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The Russian Fascist Organization
Historic Leader Anastasy Vonsyatsky
Founded May 10, 1933
Dissolved ? 1942
Headquarters Putnam, Connecticut,United States
Newspaper Fashist
Ideology Fascism

Russian Fascist Organization (RFO) was the name adopted by a Russian emigré group active in Manchuria before World War II.

The original RFO was formed in 1925 by members of the Law Faculty at Harbin Normal University. Under the leadership of Prof. N.I. Nikiforov, it looked to Italian fascism for inspiration and produced the 'Theses of Russian Fascism' in 1927.[1] The RFO smuggled some propaganda into the Soviet Union, although this was brought to the attention of China who promptly banned the group from publishing such works.[2] In 1931 the RFO absorbed into the newly-founded Russian Fascist Party (RFP) under the leadership of Konstantin Rodzaevsky.

A separate group, the All-Russian Fascist Organization (VFO), was also active under Anastasy Vonsyatsky and was based May 10, 1933 in Putnam, Connecticut United States.[3]

In 1934, in Yokohama, Russian Fascist Party (RFP) and VFO attempted to merge the results of which was set up All-Russia Fascist Party (April 3, 1934 signed a protocol number 1, which proclaimed the merger of RFP and VFO and the creation of the All-Russia Fascist Party (VFP)). Supposed to connect the beginning of the RFP organizational and financial resources VFO. April 26, 1934 in Harbin on 2-m (Unity) Congress of Russian Fascists happened formal association VFO and the RFP and the creation of the All-Russia Fascist Party [4].

Full merger was quite problematic, because Vonsyatsky was an opponent of anti-Semitism and considered support of the RFP - the Cossacks and the monarchists - an anachronism. In October-December 1934 is the gap between Konstantin Rodzaevsky and Anastasy Vonsyatsky. Although this group co-operated with the RFP for a while they later split to form their own 'Russian National Revolutionary Party' which achieved little success.[5]

In 1940 - December 1941, there was the resumption of cooperation Konstantin Rodzaevsky and Anastasy Vonsyatsky, interrupted the start of Japanese-American War.

After the U.S. entry into World War II in 1942 Anastasy Vonsyatsky has been arrested by the FBI, after which the party ceased to exist.


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