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The Royal Trust (Dutch: Koninklijke Schenking; French: Donation Royale) was proposed in a letter by king Leopold II of Belgium on 9 April 1900, in addition some properties were added to the donation in a letter of 15 November 1900. The Belgian government accepted the donation by law on 31 December 1903 (Belgian Monitor of 1 January 1904). When the King handed the Congo Free State over to the Belgian government on 28 November 1907, additional properties were added to the Royal Trust (law of 18 October 1908, published in the Belgian Monitor of 18 October 1908) .

The King donated his properties, such as his lands, castles and buildings, to the Belgian nation. The donation was made on three conditions: the properties would never be sold, they would have to retain their function and appearance, and they would remain at the disposal of the successors to the Belgian throne. Since 1930, the Royal Trust is an autonomous public institution which operates completely independently (Royal decree of 9 April 1930 - Belgian monitor of 29 May 1930).



The Royal Palace of Brussels and the Royal Castle of Laeken are direct property of the Belgian State and don't belong to the Royal Trust. However the park surrounding the Royal Castle of Laeken and the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken do belong to the Royal Trust.

The Royal Trust also owns woods and land that it rents to private persons and semi-public institutions.


Used by the Royal Family

Open as public parks

Open to the public

Rented to golf clubs


  • Hertoginnedal Castle / Val Duchesse Castle in Auderghem
  • Château Ferage / Feragekasteel
  • Koninklijke Villa (Royal Villa) in Oostende
  • 15.5 km² farmland
  • 48 km² woodland in Houyet
  • 5 km² woodland in Postel
  • Terrains of the British School in Tervuren
  • Ponds of Boitsfort
  • Wellington-renbaan (Wellington racecourse) and "Noorse Stallen" (Norwegian Stables) in Oostende
  • Sports centre in Strombeek-Bever
  • dunes in De Panne
  • Offices in Brussels (Kunstberg / Mont des Arts)
  • Vier-Armenkruispunt / Carrefour des Quatre-Bras



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