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Royal Thai Navy
กองทัพเรือ, ราชนาวี
(RTGS: Kongthap Ruea, Ratcha Navy)
Royal Thai Navy Seal.svg
Emblem of the Royal Thai Navy
Active 1900
Country  Thailand
Branch Royal Thai Marine Corps
Royal Thai Navy SEALs
Type Navy
Part of Royal Thai Armed Forces
Garrison/HQ Bangkok
Motto ร่วมเครือนาวี จักยลปฐพีไพศาล (Join the Navy to see the world)
Colors Navy blue
Engagements Franco-Siamese War
French-Thai War (Battle of Koh Chang)
Greater East Asia War
Korean War
Palace Rebellion
Manhattan Rebellion
Commander-in-chief Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran
Prince Abhakara, the Prince of Chumphon
Luang Sinthusongkhramchai
Royal Thai Navy Flag Royal Thai Navy Flag.svg
Naval Jack and Unit Colour Thailand Naval Jack (Thong Chan).svg
Naval Ensign Naval Ensign of Thailand.svg

The Royal Thai Navy (Thai: กองทัพเรือ) is the navy of Thailand and part of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, it was established in the late 1800s. Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartiwongse (1880-1923) is "The Father of Royal Thai Navy". Similar to the organizational structure of the United States, the Royal Thai Navy includes the Naval Fleet, and the Royal Thai Marine Corps. The Royal Thai Navy operates out of Sattahip Naval Base.

The Royal Thai Navy operates in three Naval Area Commands: Eastern Gulf of Thailand (First NAC), Western Gulf of Thailand (Second NAC), and the Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean) (Third NAC). The RTN also has two air wings, located at Utapao (RTN First Air Wing) and Songkhla (RTN Second Air Wing).

The United States Navy and Royal Thai Navy conduct the annual joint operation Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT). CARAT is an annual series of bilateral maritime training exercises between the U.S. Navy and the armed forces of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and Philippines.



Command and Control

The Royal Thai Navy is commanded by the Commander of the Royal Thai Navy currently Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran, who was appointed in 2008. The Royal Thai Navy Headquarters is located in Derm Palace, Wang Derm Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Commander-in-Chief: Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran
  • Deputy Commander-in-Chief: Admiral Somded Tongpiam
  • Assistant Commander-in-Chief: Admiral Nibhon Chagsudulya
  • Chief of Staff of the Navy: Vice Admiral Rapol Khamklai

List of Commanders

Current strength

Surface Combatant Vessels

Fleet Support Vessels

RTN Flying Unit

A Royal Thai Navy (RTN) Sikorsky S-76B helicopter, during CARAT 2001.

RTN Flying Unit consists of 2 Wings, each has 3 squadrons. HTMS Chakri Naruebet also has its own flying unit, consisting of 2 squadrons.



List of equipment

The majority of the vessels of the Royal Thai Navy are from the United States (nearly half, over 50 of RTN's 130+ vessels). However, RTN also has craft from Spain, Britain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, People's Republic of China and Australia. Additionally, Thailand does produce many of their own vessels, in particular those of smaller displacement.


News about Thai Navy procurement project

Main Fleet

  • New anti-ship missile - Royal Thai Navy has announced it wishes to purchase a C-802 to replace C-801 on Chao Phraya-class Frigate. The deal also includes the upgrade of Radar, Electronic Warfare, etc. RTN also aims to buy LY-60 SAM, if funds are allocated.[1]
  • New LPD - The Thai Cabinet approved a package of defense modernization deals in a meeting on 9 September 2008. This clears the RTN to purchase an LPD to be designed and built by ST Marine of Singapore, believed to be based on the Endurance-class LPD. The ship will be delivered in 2012 at a cost of around US$150million.[2]

RTN Flying Unit

  • New tactical transport helicopter - United States announces the permission to sell 6 MH-60S Navy Hawk's to Thai Navy to enhance search and rescue capability. RTN already signed contact for 2 units and the other 4 will be procured year by year[3]

According to the news on 4 Dec 2007. RTN decided to launch a plan to buy 14 new helicopter. This include 4 MH-60S and additional 4 Super Lynx 300, also plan to buy the attack helicopter to replace AV-8S while still keep option open for a fixed-wing aircraft.[4]

  • VIP and MEDEVAC aircraft - Royal Thai Army and Royal Thai Navy signed contact with Embraer to purchase 2 ERJ-135. 1 aircraft to each force. It will uses for VIP transportation. RTN version also have a MEDEVAC capability.[5]

RTN Marine Crops and SEALs

Indigenous Product

  • Small patrol ship - By The King initiated, Thai Navy build and commissions its new patrol crafts T.991 Class. The first ship, T.991, was built in the Royal Thai Navy Dock. Another 2, T.992 and T.993, was built by Mason Shipbuilding in Thailand. These ships also inspected and evaluated closely by The King who gave many ideas to this project. He and The Queen also lead the commissioning ceremony on 30 April 2007.[7] Project to build T.994 - T.996 are underway.
  • Local-build OPV - On 11 November 2008, Cabinet approves the plan to build RTN's new offshore patrol vessel (OPV) in the deal worth 3 billion Baht. ($USD 85 million) Although RTN still did not unveil the design, the vessel will be built in Mahidol dockyard in Thailand.[8]
  • Special mission boat - On 3 March 2008, RTN launch four new special operation fast craft in Marsun shipbuilding dockyard in Samut Prakan Province. They will commission in Naval Special Warfare Command for the operation of Royal Thai Navy SEALs.[9 ]
  • Local-build LCU - On 3 March 2008, keel laying ceremony was performed in Marsun shipbuilding dockyard on RTN new LCU landing craft. Work is expect to complete in 2009 - 2010.[9 ]
  • Underwater craft - Naval Research & Development Office of Royal Thai Navy has awarded contacts to Bangkok Dockyard Co., Ltd. to build an Underwater craft. The craft is 20 tons in displacement and cost 5 million Bath.[10]

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