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Rusiya Al-Yaum
روسيا اليوم
Launched May 4, 2007
Owned by RIA Novosti
Picture format 4:3
Country  Russia
Broadcast area Europe, Middle East, North Africa
Headquarters Moscow
Sister channel(s) Russia Today, Vesti
Rusia Hoy from 2008[1]
Nilesat 103 10892 H / 27500 / 3/4
Hot Bird 6 11013 H / 27500 / 3/4
Badr 4 11996 H / 27500 / 3/4
Eutelsat W4  ?
Yamal 202 3740 L / 38000 / 7/8
NTV Plus
Internet television
Available through the channel's website

Rusiya Al-Yaum (Arabic: روسيا اليوم meaning "Russia Today", called Россия сегодня Rossiya segodnya (read: Rossíya sevódnya) or Русия аль-Яум (Rusiya Al-Yaum) in Russian [2]) is the first Russian TV news channel broadcasting in Arabic and headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Rusiya Al-Yaum started broadcasting on May 4, 2007 at 7:00 (Moscow time)

The Channel was established and is operated by RIA Novosti, the same news agency that launched Russia Today in December 2005 to deliver a Russian perspective on news to English-speaking audiences. The channel endeavours to meet the expectations of its viewers willing to acquaint themselves with the current events through shedding light on the major perspectives and international issues according to their prominence to the viewers; with coverage based on core journalistic principles of truth, objectivity, accuracy and balanced view.


Rusiya Al-Yaum channel

The channel's broadcast is characterized by clarifying the Russian stance towards international issues and presenting different viewpoints and alternative opinions on events in Russia, in the Arab world, and worldwide. Although Rusiya Al-Yaum is mainly a news channel, it also broadcasts a variety of programmes such as documentaries, press reviews and analytical programmes to inform Arab viewers about the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of modern Russia, while presenting interesting facts about the history of Russian-Arab relations.


Previously, when RIA-Novosti announced to launch arabic-language channel the editor-in-chief's position was taken by Akram Khuzam (Al Jazeera Channel's former Moscow Bureau chief). But later he decided to come back to Syria and to start his new project there. Currently the editor-in-chief's position is taken by Aidar Aganin.


Direct speech

"We're going to inform our audience, that we potentially estimate to be around 300-350 million people, about what's life in Russia like, about all the main events happening in Russia. We hope all this will allow our audience to learn more about our country and to present Russia's position on many important issues to Arabic viewers all over the world. We're going to cover not only political events but also economy, sports and culture. Apart from news, our programme includes many other items - talk shows, weekly analytical programmes, special reports and documentaries. We hope all this will allow our audience to learn more about our country and to present Russia's position on many important issues to Arabic viewers all over the world." Evgeniy Sidorov, former editor-in-chief.


Rusiya Al-Yaum’s mission is carried out by a team of professional Russian and Arab journalists and specialists such as Dr. Muhammad al Waheidi , who was the Chief of Palestine TV, and he who took part in commencing the channel’s work which shall participate in embodying Russia’s care about promoting bridges of informational and cultural relations with the Arab states. Rusiya Al-Yaum has around 500 staff, including some 100 journalists from Arabic-speaking countries. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day reaching viewers in Arab and European countries by BADR4, Nilesat 103 and Hotbird 6 satellites. The channel uses the services of many Arab and foreign information agencies.


Panorama. Airing five times a week, “Panorama” is a forum during which different issues and topical events are discussed. Each 26-minute edition focuses on a vital topic and sheds light on its various aspects from different and sometimes controversial points of view.

Persona is a 26-minute prime-time programme on Fridays - repeated on Saturdays and Sundays. The programme features interesting people with unique knowledge, experience and qualifications in the political, cultural and other fields - at their workplace, in the home, or any other place the guest chooses.

Zoom is a weekly edition covering current or unusual events, featuring public personalities or ordinary people in extraordinary situations. This is a dynamic 13-minute story during which events unfold in various locations - from the planet’s hot-spots to science laboratories and theatres.

Weekly Report is a 26-minute news and analysis programme that covers main political events over the previous seven days airing on Fridays and repeated on Saturdays and Sundays.

Press Review is a 3-minute feature, four times a day, which introduces Arab viewers to the most interesting items in the Russian and foreign press, with special attention paid to Russian-Arab relations.

Documentaries. Rusiya Al-Yaum presents a selection of documentaries designed to open new horizons and bring viewers fascinating facts about Russia.

Online broadcasting

Rusiya Al-Yaum is available online by the following link

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