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Title card
Genre Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Format Animated TV series
Created by Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo
Paul Germain
Written by Joe Ansolabehere
Craig Bartlett
Kate Boutilier
Michael Ferris
Peter Gaffney
Paul Germain
Jonathan Greenberg
Rachel Lipman
Jeffrey Townsend
Steve Viksten
Tom Mason
Dan Danko
Jeff Wynne
Melody Fox
Directed by Howard Baker
Rick Bugental
Jim Duffy
Steve Moore
Steve Socki
Dan Thompson
Norton Virgien
Dave Fontana
Tony Vian
Louie del Carmen
Chris Hermans
Anthony Bell
Bob Fuentes III
Carol Millican
Creative director(s) Paul Germain
Voices of E.G. Daily
Christine Cavanaugh
Nancy Cartwright
Kath Soucie
Cheryl Chase
Tara Strong
Cree Summer
Dionne Quan
Melanie Chartoff
Jack Riley
Michael Bell
Tress MacNeille
David Doyle
Philip Proctor
Joe Alaskey
Julia Kato
Theme music composer Mark Mothersbaugh
Opening theme The Rugrats Theme
Ending theme The Rugrats Theme (Speed Up and Remixed)
Composer(s) Mark Mothersbaugh
Bob Mothersbaugh
Denis Hannigan
Rusty Andrews
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 9 seasons
No. of episodes 351 episodes
(List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Vanessa Coffey
Gabor Csupo
Arlene Klasky
Producer(s) Cella Nichols Harris
Geraldine Clarke
David Blum
Paul Germain
Kate Boutilier
Editor(s) Karl Garabedian
John Bryant
Location(s) Universal Studios Florida
Cinematography Animation
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 22-24 minutes
Production company(s) Klasky Csupo
Distributor Paramount Home Entertainment
Original channel Nickelodeon
Picture format NTSC
Audio format Surround
Original run August 11, 1991 (1991-08-11) – June 8, 2004 (2004-06-08)
Status Ended
Followed by All Grown Up!
Related shows Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze
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Official website
Production website

Rugrats is an American animated television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon. The series premiered on Sunday August 11, 1991 and aired its last episode on Tuesday June 8, 2004. The show focuses on four babies and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations. It was one of the first three Nicktoons and also aired on Nick Jr. in 1995.



The show originally revolved around a group of children, including infant Thomas "Tommy" Pickles (whose family moved from Akron, Ohio to their current location in California[1]), toddler Charles "Chuckie" Finster, and the twin-infants Phillip "Phil" and Lillian "Lil" DeVille. The toddlers are able to communicate with each other through baby speak, although viewers can understand them, because it is 'translated'. Often, they mispronounce words or use poor grammar and their speaking is full of malapropisms. An example of this is using the word "poopetrator" instead of "perpetrator." The group is often reluctantly joined by Tommy's cousin, Angelica Pickles. At age three years old, Angelica is able to communicate and understand language from both the toddlers and the adults, which she often uses as an advantage when she wants to manipulate either party. She is usually very mean to the babies. Susie Carmichael, who lives across the street from the Pickles, is also able to communicate on the same level as Angelica, though she isn't manipulative. As a result, Angelica and Susie often clash.[2]

In 1998, a new character was introduced. After The Rugrats Movie, in which Tommy's baby brother Dylan "Dil" Pickles is born, he was soon added as a character on the show. As a four month old baby, Dil is not able to communicate with anyone. Later in 2000, after Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was released, Kimi Finster was added as a character. She is Chuckie's stepsister.[2]


The main babies. Clockwise from top: Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Lil, Phil, Dil, Kimi, and Susie.

The Pickles are a mixed Jewish-Christian family. There are two episodes that reflect the Pickles' Jewish heritage, one episode deals with the Passover holiday and the other with Hanukkah (in addition to episodes about Christmas, Easter, Kwanzaa, etc.). These episodes have been praised by Jewish groups and are re-run every year on Nick at the appropriate holiday times and can also be purchased on VHS or DVD.


Rugrats was Nickelodeon's second Nicktoon. The series was in production from 1991 to 2004. It aired in Nickelodeon's Snick block from 1997-2000. It is the longest lasting Nicktoon to date, at over fourteen years longevity. The Rugrats received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in a ceremony on June 28, 2001.

The show airs in the UK on CBBC, CITV, Nicktoons, Nickelodeon UK and Nicktoonsters as well as in Canada on YTV. In Australia, it can be seen on Nickelodeon Australia (and, for a period, ABC Television).

On August 11, 2001, Rugrats celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The special/TV movie, Rugrats: All Growed Up was produced for the occasion. After the show, a special retrospective lookback aired, entitled Rugrats: Still Babies After All These Years. It was narrated by Amanda Bynes.

The show ended in 2004. Two fairy-tale themed direct-to-video films based on the original series under the title, Rugrats: Tales from the Crib were planned and then released separately in 2005 and in 2006. On August 11, 2011 the Rugrats will be celebrating its 20 year anniversary to celebrate its 20th birthday.

Theatrical films

In 1998, the first Rugrats film was released, entitled The Rugrats Movie, which introduced baby Dil, Tommy's little brother, onto the show. In 2000 the second movie, Rugrats in Paris, was released, with two new characters introduced, Kimi and Kira. Kimi would become Chuckie's sister and Kira would become his new mother, after marrying his father. In 2003, the third movie, Rugrats Go Wild, was released. It was a crossover between the Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.


In a 1995 interview, Steven Spielberg referred to Rugrats as one of several shows that are the best children's programming at the time. Spielberg described Rugrats as "sort of a TV Peanuts of our time."[3] It was named the 92nd best animated series by IGN.[4]


Other projects

DVD release

Nick DVD name Release date Discs Episodes
Season 1 (1991–92) June 2, 2009 3 13
Season 2 (1992–93) June 2, 2009 3 13

Nickelodeon and have struck a deal to produce DVDs of new and old Nickelodeon shows, through the CreateSpace service. Using a concept similar to print on demand, Amazon will be making the discs, cover art, and disc art itself. The first and second seasons of Rugrats are on sale.[5]

Broadcast history

  • Turkey Turkey
    • CNBC-E
    • Nickelodeon Turkey
    • TRT
  • New Zealand New Zealand
    • Nickelodeon NZ (199?-present)
    • TV2 (2003–present)


The Rugrats' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Year Association Award Category Result
1992 Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Animated Program Won
1993 Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Animated Children's Program Won
1994 CableAce Animated Programming Special or Series Nominated
Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Animated Children's Program Won
1995 Annie Award Best Individual Achievement for Writing in the Field of Animation Nominated
Humanitas Prize Children's Animation Category Nominated
1996 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
1997 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
1998 Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
1999 Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
Genesis Award Television - Children's Programming Won
Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
Humanitas Prize Children's Animation Category Won
Humanitas Prize Children's Animation Category Nominated
TV Guide Award Favorite Children's Show Nominated
World Animation Celebration Best Director of Animation for a Daytime Series Won
2000 Artios Award Best Casting for Animated Voice Over - Television Nominated
Kid's Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
TV Guide Award Favorite Children's Show Won
2001 Artios Award Best Casting for Animated Voice Over - Television Nominated
Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
Kids' Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
Television Critics Association Awards Outstanding Achievement in Children's Programming Nominated
2002 Artios Award Best Casting for Animated Voice Over - Television Nominated
Emmy Award Outstanding Children's Program Nominated
Kid's Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
2003 Artios Award Best Casting for Animated Voice Over - Television Nominated
Kid's Choice Awards Favorite Cartoon Won
Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Animated Children's Program Won
2004 Daytime Emmy Award Outstanding Animated Children's Program Nominated

Video games

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Quotes from Rugrats, and its movies.

  • Susie:Where's my room waaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!(cries like a baby)
  • "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do." -Tommy Pickles
  • "Chuckie....................................eats a scallion." -Chuckie Finster
  • "When life hands you a lemon, make applesauce!" - Angelica
  • "You dumb babies" - Angelica
  • "Being bad means never having to say you're sorry." - Angelica, lampooning a line from the 1970 movie Love Story
  • "Mommy's ears are not a toy, Tommy." - Didi
  • "Do we want to be remembered as the family that settled for less?" - Stu
  • Angelica: Do you swear to tell Ruth, the whole Ruth, and nothing but Ruth, so help you Bob? ...Just say you do.
    Phil & Lil: You do.
  • "Tommy's not old enough for that gizmo; heck, I'm not even old enough for it!" - Grandpa
  • "Here you go, boy. Burnt to a crisp, just like you like them." - Stu, giving a burnt burger to Spike
  • "I'm so hungry, I could eat a hog, head first!" - Mr. Mucklehoney
  • "Land Without Brains is more like it!" - Grandpa, watching the movie The Land Without Smiles
  • Shawna (on film): Just make sure you give valentines to the other needy children, Squeaky Bear. It's too late for me.
    Grandpa: It's too late for me, too.
    Didi: Shh!
    Grandpa: I'm gonna get some candy; I'd rather rot my teeth than sit here and rot my brain.
  • "Take a nap and keep us both out of trouble." - Grandpa, to Tommy
  • Mail Boy: Natalie, would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?
    Natalie: Not for all the gold in China.
    Mail Boy: How about a couple of chili dogs, 2 Cokes, and a box of Raisinets?
    Natalie: What time will you pick me up?
  • Angelica: After all, I'm playing the most dangerous game of all!
    Chuckie: Musical Chairs?
    Angelica: No, dummy! Love!
  • Tommy: I'll trade you [one of your milk bottles] my stacking cups.
    Phil: There's a couple of them missing.
    Tommy: My snowman book?
    Lil: We read it already.
    Tommy: My fire truck?
    Lil: Umm... We're s'posed to be getting one for our birthday.
  • "Looks lifelike. Even smells lifelike. If I didn't know better, I say it was Tommy." - Grandpa, upon discovering the "doll" that came in the mail, not realizing that Stu already has the doll and Tommy is in the box
  • "In my day we did all our counting with our fingers, and for bigger numbers we used our toes!" - Grandpa
  • Didi: After kickoff, all you boys'll be thinking about is guzzling soda and eating pork rinds!
    Stu: Whoa! Time out! I haven't eaten pork rinds in years!
  • Grandpa: Back in Minnesota State I was the "Galloping", uh... "Galloping"...
    Drew: Geezer?
  • Angelica: See these teddy bears? They're the jerky.
    Phil, Lil, & Chuckie: The jury?
    Angelica: Not the Jury! The jerky!
  • "'Made In Taiwan.' Hmm, I didn't know Taiwan was in France!" - Grandpa
  • Stu: My disco outfit!
    Didi: Stu, you haven't worn that thing since 1977!
    Stu: Hey, disco is coming back!
    Angelica: Aunt Didi, what's disco?
    Didi: Oh, nothing, sweetheart; it's something that happened a long time ago and is never, ever coming back, so don't you worry.
  • "Once upon a time, there was a very lonely bunny who needed some friends, and found some friends, and everyone was happy. The end." - Grandpa, rushing to get Tommy & Chuckie into bed before Morgana shows up
  • "Hey look!
    There's kids!
    On the ice!
    What's a dinosaur to do
    When there's kids on the ice!
    Someone better call their moms!" - Reptar (on Ice), ad-libbing when the Rugrats wander onto the ice
  • Howard: Who do you think I am? An imbecile?
    Stu: Wow, Howard! And it only took you 15 seconds!
  • Chazz: Sometimes it takes a more mature person to stop a fight than one who started it to begin with.
    Stu: Right, Chazz. Why don't you go home and watch more of those Mr. Rogers reruns?
  • "You? A superhero? You just looked like you fell into a laundry basket!" - Angelica
  • "It's nice to make new friends, even if you knew them for 76 years." - Grandpa
  • Stu: The bald guy gave [the action-musical movie The Merminator] "thumbs up".
    Grandpa: I bet the fat guy hated it!
  • "Yes, yes. All goes accordion to plan, we'll go inside Chuckie, all right. But little do those babies know that I'm not gonna get rid of that [watermelon] seed; I'm gonna make it grow!" - Angelica
  • "Thanks to those rugrats, I am completely revising my theories. The old "Dr. Lipschitz" is now merely an historical footnote; from now on, I'm now going to base my work on the French method of childrearing." - Dr. Lipschitz
  • Stu: Charlotte, it's so nice that you can finally get away from work and spend the holidays with us.
    Charlotte: Well, it is Christmas; after all, it's the season of love & joy. (back to Jonathan on the phone) I don't care, Jonathan! We got to crush the competition and we got to crush them now!
  • Angelica: You don't know the first thing about magic! (walks away)
    Chuckie: Tommy, what's the first thing about magic?
    Tommy: I don't know, Chuckie.
    Phil: Hmm. Guess Angelica was right!
  • "It all started when the first present was given by the Pilgrims a long time ago. Then everybody started giving presents; even the Easter Bunny started giving them until Santa slapped him with a lawsuit." - Angelica, explaining the history of Christmas to Phil & Lil
  • Randy: Say, Luce, remember the realtor told us about that ancient Indian curse? You don't think he (Stu) is it, do you?
  • "You dumb babies! Stop having fun! It's just a dumb old box!" - Angelica, after the babies continue to play with the box she just tore up
  • Chaz: I still can't believe Didi's baby brother is getting married. I mean, it seems like only yesterday he was running around in short pants screaming.
    Stu: That was only yesterday, Chaz. Remember the bachelor party?
  • "I have to go, Jonathan; I'm at a friend's merger, er, wedding." - Charlotte
  • Angelica: (giving the babies orders via her toy cellphone, which she has planted in Spike's mouth) Do you always do what your mommy tells you?
    Tommy: Yes.
    Angelica: Well, cut it out!
  • "You can't punish me; I'm Angelica! Your princess! Your cupcake! Your little tax shelter!" - Angelica, being punished for ruining Drew's office
  • Boris: Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed for them to watch?
    Minka: What am I, your servant girl? Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed?
    Boris: I can't. I'm too old.
    Minka: I'm old too.
    Boris: But I'm older.
    Minka: By 2 weeks!
    Boris: It was a leap year!
    Minka: Leap year, schmeap year! Now go turn on the Seed!
  • "All I need is a 'Thank You', and... oh, yeah, for you to be my slave for the rest of your life." - Angelica, after saving Chuckie's life
  • "Tooth fairy? What a joke! Cheat fairy's more like her!" - Angelica, after only getting a dime for one of her teeth
  • Angelica: Could [a magic lamp] turn Fluffy into a flying horse?
    Grandpa: It could turn Fluffy into a Ferarri!
  • "Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp and wished for a Kingfisher 9000 Speed Boat." - Grandpa
  • "Aladdin rubbed the lamp so he could turn rocks into gold, so he could buy a Kingfisher 9000." - Grandpa, when the Rugrats didn't believe the last line
  • Chuckie: [after Finding Chazz buried in the sand on the beach with only his head visible] AAAAAAAH! MY DAD'S BEEN DECAFINATED!
  • "That was the final nail in the coffee!" - Susie, thinking Angelica has stole her tricycle
  • (After the babies trick Angelica into thinking she has the fictional ailment Rhinoceritis) Drew: Angelica, why are you eating grass?
    Angelica: Be careful, daddy; a rhinoceros is known to charge at random.
  • "Some people call him 'Bigfoot'; some call him 'Sasquatch', the rest just call him 'Sir'." - Grandpa
  • Tommy: I call [my building blocks artwork] "3 Babies and a Guitar".
    Angelica: Do you know what I call it? (kicks blocks) A mess!
  • "If hippos were meant to fly, they wouldn't weigh 3000 pounds." - Didi
  • "It's our right to watch cartoons! Not my mom! Not my dad! Not even President Weisenheimer's gonna stop us!" - Young Stu, in a flashback in which he and Drew try to watch Blocky and Oxwinkle even after being punished
  • "Another boring day at the Finster house. I can't believe I'm spending the best days of my life here!" - Angelica
  • "Let me know if you want me to break anymore of your best friend's toys. See ya!" - Angelica
  • Angelica: Home movies are movies that other people don't want to watch.
    Tommy: But why do they watch home movies?
    Angelica: They have to; it's the law.
  • Grandpa: Stu! Didi! Great news! They're bringing back The Masked Detective!
    Stu: Great! Where was he?
  • Chuckie: I saw this movie, King Krong, where he was pushed off the Entire State Building.
    Tommy: So?
    Chuckie: So why don't we push Mr. Friend off the Entire State Building? Never mind. I don't know why I even try.
  • Angelica: What kind of bozo would not put the key in the package?
    Chuckie: Bozo works at the handcuff factory?
    Angelica: Do me a favor; just keep quiet for awhile?
  • "The police car's at the fire station; the fire truck's at the airport; the airplane's on top of the restaurant; people are hanging out of windows and doors, buildings have moved, and you've completely taken apart City Hall!" - Chuckie, after Tommy "rearranges" his Bogo Blocks toy village
  • "I don't know what kind of baby colony you're running, Deed, but it's time to face facts! The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the program, alright?" - Betty, after Phil & Lil discard their clothes in Tommy's house
  • "Chuckie's a stupid name. Blaine's a TV name. Everyone knows TV names are better." - Angelica
  • Charlotte: Now what do we do the next time we want something?
    Angelica: Ask Daddy ?* Lil: (after Chuckie describes having a dream involving the Rugrats in a weird wonderland, a talking Spike, and Tommy with a clown face) I wish Tommy was a clown, then we can feed him peanuts!
    Phil: That's elephants, Lillian.
  • "Ooh, you babies are so incontinent!" - Angelica, when Phil & Lil keep disobeying her orders
  • (Grandpa's black hair dye gives him red hair after being exposed to the sun) Grandpa: Serves me right to fool Mother Nature.
    Didi: And to order stuff from daytime TV.
  • "Chanukah is the special time of year between Christmas and Misgiving when all the bestest holiday shows are on TV." - Angelica
  • Dotted-Line Girl (Lil): I'm just a dotted line!
    Angelitron (Angelica): Any idiot can see a dotted line!
  • Josh: We'll split the babies, 50/50.
    Angelica: Who gets the heads?
  • "Rivers overflowed, mountains crumbled, and all the TV shows were cancelled." - Angelica, explaining to the babies what happened "the last time the world ended"
  • Angelica: (going off to look for the cookies) I'll be right back; I'm gonna check on the babies.
    Tommy: Okay.
    Chuckie: What did Angelica say?
    Tommy: She says that she's going to check on the babies.
    Chuckie: Oh.
    All: (realizing) We are the babies!
  • Grandpa: I won 15 jackpots in a row [last time I was in Las Vegas]; they flew me home first class just to get rid of me!
    Drew: I thought mom said you lost everything but your underwear and went home by bus?
    Grandpa: Oh, what does she know?
  • Phil: I want a cheeseburger.
    Lil: Yeah! With chocolate!
    Angelica: You'll eat what I give you and like it! You have a choice of barbecubed yucky carrots or barbecubed yucky peas.
    Rugrats: Yuck!
    Angelica: (to Tommy) So what it'll be, Baldy?
    Tommy: I can't decide.
    Angelica: Why? Because it sounds so good?
    Tommy: No; because your barbecube is gone!
  • "Deed, she's so beautiful. She's... she's a boy!" - Stu, on Dil's birth
  • Didi: Chuckie? What happened to your shirt?
    Grandpa: If he's hungry as I am, he probably ate it!
  • "Back in the old country, we didn't have wheelbarrows to move the wood. You had to chop down a tree and hope it fell in your living room!" - Boris
  • "'Chicken Pops' is what turns little kids into chickens. That's why Chuckie has to stay inside. If the grownups let Chuckie outside, he'd get eaten by a cat!" - Angelica
  • Minka: So Little Red Riding Hood skipped through the forest--
    Boris: It's Little Blue Riding Hood, Minka, not red!
    Minka: Boris, is the story 'Little Blue Riding Hood'? No! It's 'Little Red Riding Hood'! Anyway, so Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf in the forest...
    Boris: It was a goat! In the desert!
    Minka: Wolf!
    Boris: Goat!
    Minka: Wolf!
    Boris: Desert!
    Minka: Forest!
    Chuckie: I like when your gramma and grampa tell stories, Tommy!
    Tommy: Yeah, we always get two stories instead of one!
  • "Juggling is like playing catch, only by yourself." - Angelica
  • "Wow! That's one bodacious load!" - A student in Didi's class after seeing Tommy's dirty diaper
  • "You? A superhero? You just looked like you fell into a laundry basket!" - Angelica to Chuckie
  • "I got diaper rash down to my knees." - Phil
  • "Sometimes I wish I could be you, just so I can be friends with me!" - Angelica
  • "Back in my day, I used to work as a carny; I worked day and night and slept with the elephants. If one of them had a bad dream, they'd roll over and squash ya!" - Grandpa
  • Didi: I hope Grandpa comes back with anything other than 40 boxes of Fudgy Dingaling Bars.
    Stu: I hope they come back.
  • "Your room is a potty?" - Tommy
  • "No, snookums; toilet paper is for cleaning messes, not making them." - Didi
  • "Baked apples! I hate stinky baked apples!" - Angelica
  • "My mouth's so dry I can't even spit!" - Tommy
  • "I got up, but my legs feel like Jello; the red kind, not the green kind with bananas that I like." - Tommy, as the Masked Detective's narration
  • "Jail is like a bazillion times more horribler than Time Out!" - Angelica
  • "Next to me, you're the cutest girl in the show!" - Angelica, to "Tonya" (Tommy in a dress)
  • "See? That's the Weatherman. He's the guy who makes it hot or cold outside!" - Tommy
  • "No! I knew Spike! Spike's my friend, and let me tell you something, that dog's no Spike!" - Tommy
  • "Boy! How come kittypillars work so hard to end up so ugly?" - Phil
  • Minka: "Boris! Vere are the dumplings?"
    Boris: "I put zem in the refrigerator."
    Minka: "Not those dumplings!"
  • "Thorg Hungry! Thorg Want Eat!" - Thorg the toy Gorilla
  • [Tommy and Chuckie think they are grown-ups]
    Chuckie: Coffee, Tommy?
    Tommy: Sure, I'd love a cup of jobe.
  • [Thinking that they wished Dil away]
    Tommy: But... but... people just don't disappear because you wish for them to.
    Phil: Yeah, Angelica- you're still here.
  • Friends til the end! - Tommy

"If you have to ask, you'll never know." - Angelica==External link==

Simple English

Genre Children's television series
Created by Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo
Paul Germain
Voices of E.G. Daily
Christine Cavanaugh
Nancy Cartwright
Kath Soucie
Cheryl Chase
Tara Strong
Cree Summer
Dionne Quan
Melanie Chartoff
Jack Riley
Michael Bell
Tress MacNeille
David Doyle
Philip Proctor
Joe Alaskey
Julia Kato
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 12
No. of episodes 172 (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run August 11, 1991May 29, 1994, & December 6, 1996 - June 8, 2004
Followed by All Grown Up!
External links
Official website

Rugrats is an American animated television programme created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó, and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon. The series aired from August 11, 1991 to June 8, 2004. The show centers around four babies and the life and times of adventures through their eyes. It was the first Nicktoon and also aired on Nick Jr. in 1996.


  • The Rugrats Movie (1998)
  • Rugrats in Paris: The Movie (2000)
  • All Growed Up (2001)
  • Rugrats Go Wild (2003)


  • All Grown Up!
  • Angelica and Susie's Pre-School Daze
  • The Carmichaels was a spin-off planned to see Susie move away from California to Atlanta, where she apparently has relatives. However, it never made it beyond the pre-production stage.

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