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Northern Fleet sleeve insignia

The Red Banner Northern Fleet (Russian: Северный флот, Severnyy Flot) is the part of the Russian Navy that has access to the Barents and Norwegian Seas, the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans, and is responsible for the defense of northwestern Russia. The Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet was established in 1933. The fleet's headquarters are in Severomorsk where the main base and administrative center for bases located throughout the Kola Gulf are located. During Soviet Era it was the base of more than 200 submarines ranging from diesel-electric attack (SS) to nuclear-powered ballistic missile (SSBN) classes.

During the 1980s Soviet naval strategy shifted to an emphasis on bastion defense, fortifying the southern reaches of the Barents Sea for that purpose, and Russia has continued to employ that strategy.

The Oscar class submarine Kursk was destroyed in a torpedo accident during Fleet exercises in 2000. The submarine was previously based at Ara Bay. The Northern Fleet staged another series of major exercises in January 2004 involving thirteen ships and seven submarines in the Barents Sea. The involvement of Admiral Kuznetsov and Pyotr Velikiy was overshadowed however by two ballistic missile launch failures, made more embarrassing because President Vladimir Putin was afloat aboard the Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine Arkhangelsk to witness the tests. Neither Novomoskovsk nor Karelia were able to successfully launch what were apparently RSM-54 SLBMs.[1]

The flagship of the Northern Fleet, the heavy nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy, is named after Peter I of Russia (or Peter the Great). The Northern Fleet is perhaps best known for its many nuclear-powered vessels. In fact, about two thirds of all the Russian Navy's nuclear force is based there.

From 1968 to 2009 the 7th Operational Squadron (Russian: ru:7-я оперативная эскадра) was the main Atlantic operational force of the fleet.



Map of naval bases, shipyards and spent fuel storage sites operated by the Northern Fleet

In addition to the main base at Severomorsk, the Northern Fleet has six more naval bases and several shipyards and spent fuel storage sites, according to the Bellona Foundation. The spent fuel storage sites include Murmansk, which is also a shipyard and base for Arktika nuclear-powered icebreakers, Andreyeva Bay, and Severodvinsk, also a shipyard.




Order of battle

This is a partial list of Northern Fleet submarines, ships, and air units currently in service.

  • 11th Squadron, Zaozersk
    • 7th Division, Vidyaevo [2]
      • Commander
        • RADM Aleksandr Ildashov
      • SIERRA I-class SSN Kostroma
      • SIERRA II-class SSN Nizhniy Novgorod[3]
      • SIERRA II-class SSN RFS Pskov (K-336)
      • VICTOR-III=class SSN RFS Daniil Moskovskiy (K-414)
    • other submarines
  • 12th Squadron, Gadzhiyevo
      • Commander
        • RADM Sergey Farkov [4]
    • 31st Division (Yagelnaya Bay, Sayda Inlet)
      • Commander
        • Captain 1st Rank Aleksandr Moiseyev [5]
      • Delta IV-class SSBN RFS Novomoskovsk (K-407)
      • Delta IV-class SSBN RFS Verkhoturye (K-51)
      • Delta IV-class SSBN RFS Ekaterinburg (K-84)
      • Delta IV-class SSBN RFS Tula (K-114)
      • Deltc IV-class SSBN RFS Bryansk (K-117)
      • Delta IV-class SSBN RFS Kareliya (K-18)
    • 24th Division (Yagelnaya Bay, Sayda Inlet)
      • Commanders
        • Jul 1985-Oct 1987 VADM Vladimir Mikhaylovich Monastyrshin
        • Oct 1987-Dec 1989 VADM Nikolay Ivanovich Mazin
        • Dec 1989-Jun 1992 RADM Boris Sergeyevich Bogdanov
        • Sep 1992-Jun 1996 RADM Sergey Anatolyevich Bliznyuk
        • Jun 1996-Sep 1998 RADM Aleksandr Nikolayevich Bukin
        • Sep 1998-Aug 2000 RADM Aleksey Vitalyevich Burilichev
        • Aug 2000-xxx 200x RADM Vladimir Ivanovich Korolev
        • xxx 200x-present RADM Anatoliy Minakov
      • AKULA I-class SSN RFS Pantera (K-317)
      • AKULA I-class SSN RFS Volk (K-461)
      • AKULA I-class SSN RFS Leopard (K-328)
      • AKULA I-class SSN RFS Tigr (K-154) [6]
      • AKULA II-class SSN RFS Vepr (K-157)
      • AKULA II-class SSN RFS Gepard (K-335)
    • 4th Submarine Brigade (Polyarnyy) [8]
      • Commander
        • Captain 1st Rank Aleksandr Gorbunov
      • KILO-class SS RFS Novosibirsk (B-401)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Vologda" (B-402)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Yaroslavl (B-808)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Kaluga (B-800)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Vladikavkaz (B-459)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Magnitogorsk (B-471)
      • KILO-class SS RFS Lipetsk (B-177)

List of former vessels

This is a list of former Northern Fleet vessels that have Wikipedia articles (not including those who only served in the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet).


Name Period of command
Zakhar Aleksandrovich Zakupnev (Flag Officer First Rank) 29 May 1933-13 March 1935
  Northern Flotilla
Konstantin Ivanovich Dushenov (Flag Officer First Rank) 13 March 1935-11 May 1937
  Northern Fleet
11 May 1937-28 May 1938
Valentin Petrovich Drozd (Vice Admiral) 28 May 1938-26 July 1940
Arseniy Grigoryevich Golovko (Admiral) 26 July 1940-4 August 1946
Vasiliy Ivanovich Platonov (Admiral) 4 August 1946-23 April 1952
Andrey Trofimovich Chabanenko (Admiral) 23 April 1952-28 February 1962
Vladimir Afanasyevich Kasatonov (Admiral) 28 February 1962-2 June 1964
Semen Mikhaylovich Lobov (Fleet Admiral) 2 June 1964-3 May 1972
Georgiy Mikhaylovich Egorov (Fleet Admiral) 3 May 1972-1 July 1977
Vladimir Nikolayevich Chernavin (Fleet Admiral) 1 July 1977-16 December 1981
Arkadiy Petrovich Mikhaylovskiy (Admiral) 16 December 1981-25 February 1985
Ivan Matveyevich Kapitanets (Admiral) 25 February 1985-19 March 1988
Feliks Nikolayevich Gromov (Admiral) 19 MArch 1988-14 March 1992
Oleg Aleksandrovich Erofeyev (Admiral) 14 March 1992-29 January 1999
Vyacheslav Alekseyevich Popov (Admiral) 29 January 1999-15 December 2001
Gennady Aleksandrovich Suchkov (Admiral) 16 December 2001-29 May 2004
Mikhail Leopoldovich Abramov (Admiral) 29 May 2004-26 September 2005
Vladimir Sergeyevich Vysotskiy (Admiral) 26 September 2005-11 September 2007
Nikolay Mikhaylovich Maksimov (Vice Admiral) September 2007-

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