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Rymal Road, is a two-way Upper City, (mountain), east-west arterial road on Hamilton mountain in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It starts off just West of Garth Street as Garner Road and goes across the Escarpment extending Eastward right to the Hamilton/ Niagara Falls regional boundary where it ends. (Note: Formerly known as Highway 53, the highway was transferred to the city by the Ontario Provincial Government.)



Rymal Road is named after William Rymal, (1759-1852), farmer and one of earliest settlers on the Hamilton mountain. [1]

In the early days of the last century the townships of Ancaster and Barton (on the mountain) were selected by American settlers, originating for the most part from the state of Pennsylvania. Among these were the Rymals. William Rymal was also one of the first four trustees of Barton Stone Church, which Stone Church Road is named after. The church was first under the jurisdiction of the American Presbyterian church, but this authority ceased to exist around 1838 and then was confined under the Canadian church authority, which was established in 1844. [2]


Note: Listing of Landmarks from West to East.

  • St. Terse of Lisieux Elementary School
  • South Hamilton Square (Mall), (off Upper James)
  • Ryckman's Corners Elementary School, (South of Rymal off Springside Drive)
  • Native Village & Burial Grounds
  • Mount Hamilton Cemetery
  • Turner Park
  • Hamilton Regional Police (South mountain station)
  • Rymal Square, Plaza, (off Upper Wentworth)
  • Bill Sherring Park
  • Sobeys Market Plaza (off Upper Gage)
  • Upper Ottawa Plaza
  • South Mountain Industrial Park
  • Escarpment Rail Trail, (cuts across Rymal, North-South)
  • Mount Albion Conservation Area
  • White Deer Park
  • Our Lady of the Assumption Elementary School
    • Our Lady of the Assumption Church


Note: Listing of neighbourhoods from West to East. [3]

  • Falkirk West
  • Falkirk East/ Carpenter, Rymal Road cuts through these two neighbourhoods and all the other sets below.
  • Sheldon/ Kennedy West
  • Mewburr/ Kennedy East
  • Ryckmans Corners/ Allison
  • Barnstown/ Chapel West
  • Butler/ Chapel East
  • Eleanor/ Broughton West
  • Templemead/ Broughton East
  • Rymal/ Hannon West
  • Hannon North/ Hannon North
  • Leckie Park
  • Elfrida

Roads that are parallel with Rymal Road

Lower City Roads:

Niagara Escarpment (Mountain) Roads:

Roads that cross Rymal Road

Listing of streets from West to East.


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