehicles and publicity carrying this name. The limited company "Rossendale Transport Ltd." is wholly owned by Rossendale Borough Council, which makes it one of the few remaining municipal bus companies in the United Kingdom today.



Rossendale Transport can trace its history back to 1907 when both Rawtenstall and Haslingden Corporations (both independently) ran a motor bus within their boroughs. Both undertakings merged in 1968 to form Rossendale Joint Transport Committee and later in 1974 with the local government reorganisation which took place in that year the boroughs were merged, along with Bacup (which was already served by Rossendale buses; Bacup Borough not having its own bus company) and Whitworth to form the present Borough of Rossendale. The company then became the Transport department of the new Rossendale Borough Council.

On 26 October 1986 came the deregulation of bus services across the UK (outside London and not including Northern Ireland). As part of the 1985 Transport Act which empowered this deregulation, Rossendale Borough Council was required to set up an 'arms-length' company in order to continue operating buses. Rossendale Transport Limited, as the company is now known began trading on this date and over the last 20 years has expended greatly and now operates buses throughout Rossendale, Bury and Rochdale as well as operating into Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton and Todmorden.

Fears were raised at the beginning of 2009 about the council's intentions with regards to its continued ownership of the company,[1] culminating in a public protest outside the town hall to dissuade the council from selling.[2] However in July 2009 the council announced that it was retaining its ownership of the company, its valuation not having been met by potentially interested parties.[3]


Rossendale Transport's main depot and office facilities are situated in a modern unit on the Knowsley Park industrial estate in Haslingden (53°41′32″N 2°19′26″W / 53.69222°N 2.32389°W / 53.69222; -2.32389), close to the A56 bypass. The company moved here from its previous Bacup Road depot in Rawtenstall town centre in September 2008.[4] The previous occupant was an industrial filtration manufacturer, and the building consists of offices and maintenance facilities, along with an outside compound for overnight storage of buses.[5]

The company also operates from a depot on Corporation Road, Rochdale (53°36′45″N 2°10′20″W / 53.6125°N 2.17222°W / 53.6125; -2.17222) which was established in September 1990 to support new routes introduced in the town following bus deregulation.[6] The site is on the western outskirts of the town centre, located next to the River Roch. Around 40 vehicles are based there.

The original bus depot on the south side of Bacup Road in Rawtenstall dated from 1933 (with an extension in 1938) replacing the former tram shed on the other side of the road—although the offices remained in use.[7] The depot has now been demolished and replaced with a Lidl supermarket, although the adjoining bus station facility remains in use pending redevelopment. Haslingden Corporation originally operated from a depot at John Street until its closure at the time of the merger in 1968.[8]


Rossendale Transport has a fleet of 121 active buses, consisting of 99 single deck buses (95 low floor buses and 4 low floor minibuses), 19 double deck buses (including 3 low floor buses) and 3 coaches as of 26 January 2009 (2009 -01-26).[9] The single deck fleet provides the bulk of the company's scheduled bus network in conjunction with the low floor double deckers. The older step-entrance double deckers are mainly confined to school services, with the three coaches assigned to contract work. The four low floor minibuses are mainly used on the County Rider flexible bus service.


Current fleet

Chassis Bodywork Image Number Seating Capacity Built Notes
Single deck
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Koch 4 15 2004 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Dennis Dart SLF Marshall Capital Rossendale Transport 12 Dennis Dart Marshall Capital C39 R712 MEW in Bury, Greater Manchester 29 May 2008.jpg 2 39 1998 Low floor
Formerly Halton Transport, arrived 2006
Dennis Dart SLF
Dennis Dart SPD
Plaxton Pointer
Plaxton Pointer 2
Rossendale Transport 118 Dennis Dart SPD Plaxton Super Pointer S118 KRN in Rawtenstall, Greater Manchester 18 September 2008.jpg 20 33 or 37 or 40 or 44 1999–2000 Low-floor Handicapped/disabled access
Four vehicles formerly Blue Bus of Bolton, arrived 2002–2003
Three vehicles formerly South Lancs Travel, arrived 2009
Optare Solo Slimline Optare Solo Slimline Rossendale Transport bus 61 Optare Solo YJ05 JWM in Bury, Greater Manchester 18 November 2008.jpg 23 24 2004–2005 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Dennis Dart SLF
Dennis Dart SPD
East Lancs Spryte Rossendale Transport bus 144 Dennis dart SLF East Lancs Spryte PF52 WWL in Rawtenstall, Greater Manchester 18 September 2008.jpg 22 26 or 39 1998–2002 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse
Wright Eclipse 2
Rossendale Transport bus 150 Volvo B7BRLE Wrightbus Eclipse PO53 OBU in Shaw, Greater Manchester 17 March 2009.jpg 16 44–45 2003–2009 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
One vehicle formerly Volvo Bus demonstrator
MAN 14.220 MCV Stirling Rossendale Transport bus in Manchester CU04 AOP.jpg 3 40 2004 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Formerly 2 Travel (Pentrechwyth), arrived 2005
Dennis Dart SPD Alexander ALX200 4 44 2000 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Formerly Munro's (Jedburgh), arrived 2006
Dennis Dart SLF Caetano Nimbus Rossendale Transport Limited 170 HV52 WSN.jpg 5 35 2002 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
Formerly Centra, arrived 2007
Total (single deck) 99
Double deck
Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatine Rossendale Transport buses Volvo Olympian Northern Counties Palatine I.jpg 13 47 (upper)
29 or 31 (lower)
76 or 78 (total)
1997–1998 Eight vehicles formerly Metrobus, arrived 2003–2004
Five vehicles formerly London Central, arrived 2009
Leyland Olympian Leyland 3 43 or 47 (upper)
29 or 31 (lower)
72 or 78 (total)
1989–1990 Formerly London United, arrived 1999
Volvo B7TL East Lancs Vyking 2 47 (upper)
27 or 31 (lower)
74 or 78 (total)
2000–2001 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
One vehicle from Irish dealer stock, arrived 2007
One vehicle formerly Moffat & Williamson, Fife, arrived 2007
Volvo B7TL East Lancs Myllennium Vyking Rossendale 102.jpg 1 45 (upper)
28 (lower)
73 (total)
2007 Low floor Handicapped/disabled access
From Irish dealer stock, arrived 2007
Total (double deck) 19
Dennis Javelin Plaxton Premiere 1 46 1996 Formerly Coachways, arrived 2006
Volvo B10M Plaxton Premiere Rossendale Transport coach 35 Volvo B10M Plaxton Premier Expressliner P958 YGG in Rawtenstall, Greater Manchester 18 September 2008.jpg 2 46 1997 Formerly Coachways, arrived 2006
Total (coaches) 3
Total (all vehicles) 121

Future fleet

Eight new Volvo B7RLE entered service in February wearing a new livery. Some older vehicles may be stored or withdrawn, including the three remaining Leyland Olympians.


These are the bus services run by Rossendale Transport:

No. From To Via Notes
4/4A Accrington Oswaldtwistle, Merlin Drive
11 Accrington Fern Gore
11 Rawtenstall Helmshore Haslingden
12 Rawtenstall Balladen
20 County Rider Flexible Bus Service Pre booking required
21 Bacup Bacup Bacup minibus service
83 Burnley General Hospital Burnley
167 Norden Manchester Piccadilly Gardens Bamford, Heywood, Rhodes, Cheetham Hill Your 167 Limited Stop
244 Rawtenstall Blackburn Helmshore, Haslingden
273 Todmorden Bolton Bacup, Rawtenstall, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Holcombe Brook, Hawkshaw, Bradshaw, Tonge Moor
433 Rochdale Castleton Belfield, Sandbrook Park
434 Rochdale Castleton Belfield, Turf Hill, Kirkholt
435 Rochdale Buckstones Turf Hill, High Crompton, Shaw
438 Rochdale Daniel Fold Spotland Bridge
440 Rochdale Syke Rochdale Infirmary
442 Rochdale Marland Sudden
444 Rochdale Norden Spotland Bridge
Rochdale Wallbank Shawclough
451 Rochdale Peppermint Bridge Milnrow, Newhey
458 Rochdale Wardle Smallbridge
461 Rochdale Bury Spotland Bridge, Elmsfield, Bamford, Heywood, Heap Bridge
464 Rochdale Accrington Whitworth, Bacup, Rawtenstall, Haslingden
Rochdale Tottington Elsmfield (468), Bamford, Jericho, Bury
471 Rochdale Bury Sudden, Heywood
472 Rawtenstall Bury Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Holcombe Brook, Brandlesholme
473 Water Bury Edgeside, Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Walmersley
475 Hopwood Bury Heywood, Fairfield General Hospital
476 Norden Ramsbottom Bamford, Fairfield General Hospital, Topping Fold, Bury, Brandlesholme, Greenmount, Holcombe Brook
477 Nangreaves Ramsbottom Walmersley, Bury, Brandlesholme, Summerseat, Holcombe Brook
480 Bolton Bury Bradshaw, Hawkshaw, Greenmount, Tottington, Walshaw
481 Holcombe Brook Bury Greenmount, Tottington, Walshaw
482 Edgeside Bury Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Edenfield, Walmersley
483 Burnley Fairfield General Hospital Water, Waterfoot, Rawtenstall, Edenfield, Walmersley
484 Accrington Bury Haslingden, Edenfield, Ramsbottom, Walmersley
485 Ramsbottom, Tanner's Brow Bury Peel Brow, Walmersley
486 Radcliffe Bury Ainsworth
494 Ferngrove Bury Fishpool
B4 Bacup Pennine Road

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  • Postlethwaite, Harry (2007) Rossendale Transport: A Centenary Celebration 1907–2007, Venture Publications. ISBN 978-1905304-196

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