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Flag of the Royal Logistics Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps is the British Army corps that provides the logistic support for the Army. It is the largest corps in the British Army.

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TRF of the Royal Logistic Corps

The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) was formed on Monday 5 April 1993, by the union of the following British Army corps:

The RLC comprises both Regular and Territorial Army units.

Battle honours

The RLC is the only (Combat Service Support) Corps of the British Army with battle honours, derived from the usage of previous transport elements (Royal Waggon Train, etc) as heavy cavalry. The battle honours are:

  • Fishguard 1794 (from The Welsh Transport Regiment)
  • Pekin

Operational honours

Victoria Cross

The RLC has five Victoria Cross holders, these derive from the former Corps.

Albert Medal

The RLC has ten Albert Medal holders from its former Corps. Two of the holders exchanged their Albert Medals for the George Cross in 1971.

  • Lieutenant SA Rowlandson. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
  • Staff Sergeant TM Walton. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
  • Private A Anderson. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
  • Private JT Lawrence. Army Service Corps. 21 May 1916.
  • Major LC Bearne DSO. Army Service Corps. 22 October 1916.
  • Private AS Usher. Army Service Corps. 22 October 1916.
  • Private A Johnson. Army Service Corps. 30 June 1918.
  • Driver A Horne. Army Service Corps. 30 June 1918.
  • Lieutenant G Rackham. Royal Army Service Corps. 27 October 1918. (Exchanged for GC)
  • Private WC Cleall. Royal Army Service Corps. 11 August 1919. (Exchanged for GC)

George Cross

The RLC has eleven holders of the George Cross. Eight from the former Corps and three to the RLC.

  • Lieutenant William Eastman GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 24 December 1940.
  • Captain Robert Jephson-Jones GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 24 December 1940.
  • Corporal James Scully GC. Royal Pioneer Corps. 8 July 1941.
  • Major Kenneth Biggs GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 October 1946.
  • Staff Sergeant Sidney Rogerson GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 October 1946.
  • Driver Joseph Hughes GC. Royal Army Service Corps. 26 June 1947.
  • Major Stephen Styles GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 11 January 1972.
  • Warrant Officer Class 1 Barry Johnson GC. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 6 November 1990.
  • Captain Peter Norton GC. Royal Logistic Corps. 24 July 2005.
  • Staff Sergeant Kim Spencer Hughes GC, Royal Logistic Corps 19 March 2010
  • Staff Sergeant Olaf Sean Schmid GC, Royal Logistic Corps 19 March 2010

George Medal

  • WO2 Gary John O'Donnell, Royal Logistic Corps. 15 December 2006.[1] O'Donnell was later killed by an IED whilst serving in Afghanistan.[2] He was later posthumously awarded a second GM in March 2009 for "repeated and sustained acts of immense bravery" for his actions in Afghanistan in two separate incidents in May and July 2008. [3]
  • to be announced 19 March 2010

Conspicuous Gallantry Cross

  • Staff Sergeant James Anthony Wadsworth CGC, Royal Logictics Corps. 7 March 2008

Queen's Gallantry Medal

  • Lance Coporal Wayne Cuckson QGM, Royal Logistic Corps.
  • WO1 Eamon Conrad Heakin QGM, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 September 2004
  • Captain Vincent Michael Strafford QGM, Royal Logistic Corps. 19 July 2007
  • Colonel Gary O'Sullivan MBE QGM, Royal Logistic Corps.

Bar to Queen's Gallantry Medal'

  • Captain Eamon Conrad Heakin QGM*, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 March 2008
  • Captain Vincent Michael Strafford QGM*, Royal Logistic Corps. 7 March 2008

Available trades

  • Ammunition Technician
  • Chef
  • Driver
  • Driver/ Air Despatcher
  • Driver/ Communications specialist
  • Driver/ Port Operator
  • Driver/ Radio Operator
  • Driver/ Vehicle Support Specialist
  • Logistic Specialist (Supply)
  • Marine Engineer
  • Movement Controller
  • Petroleum Operator
  • Photographer
  • Pioneer
  • Postal and Courier Operator
  • Rail Operator
  • Seaman/ Navigator
  • Systems Analyst



Regular Army

  • Army School of Ammunition
  • 1 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 2 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 3 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 4 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 5 Regiment
  • 6 Regiment
  • 7 Regiment
  • 8 Regiment
  • 9 Regiment
  • 10 Regiment, QOGLR
  • 11 EOD Regiment
  • 12 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 13 Air Assault Support Regiment
  • 17 Port and Maritime Regiment (includes 79 Railway Squadron)
  • 19 Combat Service Support Battalion, a combined unit with a logistics squadron and an Equipment Support company.
  • 21 Logistic Support Regiment
  • 23 Pioneer Regiment
  • 24 Regiment
  • 25 Training Regiment
  • 27 Regiment
  • 29 Postal Courier and Movement Regiment
  • ARRC Support Battalion
  • The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, an administrative regiment of Gurkha soldiers in logistic trades (driver, logistic specialist and chef). It provides soldiers to squadrons in 10 Regiment (where it forms the majority, hence its designation), 9 Regiment and minor units.

Notable minor units and joint units with a large RLC element include:

Territorial Army

General information


The Corps Headquarters is at Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut. It is headed by a Director (a Brigadier) as the professional head of the Corps. There is also a ceremonial head (instituted in 2009), who heads the Corps and its wider family such as the Associations and Cadets, known as the Master-General of Logistics. The latter is currently General Sir Kevin Donahugue, who holds the post of Chief of Defence Material, the senior military post with regard to logistics and acquisition in the Ministry of Defence.


The current Colonel-in-Chief (an honorary position) is HRH The Princess Royal. The Deputy Colonels-in-Chief are HRH The Duke of Gloucester and HRH The Duchess of Kent.

Cap Badge of the Royal Logistic Corps

Cap Badge

The corps' cap badge is an amalgamation of the forming corps' cap badges:

The inscription on the garter band "Honi soit qui mal y pense" can be translated as "Evil to him who evil thinks". It is often seen on the insignia of Regiments and Corps with 'Royal' in their title.

Royal Logistic Corps landing craft, the RCL Arezzo

Common Nicknames

The corps is nicknamed "The Loggies", or the "Really Large Corps", another term of endearment is "REME luggage carriers". The Corps forms approximately 17% of the British Army and is the army's single largest component. Royal Logistic Corps soldiers can belong to any one of 18 trade groups.


The corps has the alliances with the logistic units of Australia, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and Sri Lanka. It is affiliated with 4 Livery Companies of the City of London.

Notable Achievements

In the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, the Royal Logistic Corps had the most athletes from the British Army competing in the Games. These were Private Musa Audu (Nigeria), Private Seidu Duah (Ghana), Lance Corporal Josephus Thomas (Sierra Leone) and Corporal Joselyn Thomas (Sierra Leone). Private Audu achieved success at the Olympics when he was part of 4 x 400m relay final that won the Bronze medal for Nigeria.

Order of precedence

Preceded by:
Royal Army Chaplains' Department
Order of Precedence Succeeded by:
Royal Army Medical Corps


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